LSW 2065 Wednesday 6th June 2016


Lam Tin

Hares - Lubricated Trojan & Come into my Tunnel

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I am often asked how I am liking Taiwan and what it’s like there and if I miss Hong Kong. While I do enjoy a nice three and a half hours on a Sunday covered in mud and shrubbery making less than half my usual slow progress, the one thing I truly miss about Hong Kong is The Little Sai Wan Hash! So it was great to be able to come back and have Indy not miss a beat by asking me to do the write up!

The start is in Lam Tin a nice short easy 10min. walk from the MTR exit A. We have a Swiss / German visitor “Likk Mm” to join us. I think that’s what he said his name was. Briefing included a 200 meter or 2km stretch of shiggy –your choice. And off we went scrambling up Lam Tin Park with many early checks to keep the pack together.

At the top of the park, the pack spread out and we tended to stay on flat trail not climbing the hill so high high high. My little pack included Likk Mm, Spinky Mc Hu, and TV Tits. We joined up with the Wilson Trail going through little villages on our way to Po Lam Road.

First split is at Po Lam Road with W going left and R & SR going right. Spinky Mc Hu is a confirmed W so off she peels to the left. Likk Mm and TV Tits and myself are confident that we can do a 7km and off we peel to the right.

Po Lam Road had all the appearance of a nice flat easy runnable road but for whatever reason TV Tits took a major spill that ejected her torch into the nearby wilderness never to be found despite the efforts of Wai Chi Kok who helped her look for it. Suddenly she didn’t have so much confidence that she could do 7km and made a hasty retreat to the W trail. Wai Chi Kok was amongst the contingent that found for whatever inexplicable reason that the walk from MTR to A took more than 10 min. Also included in this group was Cheesy Flying Fox who flew past me so fast that I couldn’t even say hi to him. I was pretty sure that despite his late start he could catch Gobi Lo.

Now the fun bit, a left turn onto some steps that led us to the nice shiggy. Really good with slippery mud and sticks and branches. I kind of figured out I may be enjoying this to much when I went through about six spider webs and it occurred to me that I may have missed a turn. Yep I did, a turn took us to Tsui Lam Road giving us about 200 meters of Shiggy. I’m not sure why the hares briefed us 2km.

I missed the marking guiding us to catch water and ended up doing the full CB on Tsui Lam Road. Drats!! This took us to the R SR split. R to the left and SR to the right. Taking the R, the trails rejoined very quickly on the Wilson Trail. We were now headed home and I was being passed by all the fast SR runners.

So it went Wilson Trail, Tsui Lam Road, Po Lam Road and finished up on the Octo inspired WALOB III trail back to the park. Gobi Lo was too fast and Cheesy Flying Fox was not able to catch her. Thank you hares for a nice run and everyone else for welcoming me back for a nice LSW run. See you next time!!!

Oh yes, of course…. Silly me. One final note. Motormouth showed up late, spent 5minutes on the trail, decided she couldn’t find the trail and joined us late for dinner. I would have missed this except she felt compelled to explain every detail of it to me during the family day RS2H2 the next day. Okay… that’s really it now… Bye!!

Down Downs by Indy:

The Hares - Comes In My Tunnel / Lubricated Trojan / Oskar………Fab Trail enjoyed by all!

CIMT / LT - 3 choices to suit all! …Super R, R, Super W!

CIMT / LT / Oskar - many reccies…….enjoyed their family days out hiking the trails!!….(Note from Ed Hareraiser! See what fun haring can be??)

The German CIMT - in slippery raining conditions he wanted to put trail under? near? a waterfall!!!!

The Wise Brit LT - very sensibly told him 'Back in your box!!'

W@nchai W@nker - whinging that DD's starting too late …..but in no rush to go back to Mum-In-Law who is looking after the 'wee bairn Andrew John!'!!

The hares - allowing pack to leave when many hashers not yet there due to long 10 min (15 dependent on leg size!!) walk to A!……Wai Chee / Cheesy / Bob Le D*ick / Sweaty / Indy / Dr Evil…….

TV Tits - turning around at beginning of R trail as lost torch…..

TV Tits - told 'yours truly' Indy that the Super R had 2 kms of shiggy!!!….(Truth was the R had 20 metres!!!)

Hopeless - at W/R split saw Hopeless on true R trail with LIT……as opposed to last couple of weeks when he has done his own trail…..

The Hares - markings!! Small measured dollops of flour by the accountant LT

Toilet Spray - later in from Super R trail….no time for shower she was told…..ALMOST BROKE DOWN IN TEARS PLEADING….'PLEASE HARES!! I WANT A SHOWER……!!'

Returnees - a very welcome Lost In Planet has returned!!!

Lost In Planet / Lost In Translation - a reunited Lost family

LIP - Thanks for 'volunteering' to do the write-up!!

Linda Hu - Congrats on GM of lesser hash…….

Visitor from Switzerland - Peter Ruegg Likk'mm

Non Runners - Yummy Mummy

Motormouth - Super super Wimps trail

Gary Glitter - when are you setting your leaving hash? (Not that we want you to leave!!)

Hopeless - realise why he rushed home and did not stay for bash last week!! …..was Bob Le D*ck's 850 run award drink!!!………competition getting fierce……

Stats Bob Le D*ck - 1st LSW run.... 20 July 88......850 runs, 38 hares,....59% attendance
Flagpole / Hopeless - 1st LSW run.....28 Feb 90......816 runs, 816 hares...60%
Macau Drunk - !st LSW run ....15 May 96......800.runs, 38 hares.....74%

Who will eventually 'win' the LSW top runner position????...Watch this space......

The hares - Fab run / great basho......

1) for a great run
2) for put the co-co-hare sleep, not show up
3) for didn't set the run through the shiggy stream
4) for the best example of a romantic date out -- being hare in LSWH
5) for the good food

Hopeless -- sad for can't catch up to Bouble Dick on the run no.

Hopeless, BD, Roggero -- top 3 competitors for the run no.!

Late comers -- can't remember whom

Lost In Space, TS -- paid to get into the swimming pool to have showers

Song sing...