LSW 2081 Wednesday 28th September 2016


Sai Kung

Hare - Hopeless

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Write Up - Gobi Lo

It certainly isn’t an everyday thing that one gets to go all the way to Sai Kung for a run, and one hared by Hopeless no less, so of course I had to go. Not that I had a choice given that I am the hare for the next run.

I got to Plod’s Pagoda early (in the same mini bus as Dr Evil), and had a spin on my skateboard until it was time for the hash briefing. It was good to see Plod as well as Bob le Dick as I have not seen them in a while, and even better to run with them for the first few minutes of the hash. Off the pack went, along the sea front past the seafood restaurants and into the housing estate of Waterside Villas. Plenty of checks and checkbacks were laid with the intention to slow the FRBs but luckily for Comes Up the Rear and Inflato they got most of the checks right.

The trail led us up into a small hill / forest in the peninsula next to Hebe Haven - I have no idea what this hill is but there were some great single-track trails I enjoyed thoroughly before we got to a check at the top of Lion’s Nature Education Centre. True trail went into the shiggy along the fence and down to the main road, with another check on Hiram’s Highway after the bowling centre, and then it was on home.

Well-laid trail - thank you Hopeless! I believe all hashers were back at Plod’s Pagoda by 8:30pm which gave Toilet Spray plenty of time to fight with Gobi Lo over one lonely can of “Pussy Juice”. See the Facebook photos (link above) for evidence. Perhaps Chatroom Paedophile should start getting worried (or perhaps excited…?!)

6.19km 49mins
LSW2081 Plods Pagoda 160928 6.19km 49mins