LSW 2077 Wednesday 31st August 2016


Tiu Keng Leng
Hares - Tight Lips & Wai Chee Kok
Write Up - Hopeless
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Bit confusing to find the run start location as I sent Crash Test Dummy off in the wrong direction (as the arrow was pointing…) away from the HK Design Institute Building (sorry CTD!). But eventually the pack gathered at the far end near the TKO Sports Centre, finding the hares with cups and 2 bottles of wine to keep themselves amused while we went out on trail.

Special guest appearance by the newly full-time employed Teeny Weeny (“call me Tinny” – egh, no I don’t fink so!) helped boost numbers to a respectful 21 with Atik & Riya back on LSWH3 again, and the lonely Kate, whose husband was busy chatting up his favourite barman in Delhi with stories of his bruised ankle on “one of the toughest hashes in Hong Kong”

After the briefing of “double split run” we were waved off in a vague direction towards the hill which resulted in a bit of phaffing about before Rooted and Crash test found chalk going through Choi Ming Housing Estate and onto King Ling Road. A dangerous crossing over the highway and a scramble through thick hedges took us onto the terracing up towards the road leading to Good Hope Hospital. Where that good hope, Hopeless correctly guessed the next two Checks and the Check Back to head up the steps towards the old fort, with Come into My Tunnel, Teeny Weeny, Just Add Alcohol and Crash test in hot pursuit.

The multi-way Open Check at the top went straight/left, and onto the nice country contour trail to a Check which had the pack spreading about a bit, allowing Lost In Translation, Kate, and Octopussy to catch up. Straight on up to the ridge line and the first split, FRBs now well away, the first split sending the Rambos up, down, along and back up again to rejoin the Wimps who had a nice 400m run, avoiding the additional 700m of trail and 100m of uphill elevation to join them.

The second spit did pretty much the same, looping back to join the Wimps, and an Open Check that some caused some confusion. Some of the Wimps go left at the junction down the shiggy trail to cut back and find trail on the road to go down the steps towards TKL. Some Rambos call it "up and over" despite there being no trail, to find trail again at the 5km marker. True trail went down and right towards Oi King Road and back to the Check below the pagoda.

Then... on the main road an arrow pointing to go over the railings leads to.... nothing.... Wimps go left, no trail, and take the long route around back to the finish. Going right, arrows are spotted on the curb stone OUTSIDE the railings, i.e. run on the road, to lead back to the finish.

Double Wimps trail possibly 1km shorter than double Rambos, but the left/long way home meant only about 300m shorter. 447 metres climbing for Rambos, and 316m for Wimps. Nice trail, a lot of steps, the 2nd R/W split marked as large as the markings in the recent Timeout magazine!

After the usual messing about with some getting showers, 17 of the pack strolled onto the Victoria Seafood Restaurant in The Park Mall for Chinese fare.

Down Downs by Hopeless

Hares - Gin n Vomit n Wai Chee Kok.

Gin n Vomit no write up of his run last week so AFWD went home in disgust.

Wai Chee Kok.... food ordering (what is it about “seafood allergy people don’t get?”)

Double Wimps - Lost In Translation, Wanchai W@nker, Freewheel & Crackpot

Double Rambo – Hopeless, Lubricated Trojan, Come into My Tunnel, Rooted, Burning Lust, Kate, Just Add Alcohol

Husband injured so went to India – Kate out alone!

Burning Lust – also alone last week so surrounded himself with young ladies at the restaurant.

Wanchai W@nker - Moaning as ever but now 16 month reprieve from “house buying” topic as he is ineligible to buy property in HK till then.

Crackpot - wine diet this week

Just Add Alcohol – Everyone drinks the Japanese beer first – boo!

Drinks anything - Gin n Vomit at Lost At Sea’s 60th party.

Burning Lust collects his T8H3 shirt but forgets to ask about Rooted’s

Octopussy – nice hasher – collects Breon’s T8H3 shirt to pass to him tomorrow.

150 runs Crash Test Dummy Scots lookalike – Lost In Translation.

Wanchai W@nker to Lost In Translation – jumps railing and does a long cut to Home.

22 push up challenge - Just Add Alcohol and Wai Chee Kok.

Hares, Crackpot and Just Add Alcohol sing The Hash Song.

6.52km 83mins
Tiu Keng Leng 160831 6.52km 83mins