LSW 2089 Wednesday 23rd November 2016


HKU to Sheung Wan Sports Centre

Hares - Gobi Lo & Chatroom
Write Up - Lost In Translation
LIT Facebook photos here

Big turnout for ‘Thanks Giving Run’ by Chatroom & Gobi Lo at HKU including returnee’s Catch of the Day, Discover My Bei, Teeny Weeny, Hannah Montana & Vibrator and visiting coffee man, Roberto.

The briefing was given by the American Hare telling the pack 8.5km for Rambos but, not for Rooted, as too slippery, and 7km for Wimps. Lots of ‘expensive’ flour and Hellbank money used to mark the trail should it rain and B was handed out to those less confident.

As the pack head out, it was obvious Chatroom had talked the majority out of doing the Rambos, most mumbling they were doing the Wimps. The first Check and the FRBs were spread out, Teeny Weeny heading back to the Check saying “no trail up the steps” but a determined Hopeless heads back up the steps telling TW he did not go far enough. ‘Oh ye of little faith’ was the response from TW but he had to eat his words as the ‘OnOn’ call came from a very smug Hopeless!

Through the university on to the next Check where stood a very confused Kannot Finnish, telling us he had checked everywhere but could not find trail. As Hopeless pushes past him, into the shiggy, followed by Just Add Alcohol, Tequila & Lost In Translation calling “OnOn”. Up the shiggy and onto the xylophone path (‘Mericans call it “piano” for some reason, despite all other nations in HK calling it by the correct name). As we are running along, Hopeless was standing to the side telling us to be quiet. Slightly confused we all stop to see what the hushing was for, and to our delight we saw a very large porcupine with a wee tiny baby one – so cute! Hopeless gets a slight prick while lifting the baby back up to the mother. [Ed: Smartass comments not required!]

Back on trail, Just Add Alcohol is out in front and leads Lost In Translation, Burning Lust, Rooted & Tequila up the steps to a Check Back, allowing Hopeless to catch up and solve the Checks for us before we hit the R/W split. Most of the pack opt for the Wimps with the exception of Burning Lust, Macau Drunk and Sweaty Snail Gobbler who head off on the Rambos. Tequila leads the Wimps up the river bed and into the shiggy, up a long set of steps and out onto a road which I have no clue the name of, towards Lung Fu Shan. [Ed: trail went down Hatton Road]. The next Check caused a lot of confusion as it was not marked by the FRB Rambos, Rooted goes down onto the main road, Tequila and Just Add Alcohol go up the shiggy path but a determined Thermal D1ck says ‘No way it’s up the shiggy path, its down the steps to the left’ and off he goes, not to be seen again until the bins. Lost In Translation follows ‘Mr Local Knowledge’ where they pick up trail and follow the ‘expensive’ flour and chalk markings to Caine Road and down into Sheung Wan to the On Home onto Sheung Wan Sports Centre.

Hot showers, to the delight of Octopussy and Toilet Spray and cold beers including large Kirin beers to the delight of the male hashers. Then OnOn to ‘American Thanks Giving’ local dai pai dong severing traditional Thanks Giving Chinese food which was well ordered by Just Add Alcohol, Octopussy and Gobi Lo (as you will see from FB pictures). Great food but the Blue Girl beer was not so appealing so Teeny Weeny and Thermal head off to 7/11 for Carlsberg, Tsing Tao, Asahi and, of course, ‘Carlsberg Special Brew’ for Thermal. However when the 7/11 beer ran out, Hannah Montana was spied downing the Blue Girl!

Well done and thanks to the hares, great trail and very well marked followed by a good bash.

Down Downs by Hopeless

Hopeless opens the session by announcing his impending “retirement from Down Downs” as Little Sai Wan’s resident pirate, Indy, will be back next week. A mix of hurrahs and groans followed, although no one shed a tear…….

Hares Gobi Lo and Chatroom

Returnees – Vibrator, Catch Of The Day & Hanna Montana

Hanna Montana last night ran on LH4 for the first time in 5 years – he is solely responsible for LH4 Guest Fees going up 5 years ago!

Roberto – visiting Barista to get Dougbucks to Michelin star status.

Kannot Finnish & Freerider – left early, caught early on trail (2nd Check claims KF)

Headless turkey – Teeny Weeny

Hatton Road Check – scattered to the four winds – Hopeless, Catch of the Day, Rooted, Thermal Disk & Lost In Translation

Rambos full –Teeny Weeny, Burning Lust, Macau Drunk, Sweaty Snail Gobbler, Vibrator, Crash Test Dummy & Hanna Montana

Not calling (accused) Crash Test Dummy

Toilet Spray - praised the hare on arrival at B, of course!

Who uses the Hairdryer in a public changing room to dry out his pubic hair? Burning Lust!

Hares - where's the turkey?

Trailwalker –Sweaty Snail Gobbler and Teeny Weeny – well done guys!

800 Club – Bobbledick missing (860), Hopeless (835) and Macau Drunk (815)

25 runs - Freerider

Sweaty Snail Gobbler to Rooted - no crash this week!

Sweaty Snail Gobbler to Hopeless – running with gout

Sweaty Snail Gobbler to hares - No high west

Chatroom to Gobi Lo – clandestine meeting at B

Chatroom to Gobi Lo for small markings

Gobi Lo to Thermal Dick for not noticing for 6months her new hair style

Claus and Gobi Lo to visit Dougbucks now the new barista is conducting training

All the Americans Chatroom and Freewheel – Make America Great Again (well, at least once)

Chatroom, Gobi Lo, Hopeless, Freerider and Burning Lust sing The Hash Song.

7.16km 80mins
HKU to Sheung Wan 161123 7.16km 80mins