LSW 2037 Wednesday 9th December 2015


Happy Valley

Hares - Frank the Plank & Indyanus

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Frank The Plank setting the run with Birthday Girl Indy as co-hare.... Who could possible miss this LSW night? (Well alot actually due to the rain... HTFU!).

I was first to arrive at "A", soaked through, to discover no cover at A but fortunately the nearest pub did so a quick dram was to be had (medicinal purposes obviously) while awaiting the other hashers & the hares. I did not have to wait long before Hopeless & Indy turned up but they were too serious about tonight's run & logistics to join me in a dram (now you know I am lying when I say Indy would not join me in a dram) so leaving me alone with my dram, candy crush & the bags, Hopeless sets off to find a more suitable, covered area for "A" & Indy heads off to buy wine.. priorities & all that !!

Beggars can't be choosers... Our new "A" was a newsstand closed up business for the day. Myself, Hopeless, Frank the Plank & Rooted stood huddled under as each hasher arrived with the 'Really? This is "A"? ' look on their face. Not as priceless as the passerby's expressions with Sweaty Snail Gobbler & Macau Drunk stripping off in the street, in the pouring rain.

As the rain got heavier & heavier, FTP got paler & paler, saying 'This effin rain is an effin wh0re, washing away all me markings.. Bejesus'. So rather than go with FTP's idea of 'forget the run, let’s just bash' He shows Hopeless his trail map & supplies him with Hell Bank money & flour... could Hopeless possibly live hare in the pouring rain twice in one week?!?! As Indy arrives looking liked a drowned rat but still smiling, pushing a trolley full of wine & beers, it was tempting to stay behind to assist with the partaking of the birthday offerings but Frank calls us for the briefing.... 'Follow Hopeless'.

Leaving the hares to crack open the wine, the pack sets off through Happy Valley, up Blue Pool Road where the FRBs, Gobi Lo & Crash Test Dummy steam ahead even though no trail was to be found while Hopeless takes a left turn into the shiggy finding trail. Calling us back, we all head up the shiggy path, where Hell Bank money & flour were visible. Up we go, following Hopeless like rats following the Piped Piper, to Tai Hang Road, over we go up Mount Butler Road, with CUTR right on Hopeless' shoulder as he lays money & flour. Then we cut right into Sir Cecil’s Ride, and along we go until we discover a Check that had survived the rain. Hopeless leads us off right until we hear GL calling us up from the left. About turn & up we go, the pack near enough all together again until we hit the split. Myself, Rooted & Inflato opt for the Wimps as we really did not fancy Violet Hill. Many steps down, out on to the main road, no markings to be found, Inflato makes his own way back and Rooted is left to guide me home as no surprise, I had no clue where I was! Enjoyable Wimps trail.

Meanwhile, on the steps off the service reservoir, the Rambos head up towards the catchwater.and Tai Tam Country Trail… the third time in about 2 weeks a hash has gone up the shiggy to the Hong Kong Trail section 5. No fooling the FRBS at the Check at the top, right to Parkview. But after that it seems the FRBs missed something….. a small something… a left turn up to Violet Hill!

By this stage it was belting down rain. Hell Bank notes were floating down the steps. Seems the likes of Gobi Lo and Crash Test Dummy missed this turn off and so Sweaty Snail Gobbler, Hopeless, Comes Up The Rear (CUTR), Ruggero, Fumio and Vibrator headed up, up, up.

There were a couple of Checks which CUTR still managed to get wrong, despite the obvious route, as he passed Hopeless for the fourth time that night as the Rambos crested Violet Hill. Back out on Tai Tam Reservoir Road SSG stopped to fix his shoe lace, leaving Hopeless to use up the last of his Hell Bank notes and flour to mark trail back onto Sir Cecil’s Ride.

The long lonely slog along the path was only interrupted at the rejoin with the Wimps as CUTR (somehow) appeared again, to pass for a fifth time, going down the steps off the Check to Tai Hang Road and the run in with Hopeless back to the newspaper stand, rain still pouring down.

Back at A, in oor wee shack, FTP, Indy, WW & BL had the party in full swing with the wine, beer & cider flowing. Rambos GL & CTD opted not to party with us & headed off to dry land. As time ticked by, FTP slightly concerned that the remaining Rambos were not home yet, but as the red wine went down, the concern went with it. But alas.. they start to arrive in, Octo first then Fumio via taxi, Hopeless racing CUTR, Macau Drunk & another taxi casualty - Vibrator. Not long after SSG was home, in comes Toilet Spray. All present & correct (I am not including FTP in that last statement) we head off to the food market ( I said FOOD market not supermarket for the 10th time) for excellent food ordered by Fumio, an assortment of wine courtesy of oor Birthday Gal & cocktail making from oor Hare FTP (once Macau Drunk & BL rescued him from the loo).

Thanks to the Hares - What a fabulous, memorable (maybe not so memorable for FTP) night for everyone specially the birthday girl who received some fab prezzies including enough vodka to sink the Titanic & a water vodka flask from Crackpot & O'B0ll0x.

Happy Birthday Indy !
Lost In Translation (stand in for Crackpot)

DD's by Hopeless
The hares – Frank the Plank & Indyanus

Pretend hare – didn’t lay trail - Indy

Wet hare – FCH3 & Hopeless

Wanchai W@nker - walked past the pack and out and back for 20 minutes trying to find the start - so non runner

Unimpressed at the start venue and conditions – Sweaty Snail Gobbler

Dressed for arctic weather - Vibrator

Wimps.. Lost In Translation, Inflato, Rooted

Took taxi - Fumio n Vibrator

Racing. - CUTR

Sat on his throne under cover and not running. – Burning Lust

150 runs per haring – Frank the Plank

Nostalgia – Fumio – same venue as first time beer bitch

Shortest shower on record -. Lavender

Birthday girl - Indy

Presents for Indy Fumio.. small vodka bottle

Presents for Indy - large vodka award from Hopeless and Lost In Translation

FCH3 moaning - Rooted

Lamma hare for the gay hash this week - Ruggero

Needs glasses to eat his food - CUTR

Hash Cash (Lost In Translation) – full set of run fees this week

Indy’s Down Downs
SSG.. last in, or at least not close enough to race CUTR & Hopeless

FTP – promises he will set a run again soon

Rooted.. frozen on Lamma – moaning x 2

Hopeless. .. fch3.. freezing the hash

Ruggero. . “I don’t need money on Lamma”

Wanchai W@nker... sat on his arse all run

SSG .. mulled wine for FCH3 last Saturday

Lost In Translation to Indy... Crackpot pressie....”water” bottle
To Southsiders for being noisy at LH4 Circle (Hopeless has to drink for A.I).

Wanchai W@nker to Indy.. for tonight’s wine...
BYOB Rooted & Burning Lust

Macau drunk - best looking finisher

Vibrator to Octopussy for lending torch

Indy to Lost In Translation... n Vibrator - she doesn't understand him!
SSG - for donations to Santa hash

Song... sung by The Hares

Happy Valley 151209 8.87km 91mins