LSW 2082 Wednesday 5th October 2016


Kennedy Town

Hare - Gobi Lo

LIT Facebook photos here

Scribe: Kannot Finnish

Got out of taxi at Kennedy Town MTR exit C bit early and found the hash trail right outside along Forbes street. Was wondering which direction I should follow the trail or go for looking run site arrow markings at exit B as instructed. Well, went to exit B but could not find any markings there. Nothing. None. Nobody. Looked every direction. So went back to exit C, made smart analyses and started following the hash trail, but of course to wrong direction (away from On Home). It seemed I was able to get lost even before the run started. Then a visitor came to me asking: “Where is ze run site?” I thought I know that accent. I said well… lets go back to exit B, before we do the whole run before the run. There must be some other folks by now. Sure enough, Lost in Translation was there and she said me something. I assume it was a greeting but you never can be sure as the message is usually lost in translation. This time a fresh LSW arrow was right there and I found finally the run site !

Gobi Lo briefing, Rambo 8k and wimps 6k , with usual markings with flour and chalk. Plenty of open checks. Today only one R/W split as by second split the hare got completely lost and she don’t know anymore where it is. Hare told that both trail have easy shiggy & bit climbing and if you need more elevation, you do the Rambo.

Start around 19:05, the first challenge was to get every-(XXXL)-body through the narrow vertical metal pipe ladder to steep stairs and climb up to Pokfield road. Rooted wanted to pass me as she meant I will get stuck. Next the pack crossed Smithfield road and climbed up to Kennedy town reservoir playground and follow the shiggy trail climbing up towards the peak of Mount Davis (269m). After steep, rocky path with old ropes through dense bamboo forest, we arrived to the R/W split, “the only known split” today. Seems that most runners went up to Rambo, except Dr. Evil and Dickey Leaks. After little hesitation of Free Rider, we continued up to Rambo trail.

At this point of the night run, all FRBs are usually long gone and it’s quiet. To my surprise, there was someone wondering around in the complete darkness. I heard the question “Where is ze trail?” Second time today I thought I know that accent… A visiting hasher. As Free Rider asked about his torch, he replied that he has a good eye sight and he sees better without torch. Nothing beats German logic.

So Free Rider, dark running German visitor and myself continued through the war time bunker tunnels and ended up to Mount Davis Path, passed Youth hostel and continue descent to Victoria road. Now I came back the to the same spot at Forbes street where I initially got lost.

Back at start 1:21 after 6.1k . Great run!!

Having the first after-run cold Kirin beer at hand, Lost In Translation came to me and said again something. I got an impression that this time she is warning me about “making shiggy trails next week” but really cannot be sure… Scottish and Finnish seem not to be compatible languages.

DDs by Lost in Translation:

The Hare – Gobi Lo. Great trail with majority hashers doing rambo’s

Gobi Lo & Toilet Spray – Last week ‘Cat fight’ over Pussy Juice. Don’t know who was more disturbed, Gobi or Chatroom that Toilet Spray was over the moon to win it !!

Gobi Lo – Presented with her own Pussy Juice. Drink with SSG for providing so much Pussy in HK

Macau Drunk – Welcome back

Macau Drunk – Smug to be the only 800+ present

Castrato – Welcome back (again)

Virgins – Two fellow Scots (sorry didn’t catch their names.. maybe WCK did!!) & a very drunk Frenchman in flipflops

Visitor – Some mad dude from China (again didn’t catch his name)

Motormouth – Attempting to make our visitor cum (not sure the men’s underpants pass as ladies shorts MM)

Returnee’s – Suck my pills, Macau Drunk, Castrato, O’Bollox, WKC

WCK / LIT – conversation something like this: LIT – Welcome back, great pictures on FB WCK – Petrol, what needs Petrol ? LIT – No, pictures WCK – Patrick? I don’t know a Patrick. LIT – No, Photo’s… And so on and so on… thank you Rooted for translation

Rambos – too many, drink out your own can

Wimps – INFATO (great marking from FRB) & Dickileaks

W@nker – SCB

W@nker loses his glasses on trail and makes poor Frank the Plank find them !

BL – Mr "Crabbit" (Google if lost in translation) on trail however he was gentleman enough to apologise

Sticky Sex Toy & Toilet Spray – Great food ordering, delicious and cheap

BL & Rooted move tables when LIT and FTP sit at their table (the veggie & non seafood)

Frank the Plank – Good luck to our superstar at AVOK on Sat

O’Bollox, SSG & BL – Good luck on Moontrekker

Kannot Finnish & Free Rider – Our virgin hares next week

DDs from the floor:

Castrato – A toast to Indy – missing in action

W@nker to WCK being so excited with our two good looking virgins (good luck with that WCK - they are Scottish)

Thanks to Gobi Lo for great LSW night !

Song sung by Gobi Lo & Macau Drunk

5.90km 48mins
Kennedy Town 161005 5.90km 48mins