LSW Run 1499, 11 January 2006



Hash Cash's Writeup

People think that just because you're retired that you're not busy and have plenty time to write the Hash news.

Well I'm busy. I've only been up 5 minutes but already my new secretary who must be obeyed, Big Bitch, has given me lots of jobs to do. It's only 11am and I've got so much to do, while she goes out to do lunch with all her other tai tais.

First job on the list is to get the laundry done. Now the shop down the road charges $28 for 7lbs of clothes but she who must be obeyed doesn't think they wash her smalls properly. Maybe right they all appear to have a neat brown crease down the middle. Anyway so I have to take the dirty washing to the laundry room at the Service Apartment. No you can't put them in the same wash. You have to separate the whites from the colours but some of the colours have white so what do you do?

OK sorted all that out. I've put them all into together and put the switch half way between colours and whites!

Now what's the next task, yes, go for flour for the Hash on Saturday. I was going to go to Park N' Shop but was told that that was no good as Wellcome have flour on special offer, buy 2 bags and get 1 free. But the flour is only $5 per bag so what does it matter. She who must be obeyed wastes that saving on every gulp of her bottle of Carlsberg. Oh and I must buy rice flour, not self raising or plain as it lasts longer on the ground. Something about ants don't like rice. Well who am I to argue.

Well onto my next task……… and still no time to do the writeup.

Big Bitch's Writeup

The previous Wednesday Shergar approached me to say he was unable to get the Company junk for a run on Po Toi as the junk was undergoing Annual Maintenance. Shergar then suggested that he set a run at the Peak and could I help him! I explained that I was a bit busy what with the 1500th on Saturday and the little matter of leaving HK for good on Monday.

His next request is a first! Could I email him the route of a Hash I had set a few years ago from Guildford Road so that he could set the same trail. So any resemblance to Run No 1353 is purely intentional.

----- Original Message -----
From: Seonaid McLeod
To: Boyle, David J.A.
Sent: Saturday, January 07, 2006 2:03 PM
Subject: Run Route

Dear David
This is being done from memory so excuse me if I get some street names wrong.

Start at the Supermarket Carpark. Up Guildford Rd to the Main Rd and a check. Trail goes up the steps behind the garage. Check at the top of the steps, trail goes right with a checkback along Plantation or is it Severn to take the pack back and down Lloyds Path. Down Lloyds Path to Barker Road. A check on Barker Rd with the trail going left along Barker Rd to the top of Chatham Path where there is a 3 way check. Trail goes up left up Hospital Path. Up Hospital Path to Plantation Rd and a 3 way check. Trail goes up Hospital PAth to another check. Trail then goes right along Severn Road then up Findlay Path to the Peak. Left past the GAlleria and up Strawberry Hill to a checkbackat the top. Trail goes left up trail which goes through block of flats and back onto road near Peak School. Down the road past Peak school and past the fire station and throught the small childrens Park and back up to main Peak Rd. Check on main road. Trail goes left and up ? road and then down to another Road, right down hill to the steps which take you down another road which I forget the name of eventually arriving back onto the main Peak Rd. Trail goes left and down to On home at the Guildford Rd junction.

Hope you can follow the trail ok. See you on Wednesday.

However where I made my biggest mistake was to assume that Shergar would make a check at every junction where there was more than one route. So although Shergar followed the route and the instructions to the letter, there were only checks if I had happened to mention it in my instructions. This is why the pack was held together during the first half of the run but why it became spread out at the end.

Then we came to the Restaurant! The Golden Myanmar in Jaffe Road. Well at least it existed this time but with the portions and service they provided they may not last long. The food eventually arrived around 10:30pm so it was well after 11pm before Nutcut got round to the Down Downs.

Shergar - poorly organised beer at the On On, thirsty hashers left gasping

Parky - forcing Park n' Shop to smell his underwear at the bus stop

Kamikaze - good beer connoisseur, couldn't tell whether his beer was flat or full of bubbles

Anniversaries - Tight lips - 175 runs

Kiss my Willy - used to earn 50p per wedding giving head - no, only solo singing

Oh Phuck - Hash Crash at the Peak in front of 2 million mainland tourists

Indy, Kiche, Randy, Cheesy Nob - late comers

Shergar - asking BB for run route

Parky - retiring soon and taking advantage of xpat sailing package

Macau Drunk - refering to Hash Cash as Sir

Big Bitch - routing under the table for head for Kamikaze's flat beer

Cheesy Nob - Cheesy Clit at the doc's today, rumour has it Lamma is developing into a DB type island

Indy - not enough beers on Friday night so no record broken on Sunday's Mountain Marathon

Kiss my willy - worried she would lose her new LSW beer stubby so wrote all over it

Hash Cash and Big Bitch - last Wednesday run