LSW 2086 Wednesday 2nd November 2016


Yung Shue Wan, Lamma

Hares - Macau Drunk & Barbie

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Write up - Hopeless

This week’s run was on Lamma at the behest of Lost In Translation who canvassed Ruggero in order to facilitate her vodka buying (yes, not Indy for a change, who is still holed up in hospital acting as a set extra for Captain Jack Sparrow in the next “Pirates of the Caribbean” film).

On the 6pm ferry LIT extolled the virtues of buying cheap hooch on Lamma to tonight’s virgin LSWH3 hasher, Cupid Stunt, who is a regular KH3 hasher. He thought he’d try the “tough hash”, and also his wife was working late so “may as well have a run and get pissed with you guys”. In fact so impressed was Cupid with the price of alcohol on Lamma he added Limoncello to his vodka buying, and then, after the bash, took Kate back to the same shop “seeing as I’ve some space still left in my rucksack that can be filled”. Surprise addition to the pack was Lemondrop who was going daft running around and barking in anticipation of his first hash for some time. Denvy has obviously been putting him on a strict diet as he had slimmed down quite and bit, and was pace making for most of the run! The last “surprise” (as I forgot to mention to LIT that On The Edge was in town – mostly to protect my mince pie order that he was bringing), OTE arrived along with the likes of Frank The Plank, Winky Twinkie and his two mates, Cheesy Flying Fux, and a welcome return for Gai Tai.

AFWD, Kate, TV Tits, Rooted, Burning Lust, Kannot Finnish and Freerider made up to a pack size of 22, sent off by the hare after a description of a nonstandard Check Back – Wimps go on, Rambos is a Check Back. May was, as usual, late, and played catch up. What Ruggero failed to tell us was that his Check/OnOns were very long! The 3-way Check by the church after about 800m into the run had the pack all over the place, Cheesy & Hopeless guessing wrong for the Fire Station after probably nearly 200m of flour. The usual Check at the cross roads of Reservoir Road didn’t go up and over the bridge but went back down towards Power Station Beach (clocked as nearly 350m for the OnOn). Another three way Check guessed correctly by Hopeless as the sneaky turn off into Hung Shing Village, and onto the beach, AFWD wisely following in his footsteps.

This didn’t last long as the loud barking of Lemondrop was followed by Cheesy thundering through up the Lamma Family Walk trail, Gobi Lo in hot pursuit, and a surprisingly moderately paced Gai Tai making up the first three to the next Check. Again “local knowledge” came into play, Hopeless ignoring the markings heading off to Sok Kwu Wan, and the obvious Check back, instead taking his previous Free China hash route up the steps, but hitting the W/R split just as the likes of Lost In Translation and Burning Lust caught up.

Again guessing correctly, Hopeless hops the fence to go across the small dam – Gobi Lo encouraging Lemondrop to “go swim, get in front!” But CFF was first across, finding the Rambo flour and up through what can only be described as “dense shiggy”. LIT’s words were somewhat more colourful, especially on the downhill section after the trig point.

The long country trail took us onto the next Check, and somewhat surprisingly not up over the hill but down the long flight of steps to Tai Ling Wan. What goes down has got to go up and so it was to the Lamma Winds Windmill…. And another hill! Then finally onto the other end of the Lamma Family Walk trail, and a sprint 700 metres from the “On Home” back to the start at the Tin Hau Temple.

Frank The Plank and one of Fraser’s mates, along with Kate all sped past the temple in their “race to the finish” – almost as fast as AFWD who ran to catch the 20:30 ferry. Last in, ambling into the leaving pack was Kannot Finnish and Freerider just as the pack was off to the bash at the nearby Indian restaurant.

Down Downs by Hopeless

Hare - Ruggero

Returnee - On The Edge

Virgin LSWH3 - Cupid Stunt

Vodka buying and making Lamma this week’s run – Lost In Translation

Kate – roots around in Poledancer’s bag after every hash – found a condom in his bag this week!

Wimps – Rooted, TV Tits and Cupid Stunt

Headless Rambos – Burning Lust & Gai Tai – passed Hopeless 4 times in the Rambo shiggy

New daddy back to hashing Gai Tai

Lost In Translation - for having Hopeless carry her water then leaving him on trail

Burning Lust to On The Edge - From one accountant to another - OTE moaning that a beer from the bins was a £ (Uk Pound, a currency becoming the way of the Greek Dracma)

Mince pie delivery - On The Edge

800 Club – Ruggero & Hopeless

TV Tits on the Wimps sends Cupid Stunt first to clear spiders – but Rooted was already in front

Ruggero and Returnees On The Edge & Gai Tai sing The Hash Song.

7.63km 69mins
Yung Shue Wan Lamma 161102 7.63km 69mins