LSW 2047 Wednesday 17th February 2016


North Point

Hares - Any Fanny'll Do, co-hare Dr Evil

A good run that had us going through the back streets of North Point. A bit of history - past the Kiangsu Chekiang School where two children were killed by a bomb in the 1967 Leftist riots. Then two good checkbacks up the slopes that brought the whole pack together again.

Third time lucky, left up the path behind the Methodist church then over Tin Hau Temple Rd and Cloudview Rd. Up the hillside through the old squatter housing ruins emerging along the stream at the top of Braemar Hill Rd.

Behind the St Joan of Arc school onto Sir Cecils in the direction of Mt Parker Rd. Loop round to come out at Wiltshire Towers and across the end of Tin Hau Temple Rd and the steps down to A.

On to the regular Vietnamese basheteria where the hare departed feeling under the weather.

The down downs were started off by Wancha Wanker followed by contributions from the floor.

Song and all done by 10:15. Whey hey.

North Point 160217 6.96km 58mins