LSW 2090 Wednesday 30th November 2016


St Andrew's Day Run, Pier 8, Central
Hares - Lost in Translation, Winky Twinkie, Hopeless
Write-up - Rooted
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Arriving at pier 10, I was greeted by one hare shivering in 21°C weather and the other chugging a beer preparatory to live haring the run. Now, I know Burning Lust has thrown down the gauntlet on discovering how quickly a live hare can be caught, but I felt Winky Twinkie was rather throwing caution to the wind with this blasé attitude. Indie was a welcome returnee this evening and was soon beset by well-wishers, though only Tight Lips and Sticky hung around to listen to all the gory details relating to her eye. Finally a large enough pack had gathered that Lost in Translation felt willing to send us after her co-hare.

We soon found the hare, approximately 800m from the start … at a drink stop. He’d obviously decided that was far enough and we’d all need some refreshment after a gruelling sprint through Tamar Park. I would like to report that this was the last time we were all together as a pack, however, that is slightly inaccurate as late comers Just Add Alcohol and Wai Chee Kok got to the drink stop long after Winky had abandoned his post, Parky and Crackpot having drunk all the whisky (or so it was reported).

The checkback near Pacific Place caused chaos. Not relishing the idea of running on my own, I’d stuck with Sweaty, Macau Drunk, Come into my Tunnel, Discover her Bay and Winwin. Macau Drunk was convinced the hares had gone up the steps by the old Burger King, so off we all raced, there was no trail up the steps, but there was an arrow directing us over Queen’s Road East. Now, perhaps to others, they would have realised they were on the ‘on in’ trail, but not us. We were so preoccupied with working out which direction to take, not losing the trail markings nor each other in the Wanchai crowds, that we did not wonder where the others were nor whether we were heading in a sensible direction for a run billed as 9km. It was only on meeting Indie somewhere on Lung Wo Road that suspicions started to be voiced that maybe we’d missed a large part of the run. Oh well, only one thing for it, Come into my Tunnel and Sweaty raced back to A where some very surprised hares directed those who wanted to do the run back out onto true trail.

Back at the blackhole of Pacific Place, the rest of the pack had so little luck finding trail they resorted to phoning the hare. Unfortunately, they phoned Lost in Translation and not a word could be understood. Luckily Hopeless was on hand to translate: trail is up by the Conrad hotel. At this point I need to refer to Burning Lust’s GPS which tells me trail went up to Kennedy Road, above Hong Kong Park then up to Bowen Road and May Road before heading along Dutch Lane then back down along Bowen Drive and through the Wanchai streets. Unfortunately, it can’t tell me who messed up at the checks, how Thermal got back before Cheesy, nor of any accidents/mishaps/near death experiences. Imagination will have to provide the place of facts, which seems in keeping with the times, and so: Wai Chee got every check wrong and was last seen heading off towards the Peak; Crackpot got so lost in Wanchai that she had to pop into the QV to ask for directions (though only got a beer); TV Tits spent so much time signing autographs around Pacific Place that she met up with the Rambos when they were on their way back into the area; and Toilet Spray, glad for once not to be hounded on trail by Chatroom, opted to walk round.

Back at A, more whisky had been unearthed and went very well with a piece of authentic Scottish shortbread. Less authentic was the tartan Tequila had wrapped round himself declaring his allegiance to the McTablecloth clan. Everyone back, changed and refreshed, we headed to Café 8 where Easy Over had once again provided a scrumptious spread that ravenous hashers cannot do true justice to as they clear the food faster and less discerningly than a plague of locusts. Many thanks to the hosts, we were truly spoilt, especially with the cheese which even Frank the Plank was seen to be eating (there is actual photographic evidence of this).

Indie being back, there was a sudden scurry for the door before down downs commenced. Most of us though got comfortable (with pillows and blankets), made sure we had enough to drink and settled down for the night.

Indy's down downs

Indie started in good form by awarding herself a dd for anything she said that was wrong due to being away for so long.

Hares – various comments from the floor about this run: not enough markings, predictable route, not enough stairs or hills, too short. But cheers all round for it being a great run.

Indie – has lost the ability to interpret LiT, but is not too worried as it seems the Scots can’t understand each other either as Sweaty wondered why we didn’t come up to the café straight away and LiT being sure he had forbidden such behaviour. Thermal and Winky drank with them.

Who drank all the whisky – Crackpot!

Winky for dereliction of duty as he left the drink stop before Indie arrived as he had decided that after Parky there was no one else, so the Parkies to drink as last ones to have whisky

Wai Chee Kok as the last one through, also didn’t get whisky, so Winky to drink again

Hares - how long to set? only 2 ½ hrs! Short! But reports of hashers doing at least 8 different trails!

Those who met Indie due to major short-cutting: Macau Drunk, Sweaty and Rooted (the others having absconded)

Rooted for writing up dds (though if I keep being given dds it becomes more difficult to do the write up!)

Those who visited Indie in hospital, but only once as can’t drink there – Crackpot, LiT and Hopeless

Sticky and Tight Lips for lending a sympathetic ear to Indie’s saga

Bobble for a stint of home nursing, with the proviso that Indie fed him, which she did until all her stocks had been depleted

Burning Lust for being as nearly bottomless in his eating habits as Bobble.

Birthdays - Rooted and Dr Evil

Visitors - immediately Thermal and the Parkies jump up as they have come from DB! True visitors were: Knickers (of London City Hash) and Action Man (of London Hash) the latter being from Sydney meant a quick rendition of the Aussie song (“All Australians are born illegitimate…”) and a digression on how they got names somehow requiring LiT to translate.

Hopeless’ circle

Parkies for doing this run 3 times!

Frank – a lecturing vegan but ate sausage rolls and cheese!!

Scot beer for Winky for needing to borrow some Scottish gear

Thermal’s circle

Pearl necklace award – as the hospital took the last one, Indie gets it as a strange welcome back

Indie’s circle

Sweaty – for doing full KotH, he reported that he came in the top 10 and won his category!

BL and Frank for wimping and only doing the half, also Hopeless, not seen at the start but got a time anyway!

Another race on Sunday but was cancelled – LiT and Hopeless for needlessly getting up

Movember - only Hopeless this year

Award for 25 runs - Easy Over (well cooking rather than running, but it counts)

Easy Over – as we’re all looking forward to her 26th ‘run’

Sweaty – for agreeing to set a run despite not sitting near Indie

All the Scots and those in Scottish outfits (MM, Indie, Crackpot, Macau Drunk, Hopeless)

Sweaty’s circle

Indie – for the longest circle in 10 weeks

Indie – being seen on trail though only out for wee dram

Frank – for lecturing on not eating cheese, but tonight had cheese and more cheese!

Winky Twinkie for worst live hare ever, caught in 800m but at least he got the whisky out

Indie to finish

Easy Over, Sweaty and the bar staff for serving us and the great food

Finally we finished with the song!!!

12.85km 85mins
Pier 10 161130 12.85km 85mins

St Andrews Day Run 161130