LSW 2083 Wednesday 12th October 2016


Quarry Bay

Hares - Kannot Finish & Freerider

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10,994 steps, a lot of them up... The Run has a total ascent of 274.63 m with (non)shiggy (?) downhill

Write Up - Hopeless

Virgin hares this week on Little Sai Wan, treading on the haring toes of Dr. Evil and Wanchai W@nker at Quarry Bay Street, an ever increasing popular hash location. I doubt it’s because of the bright mural on the retaining wall, and the small amount of cover if it rains, but Park n Rob is close by, as is a very tasty Thai restaurant.

Kannot Finnish was getting edgy as 7pm closed in, with a pack of 18 hashers waiting for the off, having read his (small) markings and learning that was only a single trail. “No point to set Wimps trail as Freerider and I are not going on the run tonight” was his comment as we set off towards Mount Parker Lodge.

No markings… but I took a guess the hares were going the same way they went 4 weeks ago on WH3, to go up the same metal ladder towards Grieg Road… and, yup, there was flour. Plus, yes, the same Check Back on the storm drain to take us back and over the fence, the FRBs like Cheesy, Gobi, Wai Chee, Crash Test, and Lost In Translation chaffing at the bit to get up onto a decent track for a sprint.

Onto into Quarry Bay Park and the next of many Open Checks. FRBs back again as the hares took us up the WSD blue metal steps up towards Quarry Bay Pass. Through right, back to the usual path, around, back to WSD section, and then…. Oh.. left and to the terracing above Sai Wan Ho. Only one way to go.. DOWN….. Yiu Hing Road… and UP…. To the catchwater, rope climb back to Quarry Bay Pass, FRBs well gone by this stage. I think I saw Crash Test for all of 30 seconds the whole run…..

Then the long contour towards Mount Parker Road…. And tonight’s “surprise”….. Ruggero and Suck My Pills head down at the Check into…. SHIGGY……! The “no shiggy” briefing was deemed to be somewhat of an understatement from the hares… downhill muddy forest track.. Ok for Reindeer or Carrabou maybe… not so when still recovering from broken ribs, endoscopic surgery, or a torn quad muscle.

Still, the three of us made it down, onto the slippery concrete to head to the obvious finish through Mount Parker Lodge. Not so obvious if you are going at speed and are called Lost In Translation or Wai Chee Kok, who ignored the obvious, started going back out on the Out trail, turned around, and then raced back via King’s Road.

Talking of racing, Poledancer was most miffed to find out that Kate had got infront of him off the shiggy “with some blatant shortcutting” and “I’m not bothering to wait for her at the Checks anymore”, shot past me, like Jenson Button at a Rave. I caught up with them in Mount Parker Lodge, both trying to work out how to get out of the podium level “stairs off to the left I shouted”. Mr. Dancer grinned as he was at those stairs, Kate stuck around the corner, and in her efforts to sprint after him, slipped on the wet tarmac, her torch making a resounding “Smack” sound as it hit the hard surface.

Having lost “the race” Mrs Powell then jogged into the finish, the grinning Poledancer greeting her in, beaming until he tasted the Fanta Pineapple the hares had found to buy at PnS.

A well-marked trail with the definition of “shiggy” to be reviewed!

Off to the bash at the nearby Thai restaurant….

Down Downs by Hopeless

The Hares - Kannot Finnish & Freerider

Excellent write up by Kannot Finnish – Germans and Scots - who can understand them?!

Kate - walked past start, too busy yapping on the phone

Visitor Michael Harly from Denmark, a friend for Dr. Evil!

Hash crash Kate because racing hubbie Poledancer who sped up once he found out his wife was in front of him on trail.

Late - Come In My Tunnel

Passing Hopeless his water bottle after it fell into the drain, neglecting to tell him it was “probably covered in rat’s piss”

Missed last turn – Lost In Translation and Wai Chee Kok

Not marking the last corner – the hares

Hash crash – Wai Chee Kok

Last to finish – Sticky Sex Toy

Didn’t get invited to O’Bollocks’ birthday party tonight - Sticky Sex Toy

Not trusted with hash cash - Come In My Tunnel

Drinking Gobi Lo’s Soda - Octopussy

Dan Miller. 14 years Bali bombing – raise a glass in memory

Samsung Note 7 – “Nokia phone would not fail” - Kannot Finnish

Come In My Tunnel free so hopeless

25 runs - Kannot Finnish

800 club Ruggero & Hopeless

Castrato – last hash for this trip - off to UK in two days

Michael Harly to Hopeless for forgetting the LH4 badge promised

Kannot Finnish, Freerider, Castrato sing The Hash Song

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7.78km 75mins
Quarry Bay Street 161012 7.78km 75mins