LSW 2042 Wednesday 6th January 2016


Central, Pier 8

Hare - Sweaty Snailgobbler

Pier 8 past the Carnival to the end of Tamar Park
Up onto the walkway next to the HKAPA then down to Harcourt Garden on Queensway
Over the walkway to Pacific Place 3 and up Monmouth Path to Kennedy Rd
Left at the petrol station down to Bamboo Grove and up Wanchai Gap to Bowen Rd
Left along Bowen to check back an up the 'new' path to Stubbs Rd opposite the Opus where Gai Tai's boss lives for a nominal rent of $900,000 a month
Right up Stubbs Rd to Wanchai Gap then left along Hollandse Laan to the steps down to Bowen Rd Garden
Along Bowen Rd to go right down Borrett Rd past Mothers Choice to Kennedy Rd
Right along Kennedy to the HK Electric Centre and down the new steps to the new Asia Society building on Justice Drive
Down to Queen's Rd East to Pacific Place 3 to follow the outward route back into Tamar Park and home

Wai Chee's map with special teleport from marker 3 to 4


Pier 8 160113 10.41km 62mins