LSW 2084 Wednesday 19th October 2016


Quarry Bay

Hare - Dr Evil

amber thunder landslip flooding

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Write-up - Octo

When the HK Observatory said that it would be a day of heavy rain I was already excited as I do love to run in the rain. However as the day progressed the skies started getting darker and the forecast turned from amber to red to black thunderstorm warning.. facebook friends started posting pictures of extreme flooding and cars floating in storm water. That's when I started faltering a bit and my mind started pondering frightening thoughts... should I go to the run because maybe I'd have to swim there, or maybe the bus will get stuck in a flood induced sink hole, maybe the mtr will be flooded and I'll drown underground or maybe we'll be running and the rain soaked mountains will avalanche and bury us! But then I thought of Dr Evil, who so kindly stepped in last minute having to set a run in these conditions and decided I'm going! Even if it will kill me cos it will be a hash like no other in conditions likened to armageddon!

So I took the MTR there, was surprised to see markings were there to guide us to the start the park at the bottom of Mount Parker. Milling around were a handful of hardcore hashers. Gobi Lo was marking the attendance list which didn't take long and then said she wouldn't run as she was still injured. Dr. Evil did the briefing saying that the trail would be marked with hell money hopefully if they were not washed away. Then we were off, the 6 brave souls who would face this end of days scenario. As we ran we realised that actually there was no rain. Up Mount Parker Road we ran. We found the first check. We split up to do the check, Inflato and myself checking up the others checking everywhere else. We didn't see any markings and came back then we all tried going up Mount Parker Road further. Platey running ahead til he'd almost reached the top, but no markings. So we turned back and came back to the check and went up the stairs again. This time going further... oops there was a marking there. So up we went in the perfect running conditions of cool post rain breeze. The trail was interesting and varied, Dr. Evil was not risking the shiggy terrain, but there was no need as even the regular paths were shiggy enough having to jump over some branches, puddles while trying to spot rain soaked hell money that camouflaged exactly with the brown soil around it. The 6 blade runners of CTD, Inflato, Sweaty Snail Gobbler, Rooted, Platey and myself (Octo) taking turns as FRBs as the checks tricked us and brought us back together just as well cos we needed to stick together under these extreme circumstances! We all made it back safely surprisingly having had a very pleasant and refreshing run past waterfalls and pools to way too much beer waiting for us! Some went and had showers and we were off to the bash by 8:30pm. The whole underground shopping centre where the Park and Shop is was flooded so the Chinese restaurant barred us from eating there. So we went up to eat at a Thai Restaurant that was on the higher ground. After food, DDs, song and having had a great time we closed and left by the record time of 9:45pm!

DDs by all

Dr. Evil - setting a run that is pretty much free of nearly everyone!

Dr. Evil - stepping in to set at last minute

Inflato and Octo - checking the first check and missing the hell money at the pagoda

Sweaty Snail Gobbler - beating Dr Evil by setting a run with the lowest attendees

Yummy Mummy - excellent ordering of food

Rooted and Octo - partying out without their significant others tonight... until 9:45pm..

SSG - disappearing and re-appearing on trail a few times

Dr. Evil - setting a trail in doomsday like conditions and still having enough markings for us to follow all the way

Inflato - buying way too much beer

Dr. Evil - classic Mount Parker run - cheers!


Quarry Bay