LSW 2132 Wednesday 6th September 2017



Hares - O'Bollocks, Crackpot

Write-up - Stinky Sexy Toy

WCK FB photos

When I heard O’ Bollocks volunteering to hare the 6th Sept. LSW run, my instant reflex-like response was “Yeah, we’re gonna run in Stanley. Yeee-ha!” I mean when else can I lie in my couch until 6:30 and still manage to change into a pair of tight pants as I see the “heavily shiggy on Rambo ……” line on FB before making my way to A, and still make it on time? O’ Bollocks, you should hare more runs ;)

We had the usual briefing, saw the usual faces, what was really unusual was that Comes Up the Rear actually turned up on time, and in time to start with the pack. So, we ran past the Murray House, along the coast towards the Chung Hom Kok roundabout. The on-ons led us down Chung Hom Kok Road towards the Royal Bay Houses, and then up the steps back to Chung Hom Kok Road. Hashers jogged along the road until we hit the junction with Repulse Bay Road and Stanley Gap Road. My instinct told me to turn left and fortunately before I succumbed to that call in my head, I actually heard On-On shouting to the right. Thank God! So we turned right into Stanley Gap Road and before long the white chalk marks told us to cross the road and get into the shiggy up the hill until we reached the Twins Catch Water. It was pretty cool flat running path along the channel until we hit the Wilson Trail Section 1 steps down back to Stanley Gap Road. Again, a voice in my head said “Turn left because that’s O’ Bollock’s usual route!” But “NO!” The hare surprised me by taking us into the shiggy again and then we turned right to run on the shiggy, muddy and stony path all the way in reverse direction back to the Repulse Bay Road and Stanley Gap Road junction. Then down the steps we ran to Cape Road and then Carmel Road and we turned left onto the lane outside Carmelia House. Again chalk marks asked us to cross the road and run towards Stanley Main Beach. Then we turned right to go along Stanley Beach Road towards the market and finally got back to A just behind the Amphitheatre and opposite the Tin Hau Temple where we were welcomed by a dozen local residents who looked completely black and snorted like pigs. Wait! they WERE actually the NOT-SO-WILD-ANYMORE BOARS! 11 of them! Gee these pigs expanded their family fast! I guess the left over onsite pizza may have become their Wednesday night special dinner.

Down Downs

~ the hares: setting good run, getting Whisky

~ Comes Up the Rear: calling on trail for once, finally

~ Crackpot: not short cutting and not calling on on

~ Wai Chi Kok: offering Hopeless a widget for the hose

~ Screwtop: couldn't find the knob of the hose

~ visitor from Yangoon Hash

~ Castrato: returnee

~ Castrato: wearing the same yellow jesey

~ the hares: getting a dozen boar on site

~Jen n Tonic: driving a motor bike

~ Comes Up the Rear: for being on FB

~ Pole Dance & Screwtop: haring the Friday Hash

~ Castrato: short cutting the trail

~ SST: being awarded the pearl necklace

6.64km 70mins
 Stanley 170906 6.64km 70mins