LSW 2038 Wednesday 16th December 2015



Hares - Stinky & Crackpot

Write-up - Wai Chi Kok

Stanley 151216 8.73km 69mins

 Stanley 151216 8.73km 69mins

On Wednesday, the Hong Kong observatory issued the Cold Weather warning at around 4 pm. The cold front was about to cross the coastal area of Guangdong, the temperature dropped rapidly by 4-5 degree that evening. Everyone seemed to be well informed of this, as most of us were wearing down jackets, layered clothes and scarfs. Oh not everyone, everybody but poor Crackpot.

Crackpot the hare was wearing shorts, probably the same gear she wore when setting the trail, and her teeth was chattering non-stop when I arrived at Stanley Plaza. She left her jacket in the car and she was running out of time for hash. She was shivering while fixing the ice and after-run-drink .... Finally, O'Bollocks man up and came to her recuse with his own jacket. Well, it was time to take off our clothes anyway... time to run!

The other hare, Sticky sex toy ran the briefing to explain about the run. There would be 2 Rambo/Wimp splits and SST emphasized the first one. "I have been living here for 15 years and I only knew about this place by now. It is beautiful!!! There would be some shiggy on this trail but it is beautiful!!!" With these words sticking into my head, we went off onto the trail looking for something "beautiful".

Macau drunk, Comes up the Rear, Lost In Translation and Hopeless were leading the pack out of Stanley Plaza and onto Stanley main street. The trail marks led us to run along the water front and eventually, we encountered the first check when the trail was back to Stanley Village Road. MD and CUTR toke the right while I toke the left. I remembered the hare mentioned that most checks were easy, and most On-On should be found within 50-60 meters. So I went down a bit and with no sign of trail in sight, I turned around and rejoined Freerider, Platey and O' Bollocks at the check. Somewhere down the Stanley Village Road we were back to the sandy beach again. I ran alone for a while and I spotted the second check on Wong Ma Kok Road. Somehow I was the front runner (!?) as there was no marking at the check. I ran across the road to check the Military Cemetery even deep down, I thought the cemetery is a close gated area with no way out. So when I saw lost the original front runners (HL, LIT, CUTR and MD) arrived at the check, I just came back right the way without a throughout search for On-On. It turned out that the Cemetery was indeed on trail, and I was only 10 meter from the On On. Anyway, now the pack was regrouped and back on trail looking for something "beautiful".

So we went on running through the cemetery, the running track of the school the hares are working at, back to the pavement of Hoi Fung Path and then the beach again. Finally we went up the Stanley Mound Road to find the first rambo / wimp split near Stanley Maryknoll House. Rambo climbed a few stairs up while the wimps kept running on Stanley Village Road. After seeing the last Rambo trail mark at the top of the stair, the Rambos lost sight of them. We went straight up the road to find the entry of a prison. We went back down and up the other road but found an angry security guard of some luxury town houses flashing light on us. We found some scrubbed-off marking / flour on the way, and after 15 minutes of throughout search of every fleet of the path, we concluded that the hare have messed up and may have erased the marking themselves.

By the time when I gave up the hope of running the first Rambo section and was heading back to the wimp trail, Hopeless found the R+W rejoin and decided to do the reverse. LIT, MD and I followed, and found ourselves in a level 9 (out of 10 of WCK's rating) shiggy path sneaking back up to the luxury town houses. With a bit of chaos (HL got a puncture, we couldn't find the flour, mud sliding beneath our shoes etc etc), we completed the first Rambo trail and found the message "Beautiful retreat !!!!" in chalk!

The property management must has scrubbed off all the marking starting from the bottom of the road! I am not sure why they left the "Beautiful retreat !!!!" marking left though....

After satisfying our curiosity of what is "beautiful", the 4 of us were back to the Cape Road to find more "beautiful" luxury houses/apartments along the route. In 20 minutes or so we caught up the other hashers at the second rambo / wimp split. This time was easy for us because by the time we arrived, someone from the direction of the parking lot had already called "on-On". We followed the voice and found the trail, up the steps we found Wanchai Wanker complaining about security guard from Maryknoll house. "It is clearly a historical house and it is not private! The security guard threaten to call the police, and I replied let's call the police. The security guard backed off ...." Well, I know WW probably is right but seriously, I don't have the gut to play with police.

We found a couple more checks around Chun Hom Kok Road and finally we were running downhill, with the sound of the rolling sea waves as our background music. Past the Pe-Ti temple and the back of Murry house, we were back to Stanley Plaza to mark off my 8.84km LSW #2038 run before 8 pm.

Down Downs by Indy

The Hares - Sticky Sex Toy / Crackpot …….The Umbilical Cord run!! Never ventured too too far from home…..!

SST / Crackpot - Interesting run!! …taking in most of the local Stanley town environs! Including Military Cemetry and their school's running track!

SST / Crackpot - so many runs out of Stanley!! Hashers second guessing……would it be the hill on way to Mental Hospital? The twins? The reservoir? South Bay? All wrong!!

SST / Crackpot - How many reccies? one and a half?

Late comers - Halfpenny / Denvy / Toilet Spray / Indy

The Wimps /Rambos split - the hares …no markings!

Halfpenny / Indy - up and down…back up and down….around prison…then took Wimps option

Toilet Spray - caught up…couldn't be bothered checking for true trail so just pissed off!!

Lost In Translation / Wai Chee / Hopeless / Macau Drunk - found the Rambo 1 trail by going backwards upon seeing the W/R rejoin!! Clever……

LIT / Wai Chee / Hopeless / MD - FRB's who did not mark trail when cleaned off!

SST - kept talking about the 15 metres of shaggy…was it on the R trail?

The hares - put trail for second loop as passing A …at Stanley Plaza entrance….but NO Beer Stop!

Halfpenny - Could not believe it….'What no beer stop?'…..

Margie / Parky - did not stop as went past A ……or short cut?

Parky - did he shortcut?…no speeches!

The hares - next guess by all..!! It will go up the path to the corner of main road and Chung Hum Kok …..wrong again..!

The hares - and the 2nd rambo split? washed out again?…very clean place Stanley!

Hopeless - Hash Crash…peeing on hand to assist the wound! Antiseptic??

Toilet Spray - shortest..or longest shower ever! (forgotten which one it was!!)

O'Bollocks - helping out the hares…….

SST - actually staying for DD's ..even though she has to travel 1 km home……had had an excuse to leave earlier….'Gotta go and close the school gate!!'

Hopeless - setting FCH run putting LIT on boat when it's clear she suffers 'sea vomitess'!

O'Bollocks - looking after LIT at the time by telling her boring stories to put her to sleep!

LIT - picked up her award for winning UNICEF 10 km race….2 weeks ago, but the b/f forgot about it…..

LIT - Winning again! This time the first female in the Beer Mile Race the night before Santa Hash……..and doing it legitimately by drinking whole cans at Beer stop…

Hopeless - so good at drinking that he was half way around next lap before LIT could finish her one can….more practise required!

Hopeless - 2nd place in the infamous Beer Mile Race…..

SST / Crackpot - thanks for great / interesting Stanley run and fab Indian bash…..