LSW 2029 Wednesday 14th October 2015


Quarry Bay

Hare - Dr Evil

Was run #2029 going to be Deja Vu to run #2017 with Dr Evil at Quarry Bay promising it was not going to be a ball buster ?

Macau Drunk & I help the solo hare with the drinks & role call as the hashers arrive in including 2 oversea visitors, Nutsucker from London & Door F@#ker, Dr Evils buddy from Tokyo, 1 Virgin Iain, returnees Ivana Nucock, Master Grinder & iTIT (only saying hello). As Crackpot forgot her head torch (hubby gets the blame as he packed her bag) & no Hopeless here to lend a spare one, Dr Evil kindly returns home for a spare torch (which we find out later saves the day). So a late start it was which to be honest is the norm at LSW with the exception of Gobi Lo who was already out on trail with the instructions not to mark the checks.

The confident hare gives us the briefing on his well marked, Rambo / Wimp trail ... and the pack of 22+ set off.

Out the park, turn right and through the usual, unmarked housing estate to the first check. Dogsh1t (DS) straight off the mark goes straight leaving me to go left up the steps (secretly I remembered this check from Dr Evils last run) to the OnOn. Myself & Ivana Nucock (IN) out in front but not for one minute did I believe this would last for long & sure enough we hit the first check back at the top of steps, so back down we go & left into a wee bit of shiggy before running over the catch water to the next 4 way check. Cheesy Flying Fox already marked his ? indicating right, IN speeds off left, I reluctantly go straight, following flour up & up until I spy the OnOn & within nano seconds CFF is literally flying past me, never to be seen again (well until back at A). Myself & DS scramble up through the bamboo & thick shiggy, hauling ourselves up using trees & branches, following the ample flour markings when I hear him calling out 'vacuum cleaner'. Now, I have only been hashing for a few years but have never heard someone calling this on trail but then I think to myself... well he is American & they do have tendencies to say what is on their minds, a bit like us Scots although no one seems to understand what we say (probably for the best). So ignoring his cleaning fetishes, I carry on trail going straight for the Rambo trail which took us up through the river. I did initially try to avoid wading in by climbing up & jumping over the rocks, very unladylike may I add, but quickly gave up & plunged right in, the old gutties did need a wash anyway. We clamber on through the river, poor DS right behind me, my ar$e in his face as we climb up the rocks when IN, like a wee cat in the night, daintily skips past us, dancing over the rocks & out of sight. We climb up onto the bridge to finish our river ride, turn left onto the contour path, a good flat run which I squelched round for about 1km until a right turn up the steps, kindly marked by CFF? Up & up we go until the next check - already marked right going down Mount Parker road as BL runs on missing the left turn to Sir Cecil's ride. Calling him back, BL, virgin Iain & I head on the contour path, another good long flat stretch to get the old legs working. Master Grinder could be heard calling trail behind us but I seemed to have lost DS... maybe the ar$e in the face was too much for him or maybe he went back for a spot of hoovering.. who knows!! Upon the slippery steps down & through the marked check (thanks CFF) we pass Toilet Spray, Octopussy & man of the AVOK moment - Frank the Plank going hell for leather down the steps to take us out on to Mount Parker Road & the On Home, a knee busting road down to the finish.

Cold beer & hot showers to be had while the hashers trickle in, with the exception of Crackpot, Door F@#ker & Comes up the Rear. I start out quite confident Crackpot will return as the trail is so well marked & the checks are all marked but as time ticks by.. I do begin to wonder but alas she returns with DF stating his flash light (torch to us Brits) blew so she kindly guided our visitor back. As we await CUTR, Indy entertains myself, TVM, Octo & Crackpot with her life long sex life... & by God what a story that was... I had to take a swig of her vodka, straight, just to calm myself !! I am surprised she can still walk let alone run ! Moving on....... CUTR returns (started much later than the pack) so we head off to the OnOn at the local Thai for more cold beers, yum food & a great night.

