LSW 2135 Wednesday 27th September 2017


Sha Tin Wai

Hare - Inflatadate

Write-up - Tight Lips

FB photos

The Run.

The pack headed off .. swinging round the back of the MTR station and soon enough up into the hills on the North side of Lion Rock. Some, just about runnable trails, with the split coming predictable early at around the 2km mark (being already over half way though the wimps) Thankfully the hare Inflato, had set a special NNT super wimps – at 3.8 Km .. for the geriatrics…

Highlight: Memorable 360 degree views at the top overlooking both Shantin and Kowloon. Meanwhile, Lost in translation was muttering something about where was Hopeless when he was needed.. as we circled the hilltop looking for the ONON. This was followed by endless steps down, which split up the pack a bit (this was when I lost the pack) and finally onto a good contour trail.

The steep bit at the end that we were warned about by the Hare never materialized.. Perhaps that was meant to ward off the slower runners.. but it must have worked because everybody was back by the time I got to the bins.

Thanks for tons of icy cold beers and crisps – set up by NNT side.

After combined DD’s by Hopeless, Septic, Golden Balls and a few from the circle, the LSW contingent sauntered across the road to the food market – where food was expertly ordered by TV Tits and Toilet Spray although the NNT hashers remained drinking in the park !

Down downs

Liberace - First back

Lost in Translation: Literally – went to Tai Wai

Geriatrics – for being that

Visitor – Random lady joined the ONON – enjoyed the free down downs!

The hare – no showers

Rooted - For wearing a wedding (white) dress to the OnOn

Burning Lust - the groom

The Hare - For setting same trail as someone else in same week

Sha Tin Wai 170927 7.05km