LSW 2127 Wednesday 16th August 2017


Kennedy Town

Hares - Pole Dancer & Screw Top

Write-up: Hanna Montana

Thermal's FB photos

The hares advised that there's 2 splits on the trail, W=6km, R1=7km and R2=8.2km with quite normal LSW markings. After the briefing, good turnout of 20-25 started running from Forbes Street, via Cadgan Street and Victoria Road and we got onto the first check. Almost everyone went straight with thinking be heading for Mount Davis and Yes. But only I and Chicken Dicken checked left and spent much time so that I didn't see any front runners like Burning Lust, Anal Invitation and Gobi Lo Ho on the trail to the end. After the first check, we turned left and went into an ancient trail at the foot of Mount Davis. During some light shiggy and long steps to Mount Davis Path, trail was still marked well. After the ancient trail, we went up Mount Davis Road but not up to the peak of it. We turned right into a shiggy path towards Mount Davis Fresh Reservoir and got back to Mount Davis Path again as Camel Driver and In d'Rear set up at Friday Hash last month. We went across big bridge over Smithfield, run down Pok Fu Lam Road and got on to the first split. Wimps looked like going straight down to A via more or less Pok Fu Lam Road. I took Rambos and turned right towards Pick Sham Pass. Trails were still marked so well and all checks were settled by front runners that I enjoyed 1km of catch water run, and then got onto the second split. I took Rambos again and turned right towards Lung Fu Shan. We, R2 run catchwater at the foot of Lung Fu Shan, University Drive, merged with R1, went through inside of HKU, down long steps to Queen's Road West and finally got back to A via Belcher's Street, Rock Hill Street and Forbes Street. Trails were marked perfectly even at a busy urban area of Kennedy Town. Well done and congratulations to the hares!

Down Downs by Octo

the virgin hares ~ first time together as a couple

Obollox ~ setting a run as a couple

Mr Happy Slippers ~ only comes once a year, would set a run next year

Visitor ~ goes back to MONGOLIA

SST ~ only teacher here cos others are still on holidays

Cupid Stunt ~ always run with 2 lovely ladies, never runs alone

SST ~ ran under the fallen tree on trail, but BURNING LUST ~ ran into the tree cos he's racing

Hanna Montana ~ always come for the beer

SST ~ asked if Tittoo has tatooed her tits

Camel Driver ~ asked a 2 year old to show her the toilet

Rooted & Octopussy ~ found the best shower

the hare ~ warned us about 1 TREE, but there are more trees

SST~ doesn't know what 'Eat a Beaver' means

Mr Happy Slippers~ got the Pearl Necklace Award

next week's hares, SST & Hanna Montana ~ learn from the hares this week, put stones on hell money

9.14km 63mins
Kennedy Town 170816 9.14km 63mins