Real variety of trail & very well marked, well done Dr Evil - enjoyed by all (well apart from the moany ones!)

OnOn to Lam Tin for TVM's final (maybe) LSW run
Lost in Translation

DD's by the one & only Indy :

The Hare - Dr Evil…….Well done!! another well-executed run out of Quarry Bay!! always finding new paths…….(well to me anyway!)

Dr Evil - many thanks for being such an excellent hare…Excellent Run Stats - 276 runs and hared 22…..approx sets 1 run in 12…..! Cheers!!

Ed Indy - LSW hashers! Please check your stats and when you last set a run! LSW depends on you following in Dr Evil's footprints..…….not to forget the hopeless Hopeless!!

Dr Evil - A Gobi Lo stand-in ….asked by Gobi Lo to set the run instead of her…….! Naturally he said yes!… a helpful hasher……

Ivana Nuc*ck - up first shaggy hill astutely comments 'Dr Evil has gone to such lengths to set a clean hash-friendly trail! He even vacuumed the slope……..but shame he had to leave the vacuum behind! ..'!!

Those who did NOT see the vacuum on trail up shiggy slope? Lost In Translation?

Macau Drunk - at W/R rejoin heard his voice in front …but never saw him! After the Rambo rocks he was off like grease lightning!

Crackpot/Nutsucker/Stinky SS/Doorf*cker - From Wimps trail above these 4 voices were heard playing around on the rocks…….and then what?

SST / Nutsucker - ran past at one stage on trail…Nutsucker could be heard saying 'Not used to runs like this! We don't do such trails in UK….'!! Surprise!

Visitors - Nutsucker….UK / and the boyfriend Ian … virgin hasher!! / Doorf*cker …Tokyo hasher

Japan hashers - Dr Evil / Dogsh*t

Returnee - Ivana Nuc*ck…..first hash in zillions!

Ivana - excellent run/hare ratio when she was running LSW - 145 runs / set 15….1:10!! Come back!!

Returnee - Master Grinder …..great to see u again !! And on own minus @nal Invite…..a rarity!!

Master Grinder - Excellent LSW run/hare rate ……1 : 6 ! Come more often!

Non Runner - The Virgin Mary …or as now named 'The Queen Mary!!'

Late runner - Comes Up the Rear…..

Gobi Lo (in absentia!) - appears at 6.30 pm to do the Hash 'team run' on her own?? Que??

Octo / CUTR…..leaving after dinner!

SST/Crackpot - also leave after their 'feed' to …rush down to Stanley……

Crackpot (in absentia) / Doorf*cker - coming in DFL…….got lost out there somewhere!! ….

Doorf*cker - something about wanting to give Crackpot a hug in the jungle?? O'Bollocks won't be happy!!! (read last week's trash!!

Lost In Translation - asking around 'What did Hopeless say he would miss about me?' Dogsh*t remembered that Hopeless said he would feel 'Hopeless'!

Toilet Spray - and what would you miss about Chatroom? ….'I would miss the worst half!' Que?

Master Grinder to Ivana - Ivana says 'I am SOO injured! …er ...can I get past you!!'

Dogsh*t to Ivana - Bag still at A before bash! Who is still missing? ….Ivana says 'Don't want to go near that! Could belong to a dead body……or have used condoms in it?'……What has she been up to recently?

DS to Burning Lust - 'Have not seen Rooted since she did her 'Cox' on last week's LSW…….BL seen at many hashes, but leaves her at home….'rooted'!

Lost In Translation - great job on ordering food! Fab !!

LIT - Beer bitch ! Thanks!

LIT to Frank the Plank - excellent run/race place at last week's AVOK race!

LIT to Dogsh*t - something about him having to endure her @rse going up the rocks?????

Dogsh*t - advertising next week's run - Cocaine Rd…there is a pool!! (no swimming!) ,,,sharks?

Dr Evil - thanks for great well thought-out trail….and bash location!!

LSW 2029