LSW 2079 Wednesday 14th September 2016


Shek Kip Mei
Hare - Rooted
Write up - Lost in Translation
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Coming out the MTR at Shek Kip Mei, I bump into Any Fanny Will Do, so we walk the 5 min path to A and before I know it ...I am doing the write up and co-haring next week!! You are in the wrong job AFWD... you should be a salesman !

Unfortunately I missed the hares briefing as too busy laughing with (or at...) Indy so I was like a headless hasher following the pack out of the park. A few others obviously did not listen either as they went right where the trail actually went left called by Burning Lust (inside info??). Not long along the road before we hit the first check which was quickly solved but FRB's but they were soon slowed down by check back over the bridge. The trail took us along the express way where I caught up with Chatroom, who thought it would be hilarious to ask me a few question knowing the answers would have 'r' in the word, then proceeded to say 'pardon'. After repeating myself several times, he said 'actually I heard you the first time, just wanted to hear you repeat the word .... just for the craic' !

Anyway onto the next check on the fly over at the expressway, JAA goes straight across, Gobi Lo & CFF take right, WCK was all over the shop so I took the steps on the left down with WCK taking left & I took right to find the OnOn. The traffic was so heavy that I knew my fellow hashers would not hear me call OnOn so decided to do a very loud ladylike wolf whistle which soon caught their attention. Myself & WCK lead the pack to the next check which took us through a wee bit of shiggy & back onto a long path then up on the path to the right. Up & up we go to the next check where I actually find the OnOn.. 3 in a row - could be my record !! But not long before I find the check back at the top of the steps putting me right at the back of the pack again. So back down to join the pack to the steps which took us up & up... & up. Myself, Octo & Lubricated Trojan plodding on, having a wee whinge about the humidity & the steps & the heat & Octo suggests we take a look at the view! But LT & I just wanted the steps to end but alas we got to the top where the trail takes us left to a good long run along the contour path & thankfully the FRBs had marked the checks so was an enjoyable long run before the trail took us down into the shiggy where the boars had dug up most of the ground making it not so easy to maneuver down. As we come to the end of the shiggy, Dr Evil is there asking why we were so far behind (may I add, at no point did he tell us he took the shortcut!!). A left on the road, again marked by FRBs - we thank you ! I did think at this point we were on the home straight... how wrong was I ? Another 2.5km winding through the streets & expressways before we arrive back at A.

Everyone really enjoyed the varied run, so much so.. WCK had a wee in the park followed by Comes in my Tunnel farting like a trooper or a true hasher !!

All back safe & sound..... on to Chinese OnOn.

Great run Rooted - well done !

7.20km 66mins
 Shek Kip Mei 160914 7.20km 66mins