LSW 2064 Sunday 5th June 2016


Stray Rein, Harrogate

The sun was shining on Sunday as we made our way to the run start. More or less the same number met for the Sunday run, some had left after the Saturday run and a couple had joined us for the Sunday run.

The hashers


A couple of checks of the Stray kept the pack together and even had Special Branch near the front of the pack. This was until a check took us along Lancaster Road and some big houses before the trail headed into the woods. A few bluebells still around but a nice shaded trail all the same.

The trail then went past Harlow Carr and something you don't see every day on the trail

In fact I can't remember the last time I saw an AA box. Just past the box we came to the split where the Rambos went off for some shiggy and the Wimps had gentler shiggy.

The Wimps had a hash view where Hash Perve chatted up the 2 elderly ladies who were sitting looking at the view and having a quiet time. Turned out one of the ladies used to hash in Lesotho! Both trails then merged again over some grassland before splitting again and remerging again on Cornwall Road. A check then took us into Valley Gardens past the pitch and putt, bowling green and tennis courts. Back into Harrogate near the hotel for the final run in to the finish. A nice flat run on a sunny Sunday afternoon which most of our legs appreciated!

Stray Rein 10.26km 69mins

A few beers before the down downs by Nutcut and Big Bitch

Emma Hanney - technology dependant, needed iPhone to know where she'd been

Shiggy Ga Ga - fashionista , wore sunglasses on her head the whole run

Hundmeister - also fashionista but with long pink socks

Hash Perve - excuse for missing yesterdays run, was at a wedding

Hash Perve - living up to his name and chatting up the 70 year olds

Speedy - not sweeping today as he didn't want to be seen running with the old farts

Little Einstein - down down before the Up Up

2 Daisies

Happy Slippers - complaining the pub was too busy on Saturday night so he farted and cleared the pub

Hash Horn - last out the bar

Dame Edna - running on the hash so she would be back before Hash Horn

Slippery Edge - always go uphill at a check, didn't work today

Mick Mills - enjoyed the dog sniffing his crotch

Sarah - not knowing where she was and not having a beer stop even though we passed her flat

Non Runners - Peter and Denise White

Sue - hash flash for the team photo

The Hares - nice flat run

The Hares - too many nettles

Next years Hares - practicing

The song was sung by the Hares and Next Years Hares

It was then On On to the local Indian which had the fanciest toilets in the world and the most expensive beer. It was then On On On to the Alexandra for those 20+ who were staying overnight and farewell to those who were heading home.

Many thanks to Taipo, Twinkletoes and Speedy for organising a great weekend, nice runs, good weather and plenty beer.

On On to Orkney! You might need a Visa if things don't go well on the 23rd!