LSW 2085 Wednesday 26th October 2016


Choi Hung

Hare - Cheesy Flying Fox

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Write-up - Gobi Lo

The last time I went to a Cheesy Flying Foxed run I remember distinctly an image of the topless hare (or fox) with a thick rope around his neck just before he dished out the pre-run briefing. I was therefore very eager to see what he has in store for us this time. It was with a tad of disappointment when I saw him with no S&M gear, and he was not even topless! But Cheesy Flying Fox promised me that there will be ropes on the shiggy trail, and that got Toilet Spray and Tight Lips excited enough to consider doing the Rambos route.

The trail went up New Clear Water Bay Road where the first tricky check next to the housing estate threw off just about everyone. Burning Lust went over the pedestrian bridge to check but presumably found nothing and came back. Not quite trusting him (and thank goodness for trust issues!) Pole Dancer went back up on the bridge and found markings on the other side of the road. The pack quickly followed, past the school and housing estates to the concrete slopes with steep ladders.

I caught up with the pack and was just behind Dogshit and Burning Lust, and the trail led us up a very steep metal ladder. Now, there is a very good reason why I like to run upfront. Itís not really because I donít like to be stuck behind a male hasher on a single-track trail through dense shiggy and have nothing to stare at except for a male butt; itís actually for hygiene reasons - running through dense bamboo shrub with perspiration dripping off the leaves left by the FRBs is pretty yuck. But going up a steep metal ladder behind male hashers is a whole different ballgame, because those buckets of perspiration were dripping on me! Dogshit was obviously oblivious to my whinging, but thankfully the ladder climb was short.

Once I got to the first level of the concrete slopes, I took off, determined not to be rained on by perspiration again. But thanks to Cheesy Flying Foxís cunning moves, we had a few more Checkbacks to solve before heading up to the top of the hill. There were fine views all around, and Octopussy was full of admiration for the city lights and side profile view of Lion Rock. I have to admit that it was pretty cool.

The trail led us on some lovely single-tracks through the woods before we got to the first Rambos/Wimps split. A difficult check at a reservoir road kept the entire pack together, and thanks to Winky Twinkie and his blonde bombshell friend finding true trail, the pack took off again. Re-joining with the Wimps, we went through more shiggy and then another split. This time, the Rambos was a hardcore shiggy trail complete with ropes and aggressive, thorny plants.

The trail led the Rambos back to re-join the Wimps, onto a small bridge over a dam, and then down to civilization. Any Fanny Will Do and Lubricated Trojan were ahead of me, and when we came to the check at the busy intersection at Choi Ha Road we split up to look for trail. It took a few minutes before I found flour leading up into a park (more elevation!!) and through the housing estates, and then down the hill and on home. I lost trail at one intersection so I took a long way back to A. The rest of the pack came in after, all looking pretty happy. Special thanks to Tequila F*ckwit for helping the hare get drinks.

On On!

8.38km 75mins
Choi Hung 161026 8.38km 75mins