LSW 2040 Wednesday 30th December 2015


Diamond Hill

Hares - Inflato & Yummy Mummy

Write-up - Hopeless

Dubbed “The X Factor Run” this hash was all about Love Shack visit #10 (X), and not some baloney reality TV show. The promise of Yummy Mummy hospitality brought out a few notable returnees, not least ADWD and Smallbone, along with Fourus. This was also a joint run with N2TH3 who honoured LSWH3 with the massive presence of….. four.

Starting outside exit A1 of Diamond Hill, the usual rush just before 7pm as the likes of Sweaty and The Parkys arrived just in time for the briefing. “Single run with On On arrows including one marked as NNT / LSW”. “So two runs?” asked Frank The Plank, obviously not paying attention.

“Only 3 Checks” were advised by Inflato, “but a number of Check Backs”. Oh, yeah, we’ve seen an Inflato CB on a Wednesday night…. In particular the 1.2km CB at Sha Tin Pass a few years ago. We were not be disappointed by this run’s Check Backs either.

Wai Chee Kok sped up Lung Poon Street and on towards Po Kong Village Park pursued by Hopeless, Lost In Translation and Smallbone. First Check takes the pack into Tsz Wan Shan Service Reservoir, alongside the cemetery. Second Check solved by Hopeless as WCK and Burning Lust take the wrong options, and then the start of the up up up. Comes Up The Rear now adds to the front runners as we take old paths through the previous squatter village areas, trail not trodden on for some time.

@nal Invitation and Wanchai W@nker catch up on the long CB up the hill, to cut left onto the contour and another Check Back already anticipated by Hopeless, up the long steps. Undulating trail, on to Kwun Yam Buddhist Temple and the predicted (929 steps!) Check Back just short of Shatin Pass Road.

Thereafter a charge home for the last 2km led by Comes Up The Rear, Hopeless and Lost In Translation to the 52nd floor panoramic view of Hong Kong and superb food on the balcony.

Many thanks to Inflato & Yummy Mummy for hosting LSWH3 and N2TH3!

Down Downs by Hopless

The hares – Inflato & Yummy Mummy

R.A – the T8H3 GM – Eunuch – so when’s the next run?!!!

Frank The Plank – “there are two runs?” - NNT & LSW on arrows…. So no.

Late.. Parkys, @nal Invitation, Franz

N2TH3 starter's - Liberace & Penile Dementia

Vibrator brings his “Japanese teacher” to the run – actually the woman he rescued from Motormouth’s interrogation in the QV after the LH4 run last night.

No torch – Wai Chee Kok

Hare... 600m Check Back

G Balls... non-runner n Eunuch

Liberace’s Down Downs: (GM N2TH3)

Hopeless – “stealing all my DDs”

Eunuch & Golden Balls – too lazy to run

Inflato – Hare – thanks !

Yummy Mummy – great food!

Chinglish lesson by Liberace “Happy new year”

Back to Hopeless

Returnees - Smallbone & ADWD

929 steps to the Check Back – the hare

USA hat but can't wear it anymore as he is now a China national - Smallbone

T8H3 new GM – ADWD!

Golden Balls to @nal Invitation – “for being a coc at Santa Hash”.

Song... sung by The Hares

Diamond Hill 151230 5.59km 49mins