LSW 2076 Wednesday 24th August 2016


North Point
Hares - Any Fanny'll Do, Toilet Spray
LIT Facebook photos here

Down Downs by Hopeless

Hares – Any Fanny Will Do & Toilet Spray.

Toilet Spray – new record for shower time – from 5pm to 9:30pm!

Chatroom – “but she looks no different to a 5 minute shower!”

Returnee of note – Shiggy Ga Ga!

Returnees and back to school – Sticky Sex Toy & Crackpot.

No return of Indy but we have a lookalike – Crackpot – sat with bottle of whiskey and cans of soda as part of her “lose weight after holiday” campaign!

Visitors – Erik The Fin, Prairie Digging, Who The F*ck Is Sarah, Jennifer, Giannina

Lost In Translation and Prairie Digging – totally unable to understand each other.

FRB Wai Chee Kok (and others) - no calling and going through first Check Back

Next Check Back – Hopeless, Lost In Translation & Dogshit go through and head to the shiggy and the boars.

Also spotting pigs on trail and case of mistaken identity, it wasn’t AI after all – Spinky McHu.

Baiting a fellow hasher on trail - Kate to Prairie Digging plus Pole Dancer for leaving his wife on trail “as she’s now an experienced LSW hasher”

Hash Slut – finally his hashing article has come out on Timeout – it’s in the shops now – go buy a copy!

Freewheel – “Let me critic his epistle!”

Those featured/photographed in the article – Hash Slut, Lost In Translation, Crackpot, Hopeless, Inflato, Yummy Mummy & Wai Chee Kok.

Nervous hare for any naming Down Downs – Any Fanny Will Do.

Late – Motormouth & Freerider.

When on a “secret” holiday, don't get tagged on Facebook - Freerider.

Gin n Vomit – next week’s hare is here and has yet to recce the trail off Google Maps.

Lubricated Trojan – hubby left her to go to Wanchai with his buddies.

WTFIS – also alone as wife off out with the girls.

Hash Slut.. . LSWH3 Tee shirt award for his Timeout article.

800 Club – only one this week - Hopeless

400 Club – Gin n Vomit

Pearl necklace. .. Dogshit.. to Shiggy Ga Ga – welcome back ex-Hash Cash!

Dogshit to Chatroom for being surrounded by women at dinner.

Hares, Crackpot and SST sing The Hash Song.

6.91km 65mins
North Point 160824 6.91km 65mins