LSW 2133 Wednesday 13th September 2017



Hares - Hanna Montana, Stinky Sexy Toy

Write-up - O'Bollocks

FB photos

It was a nervous and sweaty pack that assembled in Aberdeen for the highly anticipated Hannah Montana and Sticky run. "It'll be a 9km shiggfest", grumbled one hasher. "We're Doomed!", said another, darkly. A complex briefing was required as a lesser hash had carelessly set a similar trail in reverse the previous day.

The pack set off up and to the right through the housing estate in a loop and then turned right up the slog into to the country park. There I met AFWD and we jogged along, abandoning the virgin/visitor and followed the path deeper into the park. We arrived at the split and basically guilted each other into doing the Rambo trail. Apparently the Wimps followed the contour trail to the left for a total distance of 4.5 km.

On the dynamic duo went only to be passed at speed by a latecoming Wai-Chee Kok, who promised to call as the FRBs were not heard by those of us huffing and puffing at the back. Next we arrived at a check with many question marks but no definite direction. "OnOn!", came the call from up and the left. AFWD marked the check and so up the stairs we went, eventually arrived at a contour trail left.

After a pleasant run along the contour, paper sent us up and right into the shiggy. The T10 had done a great deal of damage so there was lots of branches, trees down and at times there seemed no definite path. The paper showed up well though so it was very enjoyable crashing through the undergrowth and figuring out the next turn. I caught up with a very lost WCK in the thickest part of the shiggy who said she would "slow down a lot" and run together until we got back on to the contour trail. An easy yomp down the hill followed, rejoining the wimps and heading down past the cemetery back to A for a distance of about 6 km.

Many thanks to the hares for a sensible and enjoyable summer run!

Down Downs by Indy

The Hares - Hannah Montana and Sticky Sex Toy! Thanks for an enjoyable trot / gallop around Aberdeen Reservoir/Country Park!

HM and SST - plenty of time to work on fine-tuning this run........ the delayed T10 run!!!

SST - 'Beware of the shiggy on R trail !!'.....???

SST - converting her recycled paper into shredded run markings instead of hell $

Screwtop - the only hasher who managed to get a bus / minibus from Wong Chuk Hang MTR

Indy - arrived at Aberdeen playground to see pack leaving! attempted to catch minibus WCH MTR but no go and queues... find taxi!!

Thermal D**k - late latecomer...... forgetting Wed is Happy Valley Race night.... with buses like snails!

The hares - claiming W trail was 4.5 kms........ clocked at 4.2 kms by Inflato and with checks

W runners - Inflato / Lost In Space / Indy

Virgin LSW - Welcome Laura!

Laura - attempted R but turned back at Aberdeen Country Park ???????

Returnee - Lost In Space.... always a pleasure!!

LIS - already planning WALOB 5 with Octo........ and the date is????

Yummy Mummy - non runner

YM and Inflato - sitting at separate tables??????

O'Bollocks- now with more spare time..... has offered to write up the run report!! Yehhh!!!

Crackpot - obviously allergic to work after the hols....... curled up in her sarong!..... feeling cold temp!!.. with temps of 35% outside......

Screwtop - had a promise!!... to bring Indy's sarong and top........ and where were they?

Hopeless - on a promise!!!... had to leave early as LIT just back in town.....

The FCH Hell Kitty Tour mob! - Castrato / Macau Drunk / Wai Chee Kok /Burning Lost / Rooted

WCK - had lost not 1 but 2 phones on the FCH........

Hannah - our hare and Japanese rep....... and why weren't you at FCH in Japan?.... 'looking after his 2 children'?

HM - still keeping up to tradition of at least 10 beers a day...... (maybe more now with little ones!)

Octo - scrounging soup from one table for the other......?? Ok who was on her table?

Castrato - unfortunately back to Blighty on weekend......! see ya next time!!!

Hannah Montana and Sticky Sex Toy - thanks for great hash and bash !!!

R 7km, W 4.5
Aberdeen 170913