LSW 2134 Wednesday 20th September 2017


Wong Chuk Hang

Hare - Gai Tai

Write-up - Macau Drunk

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The start was Wong Chuk Hang playing fields with eight Valley netball teams on practice night. They're not very good says Gobi Lo who used to play for Singapore... Hopeless felt he'd already done his exercise for the evening as he'd volunteered to get the ice and had carried it from the Aberdeen Marina Fusion supermarket.

The briefing - "No shiggy due to prickly fallen trees on the path, so the beginning of the run had to be improvised at the last minute" says the hare. "Who's not staying for dinner - Pizza Express takeaway ?". There was an attempted coup when Screwtop tried to get the hare to change the plan to go to the cooked food market for Thai, but it didn't work.

With that we were off, between Ovolo and One Island South and a loop through the industrial buildings where AFWD said he used to go for all night raves. We doubled back to the walkway over Wong Chuk Hang and then up the offramp towards the Grantham Hospital. The trail was marked left off the road and up the riverbed which would have been the shiggiest way to get up to the HK Trail. Some people followed it all the way to the T.

A check in the hospital grounds that can only lead back out onto Wong Chuk Hang Road, and then left up Nam Fung Road. Another check left into the shiggy that would have been the shiggiest way to get up to Lady Clementi's Ride, so on up Nam Fung most of us went towards the Deep Water Bay Road roundabout. Wimps straight on and Rambos left off the road to the start of Lady Clementi's Ride. Straight up the steps all the way to Black's Link then right, down to Wong Nai Chung Gap Road where Cheesy and Wai Chee (one Chee drinks, all cheese drink) decided to run past the Cricket Club to I'm not sure where....

We meantime ran down Deepwater Bay Road with a detour left onto the catchwater and then back out onto Deepwater Bay Road again at the Wimps rejoin. Down Shouson Hill Road to Island Road opposite the HK Country Club. On home along Wong Chuk Hang and through the back of the Aberdeen sports ground. A good fast run on a sweltering humid night with welcome showers and cold beer and some Blue Girl.

Down Downs from Hopeless:

The Hare – various offences – Not setting trail until 17:05; Not buying Soda Water; Buying Blue Girl beer; using North Korea diplomacy skills on anyone “advising” the hare on how he could have picked a better venue, set a better run, bought other drinks, not done onsite food, etc.

AFWD – “observing” the Blue Girl beer too.

Last week’s Hare – Hanna Montana – for causing a sh*t storm on Facebook after littering all over Aberdeen Country Park last week. Was presented with a bag of paper picked up from the trail, plus two souvenir figurines, one of himself with a box of paper, and one of his assistant who didn’t want to be “named and shamed” by the trail running fraternity, sat on a pile of paper.

O’Bollocks – gets his P45 tomorrow

Crackpot – spent the entire summer travelling, shopping, drinking, and not studying for her new Economics teacher role this year. So, to address that shortfall, goes off to Bangkok for the weekend, without OB, for a “teaching seminar” for Economics, mostly, it seem, spent in the bar with Mini Me.

Returnee – Pig Fokker & Big Top

Screw Top “Let’s tell the hare we don’t want pizza.. let’s go to the cooked food centre”
then when nobody “advised” the hare…..
Screw Top for calling everyone cowards for not raising the topic (Poledancer in too)

Octopussy for not having to order food in the cooked food centre

Octopussy DD to Hanna Montana & Gai Tai for very loud shorts

And with that it was the hash song for bemused netballers and on to club 7-11 for another couple of cold ones

8.06km 62mins
Wong Chuk Hang 1709120 8.06km 62mins