LSW 2045 Wednesday 3rd February 2016


Sheung Wan

Hare - Gobi Lo

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Fantastic last run in The Year of the Sheep

Write Up: Lost in Translation

Not blowing smoke up her ar$e but tonight's run was excellent, well-marked & very enjoyable... well that is my option & here's why.....

The hare was not at A when Hopeless & I arrived (first as usual or should I say anally early!!) however she had kindly left a note chalked on the ground "Denvy will be here soon :)".

The hashers started to fill the wee covered entrance to Sheung Wan Sports Centre even though Crackpot managed to walk right past us all until Hopeless shouted her back. Good to see the return of Mr. Happy Slippers, Gary Glitter & our jet setters Chatroom & Toilet Spray.

The hare calls for the briefing and as we, as hashers know, the briefing is important (Wai Chee KoK). "We have W/SR then W/R.. SR shorter but more technical than W." Winkie Twinkie obviously had inside info, all smug, equipped with gloves. "OnOn across the road"....but before she finishes WCK is off, across the road & on & on & on with no trail.... The hare finishes "and up the stairs on Tung Street".

[Extract from KH3 newsletter documents the fact WCK went around their run backwards until she got to Admiralty, with Arrow/K markings in the opposite direction to her…. “The run went past Shun Tak Centre and past the ferry terminals before turning right over the foot bridge to City Hall . Unfortunately it seemed that some overzealous public servants had already cleaned some of the trail . However , many still managed to find the trail again which took the chaps up Garden road , past they US consulate , past Government House and onto Caine road . The route then turned back towards Sheung Wan at Sun Yat Sen House down Aberdeen Street and on home”].

Across the road & up the stairs we go minus WCK, to the first Check which Crash Test & Hopeless solved very quickly to take us up Lok Ku Road. Lots of Checks & Check Backs keeping the FRBs busy & the pack together before we hit the W/SR split. Quick decision made.. I opted for SR which the hare recommended.. obviously ! The first obstacle was to climb under huge pipes, not too difficult for me, a breeze for wee Sticky S3x Toy but not so easy for Macau Drunk nor Winkie Twinkie - ballet dancers they are not! Under the pipes to our next challenge.. the ropes. Now I am not the lightest person in the world but I did manage to haul myself up using both hands, how Macau Drunk managed the ropes only using one hand I will never know. Please do not ask what he was using his other hand for.. it will only embarrass him!! We could see Hopeless & Crash Test up ahead taking the path off to the right but this rope section was obviously too short for Chatroom, he just kept on going up & up off trail. Macau Drunk & I follow the trail through the shiggy to rejoin the wimps trail. Good run along the shiggy path until we hit W/R split. I took the R option, lost Macau Drunk at this point, but managed to catch up with the FRBs. Following the well-marked trail through shiggy, slippery rocks, rusty ladders, mud & jaggy fences, some Checks not marked off so Hopeless & I guessing (well I was guessing - am sure he knew where we were going) which way the trail went & marking the Checks. Finally out of the shiggy, onto a brand new Tarmac path, down & down we go & out onto Po Shan Road. The FRBs had marked the Check Backs so it was easy for us to follow the trail zig zagging through Conduit Road, Lyttelton Road passing the front running wimps.. Crackpot, Dr. Evil & Gary Glitter to On Home where the hare, Chatroom & Crash Test awaits us.

After hot showers (cold one for Inflato), cold beers & Gary Glitter claiming he did SR/R, the hare could now relax as WCK & Kannot Finnish were both back.

OnOn to the local Chinese restaurant where we filled two large tables, TV T1Ts ordered some delicious food & some weird food - like fag ash & dried blood soup of some description but Frank The Plank & the hare were happy as lots of veggies to choose from & lots of different meat for the meat lovers. The hare supplied sherry which was more like rocket fuel but that did not stop Frank The Plank & The Parkys getting skelped into it (and we have the photos to prove it).

Thanks to the hare for great LSWH3 evening & for the fab Polaroid photos

Lost in Translation


The hare – Gobi Lo

Effects of Sherry... Sticky Sex Toy now eating too much....

Wai Chee Kok - way off trail – all the way to Admiralty

Chatroom – went the wrong way up the ropes to find himself at a dead end.

Abandoning on trail.. Kannot Finnish - left Freerider

Gary Glitter - claiming he’d done double Rambo until he saw Lost In Translation standing behind the hare.

DFL - Kannot Finnish

DFL showers – Toilet Spray, as usual

Well marked trail as endorsed by Lost In Translation. Leftover free passed to Dr. Evil – so LIT expects a good marked trail on Sunday.

Returnee. Gary Glitter plus vacationers Chatroom & Toilet Spray

Moaning last week... Park ‘n’ Shop

“I don’t do stash even free”.. Inflato

Gary Glitter not at TMH3 900th run despite spending most of his time in Macau nowadays.

Most expensive airline in Asia = Cathay Pacific – as they hedged their fuel costs at US$100/barrel – Inflato on in.

Parky to TV Tits & Wai Chee Kok – spending 10 minutes checking out the menu.

Crackpot – pouring the DD beers.

6 bottles EACH for a Private Kitchen dinner tomorrow night – Crackpot.

Crackpot – to herself – only Year of the Sheep baby.

Lost In Translation to Sticky Sex Toy – for thinking LIT’s deodorant can was Indy’s dildo (?!).

Macau Drunk – trying the rope section without a head torch.

To the hare – for taking Polaroid’s all night.

Song - sung by The Hare and elder gentlemen of LSW3.

 Sheung Wan 160203 Street

 Sheung Wan 160203 5.91km 60mins