LSW 2114 Wednesday 17th May 2017


Sai Wan Ho

Aldrich Bay Park
Hares: Kannot Finnish & Cupid Stunt
Write Up: Cheesy Flying Fox

A fine crowd of hashers turned up at A on one of those Hong Kong, “it might rain it might not” evenings. As is usual for runs starting in Sai Wan Ho, the start point was in Aldritch Bay Park. However, our usual pavilion was taped off, with large orange signs containing dire warnings about the dangers of using it as a shelter until it’s been “repaired”. Obviously the grass was highly dangerous too, as it was similarly taped off to discourage those who might actually want to (*shock horror*) touch real grass from doing so. The pack, undeterred by this display of Hong Kong authoritarianism, instead assembled at a smaller pavilion, conveniently located 50 metres closer to the MTR, but 50 metres further from the bathrooms. A double-edged sword indeed!

The hares’ efforts to provide a briefing were disrupted by an industrious cleaner who scrubbed away the markings literally as the hares were about to explain them, so with a simple, “usual LSW markings”, and something about, “both trails have some shiggy”, we were off.

Trail initially led out of the Park to the seaside, then looped along to the east, into the back of Shau Kei Wan, then via A Kung Ngan Road to the steep road leading over to Chai Wan. "Right", said everybody, "up the hill then up into the shiggy, no problem, we know where we’re heading!" But no, in a surprise turn of events a checkback further up the hill sent the pack all the way back down to the bottom, then into the shiggy behind the playground and next to the temples.

From there, it was up, up, up to the water pipes, then a sneaky check that sent yours truly through a multitude of spider webs following the pipes towards Chai Wan, before cries of ‘on-on’ were heard, not from the pipes, but from a shiggy trail heading yet further up. At some point here the Wimps split off and the Rambos went up to the waterworks next to Tai Tam Road, then onto the well-known contour trail heading back round towards Shau Kei Wan.

At this point my faithful headlamp chose to run out of power, leaving me floundering along the trail at snail’s pace and with all the grace of a hippopotamus trying to do ballet. Fortunately, I was able to use the beams of other Rambos’ torches intermittently until Sweaty caught up, saw my predicament, and kindly said, “follow me”. The trail continued on round the contour, high up above the skyscrapers of Shau Kei Wan and Sai Wan Ho, then a steep downstairs descent on the cliff faces behind Yiu Tung House. Here Lost in Translation was so deeply focused on her running she didn’t hear me catching up with her, as evidenced by her shriek and 3-foot leap into the air when I said hello from next to her. She quickly recovered and we ran on, through the backstreets, and back to the Park.

All in all an excellent run, well done the hares!

Down Downs by Hopeless

Before Down Downs Hopeless calls to order everyone to be upstanding and take a drink in memory/honour of Indy’s father who passed away this week.

The Hares – Kannot Finnish & Cupid Stunt

The (non)hare, stayed at home so no haring today - Freerider

Returnees – Hopeless, Hash Slut & Randy von Fokker

Baby on trail – doesn’t like spiders - Burning Lust

Inflato - anticipated a Check Back but got it wrong

Lost on trail - Crackpot & Randy von Fokker

Lost on trail – Dogshit missed “bash location” marking, along with Hash Slut

Lost in Wanchai? Poledancer… so Screw Top here on trail alone

Denvy – “I'm not kissing Hopeless but I'll kiss Lost In Translation” – LIT DD!

Longest in shower – Toilet Sprays of course

Nonrunners – Yummy Mummy & Freerider

Car parking and worried about tickets - Sticky Sex Toy n Inflato

Poledancer sending Screw Top out to bins in a bin bag (See Facebook posting!)

Anniversaries - Toilet Spray 200!!

DD from the floor:

Sticky Sex Toy to Freerider

Lost In Translation to Dogshit and Sweaty Snail Gobbler – for keeping Breon back

Sweaty Snail Gobbler to Lost In Translation and Dogshit - Breon had no torch which is why they could finish in front of CCF!

Lost In Translation to Inflato & Hopeless - faking injuries

Lost In Translation to Burning Lust LH4 abuse

Dogshit to Lost In Translation - fell on FCH3 – on the flat!

Wai Chi Kok - drunk at FCH3 but next day third in category in a race

Dogshit to Screw Top - KH3 are now at New Makati’s

Dogshit to Mr Wanchai Pacific – Cupid Stunt

Hares – for organising the food (?!)

Song sung by the hares, Toilet Spray, Burning Lust and Randy von Fokker.

7.23km 72mins
Sai Wan Ho 170517 7.23km 72mins