LSW 2087 Wednesday 9th November 2016


The return of Pirelli run

Shau Kei Wan

Hare - Hopeless

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Write-up - Crash Test Dummy

It was with a little foreboding that I arrived at Shau Kei Wan. A couple weeks before Kannot Finish and Freerider had set a fantastic run in Quarry Bay, unfortunately using a large section of my planned Zion trail. (I called it the Zion run after the Matrix song by Fluke I was playing during the reccie). So I was forced to rework my evil genius, into an even better new run. But now my worry was, would Hopelesses run pre-empt any sections of my new trail. Inevitably I knew the answer was going to yes, but by how much, a small margin? a landslide? Come to next week’s run to find out! Speaking of painful anticipation… “Trump’s quiff beats Clinton perm” read all about it! Everyone congratulated Chatroom P as he arrived at the start. Chatroom was not happy though, looking as if someone had just kicked him squarely in the lower swing states.

Back to the run, we set off… as usual. It is said every journey starts with the first step, and every hash starts with an FRB royally fu**ing up. In this case Gobi Lo blazing off in the wrong direction. Leaving it to the canny Lost in Translation, to lead the charge up Chai Wan Rd, to the first of many check backs. 10.22km worth of check backs (and trail setting) according to Hoplesses! Luckily this run is pretty much on my home turf, and I had a pretty good idea where the ONON’S would be stashed. So in short order I found myself out in front and on top of Sai Wan Shan! Unluckily a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, especially in my hands, and so overthinking the WWII embattlements on top of the hill. Meanwhile the tenacious Gobi Lo cut to the chase at high sped down the service reservoir trail. We all knew where we were going, but as on any hash, it’s just a question of how badly you balls it up getting there. Thus I had almost reeled Gobi Lo back into line of sight when she ran directly over a T, and off along the catch water never to be seen again. Stupidly, (considering she had departed shouting ONON) I turned around and checked uphill, hoping forlornly that we might be treated to a nice juicy section of the upper contour trail. Of course the true trail was straight on, just bypass the T and run, as Gobi had so artfully done. So trailing a long way behind it was OnOn to the Pipe trail! Ahhhhh…. the pipe trail, just about my favourite urban kilometre in Hong Kong. I don’t know why, but it’s just immensely satisfying to run. Perhaps it’s the way this series of metal catwalks twists and winds its way along the pipes. Or perhaps it’s the “Parkour” style of running one has to adopt in order to traverse this set of narrow catwalks at warp factor 5. Whichever, it is just sheer urban running bliss! Well done the hare, and to the pack who finished more or less en-mass (spell check says enema). Map and LIT's photos here

Down Downs (croakingly) by Hopeless

Hare – Himself

Pirelli – visitor and run naming

Tony Ross (Blue Vein) – visitor from NZ

Gin n vomit - had a torch for a change!

Double Wimps – Lost In Translation

All yanks – Trexit – oh, that’d be Chatroom

Kannot Finnish not 2 hours on trail this week – as left Freerider behind!

No shower panic Lubricated Trojan, Come In My Tunnel & Toilet Spray

Toilet Spray and Sticky Sex Toy – thanks for food ordering

Ticks on a dick or scrotem Ruggero and Pirelli discussing the perils of little mites at the dinner table

Dick of the Week – Burning Lust as he wanted to sit on the “sh!te food table”

Crackpot cracked on the whiskey diet and is on the beer again

Gobi lo 250 runs – Rooted stands in

800 Club all present and alive (well Bobble Dick went home early)

Pirelli - Glasgow beer mats handed out all round with an open invitation to come hash in Glasgae

Blue Vein to Pirelli going back on same trail and failing to recognise it

Pirelli, Hopeless, Ruggero and Burning Lust sing The Hash Song

6.23km 51mins
Shau Kei Wan 161109 6.23km 51mins