LSW 2136 Wednesday 4th October 2017


Sai Kung

Hare - Tight Lips

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Welcome to the Mid autumn festival transport nightmare. We joined the 200m queue snaking around the bus depot transport interchange for the 101M Hang Hau minibus to Sai Kung. Spot various hashers at different milestones in the queue depending on how early they had to leave the office for their traditional mid-autiumn festival family dinner - Hopeless LiT, Poledancer, Screwtop, Rooted... Sixteen minibus fills later we were on the road, albeit crawling along in the traffic, anxiously peering out the window to spot the bus stop we were meant to get off at, rather than the big turning circle at the bottom of Hiram's Highway which would have meant we'd gone too far and would have to run to the start on the On Home markings

About 17 of us gathered outside Tight Lips' flat along with Piss Perfect doing a nostalgia tour of HK on account of the Bali holiday being cancelled due to imminent volcanic activity. Off we went at about 7:15 way before late comers Wai Chee, Burning Lust and Noname Malcolm arrived - not having any family gathering to justify leaving the office early

Down the steps to the river then the out trail meandering through the Ho Chung Valley. Along what I'm guessing was the Tai Lam Wu road, then a right into Ho Chung road and on back toward Marina Cove with Gunpowder Plod popping up at the front periodically, and on home from the roundabout to chez Vomit.

It looked suspiciously like the hare might have set the run on her bike. Most of the markings were on the sides of walls, lamp posts etc. which was consistent with holding the chalk out as she rode past.... There was also a marked absence of mud or dirt on the tires which would also explain how much shiggy there was on trail...

Back at the bins which had now been moved outside, half the pack, mostly the male half, hung around drinking beer as there was a bit of congestion inside waiting for the shower - the LSW having some of HK's leading showerers. Dinner followed with burritos from Cali-Mex and home made salads. A good run, thank you the hare.

(Some of) the down downs by Hopeless

Returnees - Piss Perfect from Sydney (5 year absence), Noname Malcolm from Singapore (4 years), Gunpowder Plod from Sai Kung (1 year) and Dr Evil from Pattaya (2 months)

Late comers - WCK, BL and Noname Malcolm

Stinky - chief litterbug and target of the trail running community's ire for having used shredded paper on their Aberdeen run. Given a six pack of hell money for their next hash markings

Octo - for abbreviating Piss Perfect's name to PP which sounded pretty bad in most contexts

PP - for being PP
PP - recipient of the 'Hopeless 125 Hash Runs Hared' prototype hash shirt

Plod - for sitting in the wet patch on the settee

Returnees sing the hash song with a little help

7.00km 47min
Mong Tse Che 171004 7.00km 47min