LSW 2112 Wednesday 26th April 2017


Braemar Hill

Buddha's Birthday Public Holiday run
Hares - Lost In Space, Indyanus
Write-up - Octo

It was a pleasant day with low UV, mild cloud cover and moments of sunshine. Perfect conditions for a daytime hash. The Anaemic LSWs were so excited to run in the sun. They arrived in eager anticipation of the run having high expectations from the last minute stand in hare Lost in Space and co-hare Indy.

A good crowd of around 30 were gathered at Braemer Hill with plenty of cute babies of hashers for people to coo and admire, also some visitors from Kowloon Hash, Canada and the U.K. The only people missing at the start were the hares.. with just a note stating that the hares may be late.. 4 pm came and the hares had not arrived but at 4:05 they straggled in writing down names putting hash markings for the briefing. By 4:15 we were off!

The trail turned right towards Choi Sai Woo, through the park and onto the familiar steps up to Braemar Hill. These familiar steps usually a mild cardio workout became a hard struggle as I regretted having eaten the delicious Pakistani curry so soon before running.. at the top we ran onto Sir Cecil's ride and around the circuit. Just as I was feeling really unwell as I was still attempting to run with undigested curry close to being regurgitated the trail went into the first rambos wimps split.

This was the shiggy trail that the hare said the rambos would face. He said it was a fun shiggy I don't know what that means.. but I do remember there being lots of long grass which caught out Anal Invitation, Southside Hash Toy and Dogsh&t as they made a wrong turn. Then there was some low hanging bamboo forest which was tough to navigate if over a certain height that even SST behind me was caught in it. However at one point we reached a beautiful view of the harbour and Kowloon and I kindly let AI, SSHT and WCK run past me so I could savour the view and take it easy. I thought of Kannot Finish and Freerider and hoped that they had brought their phones and would take photos! Afterwards we headed down and onto a streambed. I was with Tight Lips who was hesitant about whether to do the riverbed or the wimps trail.. Being a trooper she came onto the rambos. With the perfect weather our shoes gripped well on the dry rock and we could glide up the stream. Somebody even spotted AFWD hauling his son up the stream. I was surprised to see a mini waterfall and thought this maybe virgin trail for me.. but later others said that we had done this many times but at night but maybe at night we are just too busy running crazily to finish and not enjoying the moment.

At the end of the stream I found Camel driver jumping out of the bush as she had gone the wrong way as the On On pointed towards the left.. TL and CD did the check and then SST caught up and spotted the Trail on the right.. and we ran alongside the small streams.

Then we ended up on concrete trail where I saw AFWD with his baby, Cyclops and Wheelbarrow. I ran past them and onto another mountainous trail which was before the checkback.. after coming down and back onto the path I was surprised to see the three of them again.. how could they be so fast! Inside information?

Finally we we turned onto a contour trail which had great views of HK Island but minimal markings.. maybe the hares ran out of time or chalk?.. but we logically followed the trail to the end and came back to the stairs leading to A.

At A we were welcomed with not enough beers or softies... groan.. however it was a fantastic trail enjoyed by all. With many options and interesting variety of terrains and amazing views! Well done to the hares!

Down Downs by Octo

Anal Invitation and Anal Acceptance to drink for their baby Chloe who is experiencing her first ever LSW circle.

AI and AA for needing 2 people to change Chloe's nappy

Hashers who like to dress the same as each other

Indy - arriving 5 hours late to do co-haring duties with LiS

Hares - running out of drink two times

Freewheel - hash crash

SSG - straddling a tree while trying to overtake people

Wheelbarrow, Cyclops - for using the excuse of 'protecting AFWD's baby' for not running

SST, SSHT, Camel Driver - for being the only ones who could navigate the bamboo trail

Parky and Park and Shop, Kannot Finish and Freerider - for waiting for each other on trail

TV Tits and Mark - for not waiting for each other on trail.

LIT lookalike PD - for finding a body on trail at Ladies Hash

Scots - for speaking such bad English that the police could not understand LIT when she was reporting the body

Canadians - 2112 is a special number as it's the album of a Canadian band called Rush.

Velcro Lips - for being well informed and mentioning that 2112 is a palindrome

Indy - for being a teacher and not knowing what a palindrome is.

SST and LIS - SST saw LIS phone sticking out under his shirt and remarks 'is that a phone or are you happy to see me?'

Returnees - too many to list.

Octo - pearl necklace for saying that TD is boring.. but actually she didn't say he was boring just called him a whinger..

Down downs by Dogshit

What run number was it 2112.

Why were the Hares late - for writing 2112 2 dozen times

Who bought the crap Skol beer? Thermal

Those hashers from a lesser hash - Kowloon - not even the oldest hash running on a Monday.

Cupid Stunt and Wai Chee - Fight in Mong Kok last week / male didn't want to share bill with his date - tore up a 500 note then got into an actual fight about doing Dutch / recreate the scene in the circle.

TFW and AI talking about hoes before the circle - is it hoes or hoe? We have an expert in hoes Whores Drawers

Anal - Posts 5 sets of new shoes on FB so we make him drink

Freerider the new GM of WH3 finishes LSW just behing Kannot Finish with Victory on her mind - her arms raised like crossing a marathon finish line.

Cupid Stunt failing to be a gentleman didn't watch his young sister Jackie on trail. Parky had to be the real Gentleman

Lets get the Big Budha look alike in the circle - Whores Drawers

Which toy is better - South Side Hash Toy or the Sticky Sex Toy

Leaving us for a few months. MOLE AND Fanny Sniffer aka Cyclops

Park'n'Shop looks up and says 'Maggie's here. Oh that's Indy. Same hair'

Wong Channel - he just likes to wander off all the time - is TV Tits' bf

Pink Dick - Indy and Octo were checking you out and wondering your ethnicity couldn't tell / then Octo goes you know difference of Philippinos right and Indy points to Camel Driver - but he is Indonesian.

No hash gear but wearing Racing gear - Velcro Lips and Gin and Vomit.

Wrong Channel - AFWD takes kid on trail doesn't lose him - you take a watch and lose it! How can you lose a watch on trail.

Sweaty gets cups - saves money runs to cafe 8