LSW 2110 Wednesday 19th April 2017


Yau Tong

Hare - Rooted

Write-up - Lost in Planet

Having been well acquainted with the number one rule of The Little Sai Wan Hash - that is never sit next to Indy at the on-on lest you get signed up for a run or a write-up- I dutifully sat at the other table. I was joined by pretty much everyone else as Wanker sat at Indy’s table and well I won’t say anymore. But Joining Wanker and Indy was Cums Up The Rear and Octopussy who both had looks of extreme disinterest in all the down downs of the evening. But anyway this was all to no avail as Indy declared that she couldn’t do the write up as she was late – nothing unusual there- and despite my effort to hide I was signed up. So lets do it….

Rooted is really a super hare. Despite many of us showing up early to help, none was required as she organized and hauled to the start all drinks, ice, munchies, etc. Weather was perfect, nice temps and no rain.

As a wimp, not to much excitement for most of the hash. A little bit of uphill until the road leading to the cemetery. Joining me on the Wimps but way ahead of me was Inflato and TV-Tits. At the road to the cemetery the Rambos went up into the hills and shiggy while us wimps followed the road all the way around the mountain and into the cemetery.

I caught up to Inflato and TV-Tits at a CB in the cemetery and found the on-on. Just leaving the cemetery all the Rambos caught us and raced past as they do. I thought it would be an easy finish but found myself mired in some real ugly full of trash and garbage shiggy between the cemetery and the seafood restaurants. Having hit the seafood restaurants it was the usual hustle and bustle all the way back to A. Being a Wimp I recorded a perfect distance for me of 6.1km. Also back at A, Indy was having a neckie with the hare over something the rest of us could not figure out. Also duly noted is that Macau Drunk makes up ground in the 800 club with both Hopeless and Bubble-Duck who were not in attendance.

Over to Indy for the down-downs and I look forward to her ANZAC run even if it does not include an assault on Mt. Stenhouse.

Down Downs by Indy

The Hare – Rooted….. acclaimed as a great run! Enjoyed by all who did the true trail!

Late arrivals – Yummy Mummy with her crutches / Dr Evil / ‘Yours truly’ Indy

YM – non runner….. tried to encourage Indy not to run but to stay and chat!

YM – Quote of the night…… ’If you don’t drink, you don’t need to run so much!’???

Dr Evil – non runner… happy to stay and chat!… and have a drink one would only assume??!

Rooted – tells Indy a short cut…… ’On W section go along road until you see a massive sign to the Right stating Wilson’s Trail.. it joins up with W run at the bottom!’ So Indy goes back and forward and back and forward (you get the idea? )… no Wilson’s trail sign to the right, so returns to A on out trail…..

Rooted – Oh…’Yes it was the sign to Lei Yee Mun you were to follow…. Thought it said Wilson’s trail……….. Drrr!!

Free Rider – also did not follow W trail back to A..... at Graveyard got too spooked and ran back the way she had come…

Kannot Finnish – Yours truly thought.. ’KF must not be on the run as normally would stay to look after FR…’

KF – was on run… the ‘honeymoon period’ is over….. It's every man / woman to him/her self!!!

W runners – TV Tits / Toilet Spray / LIS / Inflato…

Indy – cannot do write up about true trail so who would like to ‘volunteer’?

Lost In Space – seen hiding under tablecloth!! ‘Ahh! Perfect! Thanks LIS!’

Returnee – Lost In Space / Planet!! Yehh!!!! Welcome back!!... / Mr No No No –

Mr No No No - last seen on LSW when he put his name down to set a run… and never then appeared for weeks…….. ’Are you now free to set a run??’…

Returnee (almost!) - Macau Drunk …only done 5 runs this year out of 15!!

MD – the only 800 runner in clawing his way back!

Any Fanny’ll Do (absentia from the bash but not the hash) – delighted that his 200 run rival, Comes In My Tunnel is not running at moment (expectant fatherhood?) …..

AFWD 209 runs

CIMT 210 runs

Octopussy – under that passionate hasher lies an accomplished piano player…and the cello also!

Octo – could serenade us at the hash with her cello!

W@nchai W@nker – managed to clear our table as most sat on other table when he bellowed out ‘This is the meat table!”

Octo to Indy – wearing ‘bling’ earrings on the run

Rooted – thanks for a great hash and bash!

Lavender's FB photos here

6.55km 55mins
Yau Tong 170419 6.55km 55mins