LSW 2088 Wednesday 16th November 2016


The Zion Run

Sai Wan Ho

Hare - Cresh Test Dummy

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Write Up Chatroom

A pack of about 25 runners turned up for the crash test dummy torture fest… er… I mean run. J We were briefed that there would be three options, Super Wimps, Wimp and Rambos. The SW would be 4km with a 3-5 rating on the shigometer… while the Wimp would be 5km with 5-7 on the shigometer, and finally, the Rambo at 7km, also 5-7 on the shigometer, but with MORE hills.

Out of the park, under the highway and up the hill we went. There was some momentary confusion at the catch water check where some brave souls (yours truly included) though the path was straight up gulley, but actually, there was a trail just parallel… and thus began our climb. There were hills, there were checks, but mostly we climbed. Finally, the super wimp turnoff came… then we climbed, then the wimp turnoff came… then we climbed.

Lost in translation’s posse was looking for an excuse to take the wimp trail, but I gave them the evil eye and goaded them into following me up the Rambo trail. Did I mention up? Max elevation 449 meters. After the seemingly endless climb, we came out on Mt. Parker road, where the would be wimps found a snake, cried about forthcoming shiggy and continued down the road through the T to rejoin the trail after the shiggy. I soldiered on the real Rambo trail and finished with a nice runnable section of the Hong Pak country trail before descending into Shau Keu Wan.

All in a great run. Rooted managed a nice hash crash on the catch water, despite numerous opportunities to crash on technical parts of the trail.

Down Downs by Hopeless

Freewilly – return from the Philippines.

Hare - Crash Test Dummy – no comments required.

SupaWimps - Hopeless & Sweaty Snail Gobbler.

Actual Rambos – Any Fanny ‘ll Do and Chatroom.

“Longbos” – Lost in Translation and Burning Lust

Crash - Rooted

Stabbed in the eye - Burning Lust

Dead last and holding up the food - Any Fanny ‘ll Do

Lost on way to food – TV Tits

Lost shoes – Toilet Spray in her rush to get to the shower.

Toilet Spray - No underwear packed in her rush to get to the hash!

200 runs - Any Fanny ‘ll Do – ahead of CIMT!

Crash Test Dummy – 2nd on the Old Sock “bad Hare Rating Scale”, topped only by Catch of the Day.

Birthday girl - Lost in Translation

Burning Lust – Rooted’s birthday coming up check out which food venue she is treated to via Facebook (clue – involves a clown called “Ronald” ?)

Chatroom - moving to Colorado to protest Trump vote.

Trailwalker competitor and only came tonight to round up sponsorship (and escape the parents) – Sweaty Snail Gobbler.

Gin v Vomit – working out this “bring your torch” thing for night runs.

Chatroom, Hopeless, and Burning Lust sing The Hash Song.

8.99km 92mins
Sai Wan Ho 161116 8.99km 92mins