LSW 2100 Wednesday 8th February 2017


LSW 2100 Anniversary

Quarry Bay Park II

Hare - Hopeless

Scribe - Cupid Stunt

LiT's photos here

Fabulous hashing weather and easy location brought out 39 hashers to the bucket, including at least 4 visitors I counted. One of them was a very fit and handsome friend of Gobi Lo (or relative?) who had a few ladies gawking. Even WH3 Ballbreaker and little Louise came out to burn off some energy. Briefing by Hopeless was comprehensive as usual - 4km Wimps for the Parkys, a recommended ~7km Rambo1 which had everything possible on a trail (he did not disappoint), and an extra 0.8km R2 loop for the insatiable. All checks are open induced some groans.

Eff off was a right turn out the park to the first check where everyone assumed going out to the waterfront, nope, back they came. Next check on Java Rd had everyone going uphill, wrong, still straight west. Certainly we must be going uphill soon, not yet, next check went west along Tsat Tze Mui Rd. Finally we went up Kai Yuen St where there could have been a nasty check back but the pack quickly found the hole in the wall that leads up to the temple. Up some urban garbage shiggy, a set of steps and voila, the roundabout at the top of Tin Hau Temple Rd. Into the trail behind Choi Sai Woo Park for the W and R1 split. The Wimps continued on the jogging trail to cut out the climb whilst the Rambos went through a small hole in a rusty fence where we caught up with an understandably struggling LSWanker. WTFISarah recommended tetanus shots. Into the ubiquitous riverbed for Braemar Hill runs, where it is a great equaliser for slow runners like me. Cupid was doing quite well on the rocks and was catching the mid-pack until he pulled the stupid stunt of dropping his torch into the water. Actually it was amazingly bright still with the HK city lights reflecting off the low clouds. Unfortunately the pack was pulling away and I do not have any further idea of how the checking fun and games ensued.

Out of the rocks and onto a running trail which was still quite bright but not for long. Up the shiggy to Siu Ma Shan bunkers where spotting flour became difficult and gold laisee became impossible. I did spot a bunker marked "BOB'S NEW HOME", which I take it as Hopeless getting back at Bobbledick for picking up one more run from the Hopeless-free-run last week. Luckily some tail-gunners caught up in the form a brightly lit Crackpot, WTFISarah, and the usually late arriving Wai Chee Kok. The latter was so unusually quiet down the shiggy descend that I didn't realise it was her until her long and speedy legs flashed by us at the bottom. Back on the jogging trail for a few minutes and then the R2 split did a loop up a set of steps. Unlit I couldn't be bothered so I asked Crackpot to go down with me, which she obliged.... to lead me down the steps that is. The many steps down came out the top of Po Luen Path and then to the dead end of Tin Hau Temple Rd where another set of steps leads down to Quarry Bay MTR. On Home we thought but nooooo, half way down Wai Chee and Dr Evil came back up on a check back. The pack must have had fun finding the shiggy through the railings to Pak Fuk Rd and then home.

Crackpot is not only a lovely lady but also a gentlemen hasher for guiding me down from the bunkers. Speaking of, O'Bollox came in amongst the DFL after 1hr 25mins claiming to be a gentleman in aid of a lady visitor from Hackney who has never been up the Khyber.... err... river I meant. The FRBs clocked the 6.73Km R1/R2 in just under an hour. An excellent Hopeless run with a bit of everything indeed - concrete, urban shiggy, jogging trail, rocks, water (in my case), and dense hill shiggy. I tried to buy Crackpot a beer but Hopeless announced free beers funded by Hash Cash surplus. The announcement caused a stampede to the bucket, no names mentioned but you can guess.

Your scribe met up with 3 WH3 hotties (Lily the Drink, Not In Public, Roxy Music) for a quick briyani and then to join those LSW/WH3 hybrids who took advantage of the free piss in the Qvic 6th Anniversary party (Parkys, WTFIC, Wet Patch, Tight Clit, Sex on the Plane, Dogbite, Vibrator, and SS Hash Toy cruising at 29,000 ft by then). After one drink, we tried leave Qvic for some place quieter but ran straight into the On On On arrival of Dogshit, Sex gone too far, Dame Invader, and Laryngitis. We got dragged back in by the undertow... chaos ensued.

Down downs by Indy

The Hare …Hopeless – what run number? The 2100th LSW Anniversary!!

Hare Hopeless – The run? Not enough shiggy! Not enough rocks? Not enough trails…(only 3!) ! Excellent Anniversary Run!

Hare Hopeless – Great turnout …and organizing fab LSW bags!! Yeh!!

Wimps – Rooted / Tinkie Winkie

Hash Crash – Wanchai W@nker ….bleating about his (minor!) injury

W@nchai W@nker – upon hearing that LSW was subsidizing the beers, he forgot his injury and made a dash to the bins….along with a few others….!!!

Last week’s Hash Crash – who ran past Thermal D*ck offering little assistance? Burning Lust / Comes In My Tunnel

Hare Hopeless – Of course the Anniversary Run would be ‘Superb!’…to quote himself!! He has set 123 LSW runs to make sure he gets it right!!!

Hare Hopeless – And not just those for LSW…..has set 331 runs globally!!!

Hare Hopeless – Added to that has done 2368 runs globally!!!.....’And the crowd went crazy!!!!....Get A Life!!’

Tom Turk – has also recorded fastidiously every hash run he has ever done!!!

No, No, No – first in….

Visitor – WTFISarah

Returnees – Teeny Weeny / Tinkie Winkie / Gai Tai / Tom Turk /Camel Driver

Tinkie Winkie – doing the 9 Dragons 50 km race but missing the second last checkpoint by 1.5 mins….Gutted!!

Gai Tai – Welcome back again since fatherhood…..

All the English in honour of Queen Lizzie’s 65 years on the throne…

The Pearl Necklace – for ‘un-English’ and ‘ungentlemanly’ like behaviour in pushing past the pregnant Lubricated Trojan…. Goes to the dastardly…..Mr Pole Dancer

Mrs Pole Dancer – Mr Pole Dancer multi- tasks with her….and now can wear the necklace in the kitchen / laundry etc etc ??

The 800 Club – hare Hopeless / Macau Drunk

Hopeless – ensuring Bubbleduck does not do run by locking him up in the stone ‘house’ seen on trail…..

The 200 Club - Comes In My Tunnel beating AFWD by the narrow margin of 2 runs!

Frank the Plank – 475 runs..and hared 2 times!!!!

Free Wheel – 100 runs… profession a writer but refuses to write the LSW trash …..

Rooted – 50 runs …….and such dedication to LSW haring / writing /attending!!

O’Bollocks – great job as Hash Amah!

Hare Hopeless – thanks for organizing ‘awesome’ run, ‘awesome’ bags, ‘awesome’ Bash………

LSW 2100 Bags

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