LSW 2046 Wednesday 10th February 2016


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Hares: Tight Lips & Ivana Nucock

Write Up: Wai Chee Kok

Last Wednesday was the Scarlet Dog Day, or the 3rd day of the Spring festival, of the year of Monkey. According to the legend, people are supposed to stay home all day long so as to avoid meeting the God of Angry and therefore getting bad luck.

On that day, most LSW hashers were lucky enough and didn’t encounter the Scarlet Dog after all. South side pushover may be the only exception, as she has to climb a tree to dodge a wild boar on the trail. My instinct tells me that that wild boar is indeed the Scarlet Dog, and south side pushover should now seek professional advice to get rid of the bad luck.

Okay back to the run.

By the time I arrived at Marina Cove, a group of 20-30 hashers, many of them are returnees and virgins, were already gathering. The hares (Tight Fit, and the secret co-hare Ivana Nucock) were getting ready to brief the group of the run. I heard about the check, open check, closed check… blah blah blah and I set off with the rest of the group, running away from Sai Kung on Hiram’s Highway.

Pretty soon the group encountered the first closed check at the traffic light of Hiram’s Highway and Ho Chung Road. Lost in Translation, A. Invitation and Hopeless heads straight. Flank the plank stopped at the check and trying to decide which way to go. I decided to be a dutiful hasher and go check the other arrow on a closed check, so I crossed the Highway and continued onto Ho Chung Road. Flank the Plank made a snap decision and announced that what the right route: The right route is not WCK heads! So he and his influencees stayed on Hiram’s Highway and….. found the On-on marking a few dozen meters down the road.

Gary glitter and I was leading the pack towards Ho Chung Road. After following the flour for a couple of hundred meters, we found a trail marking pointing to the opposite direction. It turned out this trail was the way back to Marina Cove. By the time I am doing this writing up, I am still confused if it is the way back just for the Wimp, or Rambo + Wimp? I will explain what that means later.

So back to the On-on on Hiram’s Highway, we crossed the highway near Wo Mei Village and continued on Mok Tse Che Road. Midway on Mok Tse Che Road was the Wimp and Rambo split. Rambo continued on Mok Tse Che Road while the wimp turned right into a village.

Mok Tse Che Road is quite something…. a paved road with no-less-than 35 degree slope all the way up to Clear Water Bay Road! The rambos followed the marking and kept climbing uphill along Clear Way Bay Road, until we passed the Pik Uk Correctional Institution to find a check on the round. A.I and LIT took the steps that lead into a group of graveyards, while Hopeless ran down the Clear Water Bay Road to check. I went up the step too and heard A.I. calling out "trail”. I ran down the steps to mark the check, then back on trail with Agnes B, Flank the Plank, Amah Moron and Gary Glitter.

The trail leads up towards the peak of Hebe Hill on a concrete path. We then turned down hill on a shiggy, twisted trail. After crossing a series of small gully streams we found ourselves in a beautiful rainforest. It is so green and so primitive that it is the place you think fairy exists. With plenty of marking I navigated the trail with ease and peace. It is great that we have this run in a cold day, so we can really appreciate the beauty of the trail and as the same time, we don’t need to worry if we run too slow and a swamp of mosquito may catch up. The trail rejoined Wilson trail towards the end, and then continues along the water catchment of Tai Lam Wu.

For most Rambos, they made a right turn at the end of Tai Lam Wu Road and finished their hash by running on Ho Chung Road all the way back to Hiram’s Highway. Well… Not for me and Agnes B. I just want to follow the original Rambo trail and Agnes B didn’t mind to run an extra km or 2 with me. So we followed the W<——>R marking onto Nam Pin Wai Road, then a back road of Villa Royale and Royal Garden House until we reached the W+R split on Mok Tse Che Road. We ran the original out trail back to Marina Cove and by the time we arrived, many hashers were already back.

It is a fabulous run, and the jungle is definitely worthy for a revisit. For sure I am not going to start from Marina Cove or Mok Tse Che Road though, and I think it would be nice to end the revisit with somewhere in Shatin.

DD's by Hopeless

Hares . Tight Lips & Ivana Nucock (secret hare).

Virgins - Tight Fit. Fast Phuck, Faye and South Side Pushover.

Long way to get to today’s hash - Gary Glitter...

Tight Fit – eating cold chicken out of a plastic bag before the run.

Not marking Check 2 - A-Invitation

2nd hare mess-up n cross over of trails – the hares.

Lost on trail...... A-Invitation

Climbs tree to avoid boar - South Side Pushover

Non-runners – Ball Breaker

Returnee – Gary Glitter, Freewheel & Wheelbarrow.

“I’m A Moron” according to Crackpot’s SKSH3 write up – Amah Moron.

Carries 4 litres of hot water to every hash – Kannot Finnish.

Bottle Opener – likes to drink wine straight out of the bottle – awarded a bottle of Burgundy as a prize by Hopeless.

Insider knowledge of the route home – Amah Moron & Lost In Translation.

No bash... Tight Lips.

Tight Fit – birthday yesterday.

Comes to LSWH3 for free shirts - Freerider

Hare on the 24th.- will feature “evil shiggy” – Dr. Evil.

Tight Fit to Frank The Plank - cooking his phone in the microwave.

DDs concluded we decided to head to Hang Hau Village to find food. The Chinese was closed, the Thai was packed, but we managed to find a small pizza/pasta joint at the back of the village – “DaVinci’s”. After unravelling the menu wine and pizza and pasta was ordered.

Song - sung by Hopeless, LIT, GG, KF, Freerider, SSPO and the DaVinci Pizza House !

Marina Cove 160210 9.35km 85mins