LSW 2063 Saturday 4th June 2016


LSW Reunion Weekend
3rd – 5th June 2016
Harrogate, Yorkshire
Hares – Taipo, Twinkletoes and Speedy


Reunion Hareline

2017 Orkney - tentative August bank holiday

Flying Scotsman and No Name Kath

2018 Amsterdam

Slippery Edge

2019 Chichester, UK

Cyclops , Headlamp and Little Einstein

2020 Spain (unless anyone else is volunteered!)   

Big Bitch and Hash Cash






Maid Marion

Shiggy Ga Ga

Andy Rennison

35 cents





Kerri Rennison


Smash and Grab


Emma Sun only





Hash Crash

Flying Scotsman 



Louise - Sat only



No name Kath

Big Bitch

Little Einstein

Oliver - Sat only

Hash Horn



Hash Cash

Peter White Sat only

Edward - Sat only 

Dame Edna




Hash Perve Sun only

Slippery Edge


Legally Blond 


Posh Sat only


Special Branch

Mr Happy Slippers 



Ethan Sat only 









LSW 2063 – Pateley Bridge Saturday 4 June

Saturday group photo

Another year and it’s time for the LSW Reunion. A few days before the weekend we received a photo of a cobweb covered box of chalk, which was bought in 1993. So that was some comfort that we would have at least some markings on the trail.

Then on the Friday of the Hash weekend we received this email from the Hare:

Fellow Hashers,
Just when everything was going so well…
This is probably the first time a hash has ever had to deal with a venue, which 2 days before the hash, has just lost/failed to renew its license to sell alcohol. GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!
On On Taipo

A first indeed but all was not lost as will be revealed later.

40+ hashers met at the allotted time for the bus to the run site and after a half hours journey we arrived at the start only to be joined by Andy and Kerri Rennison, and Legally Blonde and C*ntractor who had come by car. After the usual instructions we were off heading towards the hotel with no beer. A few of us experienced hashers thought that it might be a checkback so we took the higher path and following nothing we eventually hit the T coming in the wrong direction. We kept running until we came to the first check ahead of the pack. This didn’t last long as the fittees soon passed us as we ran along the river bank.

At the end of the river bank we went right to the R/W split at the bottom of the hill.

Up we went through the woods and the bluebells to the radio mast. Here the check took us along the ridge to the 2 follies before heading down to the road behind Pateley Bridge. Left along the road where a kind passer-by told us to go through the gate on the left. This took us into fishpond wood where we heard later that some hashers had run round and round a couple of times before finding their way out. From fishpond wood it was back onto the road at the pub and then back onto the riverside trail and the On Home.

Pateley Bridge 10.78km 74mins

A few beers at the bins and we were off to the restaurant with no beer. The Hares had bought an ample supply of beer which lasted all night and those who wanted brought their own wine. No corkage, so all we paid for was the food so it worked out even better for all us thirsty hashers. After a very good carvery buffet, followed by apple crumble and custard we waddled outside into the sunshine for the Down Downs.

Down Downs by Big Bitch and Nutcut

The Spies – Taipo, Flying Scotsman, Scumbag and Peter White – for starting LSW in the first place, otherwise we would never have all met.

Cyclops – 2016 should have been in Chichester instead of Harrogate

Hares- first of the day

First Timers to the Reunion Hash – Rennisons, Aldridges, Scumbag, Peter White, Andy Hall, Hamiltons and Shiggy Ga Ga

Speedy – for blaming Grandad for incorrect markings

Peterfile – for turning up on Friday night in bright red trousers with matching tweed jacket and looking like Michael Portillo

SCB’s at the start – Hash Cash, Nutcut, Big Bitch and Special Branch

Hash Horn – reunited with horn, not blown since 2000th run

Mensa – brought the horn back from HK after 2000th run

Shiggy Ga Ga and Hash Cash – 2 Hash cashes

Oliver Bourton – first back

Peterfile – dobbing his son in

Headlamp – whilst riding on the coach and looking out the window at the scenery said ‘ Wow, England is just like that theme park we went to in Japan’

Slippery Edge, Daisy, Ballbuster, Special Branch, Happy Slippers – living in another country from their other halves

Andy and Kerri, Buzzard and 35 cents, Hash Cash and Big Bitch – Leighton Hillers

Flying Scotsman – accused Nutcut of being a blur going uphill

Dog owners – apology required to Cyclops who stepped in fresh dog poo at the bottom of the hill

Big Bitch- pulling the lock off the toilet door

Peterfile – has an allotment but hasn’t had any rhubarb for a year

Last in- Pinky and Dame Edna

Mensa - limping

Becks – the GPS on his arm is a poo bag for the dog

Peter White – went on a cruise instead of the2000th run

Posh and Becks – 30th Wedding Anniversary

Twinkletoes – significant birthday

Hundmeister – Swimming Champ – in the top 15 in the UK

Peterfile – retired

Mr Happy Slippers – latest migrant to enter UK

Nutcut – met parents for coffee but didn’t bring them to the hash

Cycops – is Orkney in the EU?

Slippery Edge – 10km run as she did all the checks

Happy Slippers – wanted to know who had left the pamphlet ‘Grannies on tour 2016’ on the bus

Shiggy Ga Ga – longest journey of the day from Chamonix to the run

Dame Edna – for doing the Rambo Run

Amy – identifying a dead bird as a robin

Little Einstein – for having an Up Up

Louise and Posh – LH4 tshirts

Mr Happy Slippers – no hash tshirt

Peter White – oldest tshirt

Maid Marion – demanding an extra discount because she was a student

Flying Scotsman and No name Kath – Next Years Hares

The Hares – setting a flat run compared to Bobbledick’s Ma On Shan killer run

Taipo – for worrying about the weather for a year

The Hares –restaurant with no beer

The Hash song was sung by the Hares and next years hares.

Back on the bus at 8pm for the bus ride back to Harrogate and the On On On. First stop was the Fat Badger but we only stayed for one drink as it was a bit too upmarket and trendy for the Hash. Second stop was the Alexandra which had been our bar of choice on the Friday night as it was only a short stagger back to the hotel.