LSW 2080 Wednesday 21st September 2016


North Point

Hares - Lost in Translation & Any Fanny'll Do

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Write Up - Hopeless

Lost In Translation has been known to make rash decisions while under the influence of alcohol, or when caught off guard. Volunteering to hare a hash run in Macau was one such occasion and another being asked after the bash last week if she was “at a loose end and would like to hare with me?” Well, Any Fanny Will Do took advantage of the Lost In Translation lapse and lo and behold he had a cohare for this week’s North Point Redux run.

So, back to the salubrious and busy location of a set of steps outside the MTR exit B4. Up or down the steps by the side of the steps…? Actually this week it turned out to be both as we had a “lollipop” run up to Braemar Hill and back. I’d left early with my torn quad with the intention of doing the double Wimps – especially as AFWD estimated it to be close to 6km in length. This prophecy turned out to be false as nearly 8km was on the watch when I returned to the cold drinks back on the steps. Rambos were clocking the double at closer to 10km….. time for Mr. Fanny to get a new iPhone or GPS watch methinks!

But – good choice of trails, the long set of steps/climb hitting Tin Hau Temple Road, and the first open Check. Left, and up again, cutting into the steps by the ambulance depot to get onto Braemar Hill Road. Again upwards towards Braemar Hill playground, and a naturally suspicious arrow pointing in to Wai Tsui Crescent. Suspicious as most of us know it is a dead end but apparently the pack ignored this and did the 500m plus CB in the cul-de-sac while Hopeless slowly made his way around Sir Cecil’s Ride via the shiggy at the end of BH Road.

Pagoda Check…. Right… next Check.. well, seems short to go straight and right is the river bed… and the river bed wins! Water quite high tonight, leading (with no Checks even though there are three options on that route) to the end and the usual big Open Check close to the PCCW buildings.

An extremely LONG way to the first marking takes the pack through the aerials, and back to Wilson Trail to Sir Cecil’s Ride and, finally, the first split. Wimps stay level, Rambos do the 1.5km loop down onto Mount Parker Road and back to rejoin. Shortly after that another split, Wimps over the small path to the other side of Braemar Hill while Rambos are subjected to dense shiggy.

Rejoin for the second time at the 3-way junction and trail actually takes the shorter route up over the small hill, back down Po Luen Path, left onto Tin Hau Temple Road by Pacific Palisades. Here the usual terracing that runs parallel to THT Road, a brief bit of excitement as two wild boar run alongside me for a few hundred metres before I turn back down the steps to the On home.

Inflato comes in about 10 minutes later, also a double Wimp, before the pack starts to trickle in – with a good turnout of 32 enjoying this well laid trail. Junior AFWD made a brief appearance as we milled around the electrical substation, before he was taken away for his bed time. After a few swift cold ones 18 of us make it to the Vietnamese for an overload of food and an underload of Sonderberg. Saigon Beer being the drink of choice at the restaurant.

Down Downs by Indy

The hares - Any Fanny'll Do / Lost In Translation......Well executed haring /great trail

AFWD - last week was going to set run on own.....? and where was the run going to go?

LIT - made the mistake of walking to last week's hash next to the time they got to A she was the co-hare for this week's run and doing the run report!!!!

AFWD - 'taking advantage' of LIT whilst the Cat Hopeless is away in Zurich......

Hopeless - where IS our promised Swiss chocolate??

AFWD / LIT - apparently set the trail together but any of the wrong bits were clearly set by AFWD!!

Returnee Lost in Planet - returns to his beloved LSW....

Lost in Planet - vows to not sit next to yours truly (Indy) as usually gets dobbed in to set a run!! or do the run report...

LIP - was still got to do hash duties as Amah!!!

Sweaty - same vow.....tries to avoid close proximity to Indy for same reason.....

Sweaty - guilt obviously looming on him by end of bash volunteers himself to set a run soon without even being asked!!!!

LIT - Works at a bank but can't quite get the figures right.....Says WW ....6.5 km ....Reality 7.5kms, Says R1W1 7.5kms.....Reality 9 kms....RR....8.5kms....Reality.....trail could not be found.....

AFWD / LIT - obviously chatting so much whilst setting R2 that they forgot to lay flour.......other possibilities also??

Hopeless - doing a Denvy...started the run much earlier than the pack....Reason?? sore tootsie ...or ankle or something!! Awwww.......poor diddems! (Ed – torn quad muscle).

Hopeless - maybe he started run early so he could sabotage the g/f's R2 trail????

WW hashers - Lost In Planet / Infladadate / Crackpot / Spinky McHu / Tightlips

Kannot Finnish / Free Rider - forgot that they had done the WW trail......

Sweaty - racing on the hash...running like a demon!

Comes In My Tunnel - following Sweaty's example

Sweaty - in training for Trailwalker......runs from Cafe 8 to the Peak for a bit of fun!!

Pole Dancer - at an obvious Check goes backwards on trail looking for true trail...obviously lacks local knowledge....

Frank the Plank - racing on weekend! Great expected!

Returnee - Pole Dancer, with repaired ankle??

Non Runner -Yummy Mummy

Yummy Mummy - donates her British flag scarf to yours truly....?? Forgotten why?

Lost In Planet - gets a test to see if he has been reading the LSW trash and up to date with the 800 runs club!!.....Who has the highest run count and how many runs?? How many runs has Hopeless done? And Macau Drunk? Answer....NFI, NFI, NFI........

Hopeless to enlighten LIP - BD - 852.....Hopeless - 829.....MD - 809 (and rumour that Hopeless was responsible for cracking MD's rib are totally unfounded!!)

Hopeless - setting next week's run at Sai Kung, as far away as possible from MD's residence......just in case he does recover by then....

CIMT / AFWD - more competition ....the race to the 200 run club!! CIMT 195 runs...AFWD 194 runs........

Lubricated Trojan - takes CIMT and Oskar to Phuket for a romantic weekend ...on LSW funds!!!!

LT - the hash gods got revenge.....she was too sick on Sunday to enjoy the cheeky escape......!

LIP -great hash amah!!

The Pearl Necklace award - Hopeless gives it to Yours Truly as she has not taken the necklace off that she was given a month before....

The hares - thanks for such an interesting run and entertaining bash at the ever-popular Vietnamese resto!!

Any Fanny Will Do & Lost In Translation sing The Hash Song.

North Point 160921 9.5km