LSW 1853 Guildford Road


Write up by SST

The Boilers’ run aka “The hallelujah no shiggy run”

As our taxi was going past the German Swiss For The Rich school, we saw our lovely hare Rearender in a lovely posh English summer hat and a bunch of western guilo and guipo changing at the side of the street. “It mush be here!” said Crash Test Dummy.

Rearender in her lovely hat was busy piling boxes of beer and bags of ice, arranging the drinks and socializing with hashers and suddenly, a voice asked, “So where is your husband? Why are you doing these all alone?”

“Oh he is trying to book the bash restaurant.” said the hare with a smile. Another voice jumped in, “Haaa can’t he just call and book?”

“He wants to make sure the restaurant is not closed!” the hare still in her lovely hat said with faith in her eyes.

Many different voices together went, “This is only his excuse to make you do all the work here. You are too gullible ……..”

Before the hashers finished, the phone rang and we heard the girl in the hat saying, “Darling, please come back, I need you here.”

And he did come back, as we were ready to depart, to brief us about the run. It’s a A to A, short easy breezy run. The path up is slippery, watch out but no shiggy, just concrete………. No shiggy! Hallelujah! The last thing I want is to twist my ankle in the bush before my epic trip in the Canadian Rockies……. Hallelujah…….!!! I was humming Hallelujah Hallelujah in my head but Nia was going “Shit, no shiggy? I prefer the adventure of having branches or grass surrounding me and not seeing where I was going!!!”

Not to worry Nia, you’ll get that in the next run ;)

So twenty or so hashers ran up Guildford Road, turned left and found the steps at a quiet corner of the gas station. Up and up, we were near the Peak we knew and “Ouuch!” somebody almost fell on the path. It was slippery and Boiler was no liar!

And then……… wait a sec. There’s a run report which describes exactly the same route we did. Why? Boiler simply printed out a used route off his computer and recycled it.

Click here to spot any similarity
Junk trip to Po Toi - cancelled
Last minute Guildfiord Road run - set from an email
On On restaurant closed down - emergency suggestion replacement

Down Downs:

Rearender: good negotiations for getting $100 all in food price.

Boiler: secretly recce with his computer and recycled exactly the same route used 5 years ago and when Rearender questioned him, he went, “It’s NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! Darling!”

Tight Lip: Said to hares, “No way, I’m not doing a Cheung Chau run!!!”

Boiler: had his birthday the day before the hash

1956 babies: Gary Glitter, Tight Lip, Boiler & Indy

Hares: gave wrong info to the START. Bus 15B only runs on Sunday and public holidays

Sticky Sex Toy: being a responsible next hare. Stay for Down Down for the write up.
(Yes, I usually leave before the Down Downs ;) )

Free Willy: wiped sweat to rain on Indy during the run

Bikini Debbie: doing power running and did well in the run

Max & Sylvia (in absentia): talking about getting married and the in-laws (Boiler, Rearender and Indy) are excited

Bikini Debbie: chatting Free Willy up

Octopussy, Toilet Spray & Sticky Sex Toy: wearing summer dress (of course! Summer has arrived!)

Rearender: wearing a lovely posh English summer hat (why not??)

Barbie & Macau Drunk: having a kids-free summer as they left town

Free Willy: being nosy and bombarded the taxi driver with 20 questions about the digital radio and getting the driver to talk in French and German. (Yes, some HK drivers are linguistic majors. You may not be lucky enough to see one yet!)

Crash Test Dummy: talking Catch of the Day into doing a coasteering adventure and getting deep cuts in her hands and legs. Rumour has it that the Fearless Kin was scared the whole way!

Hashers wearing hash gear / t-shirt: Gary Glitter, Shitler, Wanchai Wanker and Indy

Indy: feeling stressed ‘cos Lost at Sea was having a big day.

Barbie: happened to sit next to Free Willy and realized that she used to go to his house to teach computer skills. It was a big house according to her.

MTR people: Shitler, Gary Glitter, Comes into my tunnel

Free Willy: Took a Cobra back to his house when he’s 14. (No wonder he’s a snake man!!)

Boiler: attempted to organize bash at a restaurant this is CLOSED only because he took advice from a stranger. (Didn’t your mum tell you ………?)

Wanchai Wanker: saying his typical line – “If I hadn’t f*cked up that check, I’d be home by now!”

Octopussy & Toilet Spray: 75th anniversary

Octopussy: having her birthday on Saturday and doing a birthday-week celebration

Crash Test Dummy: writing good write ups


 Guildford Road 120711 8.29km 56min