LSW 2026 Wednesday 23rd September 2015


Sai Ying Pun

Hare - Old Sock

If I describe this run, lets say it was an Ordinary classic run as LSW, Run from Sai Ying area through Hong Kong university into Long Fu Shan Country park. As well known the area, runnable, up and down, it was fun run. Weather was great,sky was clear, half moon night.

AND, Bash was awesome.

From MTR station, following amazingly strong chalk marking, easy to reach the meeting point where is cozy,flashy, new sitting area compared with the neighbours surroundings over 50 years old buildings.

The hare-Old Sock looks got 5 beers already, waited us holding one beer, its must be 6th, standing in front of a statue of Barbapapa(sorry is it penis??). Crash Test reported me that he drunk a half of bottle of whiskey last night then tonight felt dizzy. His excuse is always fake, he later passed me like Florence Joyner. (you know her??) Fumio somehow already excited starting climbing up a tree, he must got already drunk as well and the other hashers worried the destruction of nature. AHHH so many drunker tonight!

Run starts was exploring into the old Hong Kong town,Sai Ying area, I can tell if there were any new runner, they would impressed the classic city view on paved road so that its easy to jogs, but I guess all LSW hashers are got used this city view, though, Sticky Sex Toy was excited ‘wow look! nice little restaurants!’ she may be panning for next brunch(I am in!!)

Discover her bay said to Sticky Sex Toy and Toilet Spray that ‘Lets slow running and gossip in the trail.’ who trust her? anyway I heard that she finished first at Rambo.

Enjoying the old and new,mixture city view with little hills to Hong Kong University. I have never studied at this Uni but we are all familiar the little steps to get out to University Road,

at check, we found side trail hiked up to Long Fu Shan and ran around the country park.

It was well marked as I mentioned in the beginning, strong chalk marking and flour, but Virgin Mary and Wan Chai Wanker went all way Hong Kong Uni and couldn’t find the trail.WHY?

Virgin Mary do own her trail for her Birthday run, Wanchai Wanker finally found the end of the trail. They must also got drunk already before the run.

Octopussy and I had 4 hours recce today, I thought she and I will do Whimps. But in the split of Rambow and Whimps, I was not exhausted then I chose Rambow, so did she, I saw her ahead in the mud bush of up-hill, I was proud of her endurance,wanted to say hi, but because of the hill, I was speechless, just followed her behind, but she got out of trail, Discover her bay showed up from back, and she was calling us to tell the right trail and ran up to the hill, disappeared.Where did she Sticky Sex Toy and Toilet Spray leave??She skipped bash as well, finally we could not do any gossips with her! How shame!

From top of the hill, easy paved down hills on Katewell Road, passed West End Park, down to a part of Mid Levels.

Run is about 6km, DD at the run site and sing Hash song as well, WHICH is, great idea. I will copy this for the next run.Then some rushing home hashers like Discover her bay can be join DD :)

Bash was I guess the best Italian restaurant since I joined in LSW, the restaurant decor is like little Italy,great taste of Pizza and pasta. Eat Eat Eat, but still new pizza coming on the table, we were all totally full, including Wanchai Wanker impossibly said ‘I am full’ left 3 slices of pizza in front of him!

Virgin Mary was her birthday, gave warming birthday songs from hashers and a service cake was arranged, Great night,Good Good Good.

P.S.Sticky Sex Toy really likes the restaurant and asked the server a name card, and she said she will come back! ….good for the business, Old Sock, you should ask commission from the restaurant!
Just Add Alcohol

DD's by Hopeless (At the run site)

The hare - Old Sock

Sticky S3x Toy - tired after first set of steps

Comes Up The Rear - no calling this week

Lost In Translation - Boar scare on trail

Wanchai W@nker - He was the bore!

Longest write up this year - Old Sock

Stepford Town support – Thermal Dick & Discover Her Bay (lookalike Toilet Spray)

Short shower for a change – Toilet Spray

Japan rugby win - Just Add Alcohol

Scots v Japan.. Lost In Translation and Thermal Dick to join Just Add Alcohol and “good luck” to the winners.

Birthday girl - The Virgin Mary

Anniversaries. . Just Add Alcohol 50 runs

The Virgin Mary from Wanchai W@nker - Happy Birthday song copyright story.

Old Sock – 6 craft beers while waiting for the pack to arrive

Rooted – once again patience as Burning Lust arrives late and failrs to see the pack standing 10 yards away from his puzzled face.

Lost In Translation to Old Sock – Panicking “Where's Hopeless?”

Toilet spray to Lost In Translation... “The only word I understood of your Down Down was the word ‘phuck’ !”

Next week’s hare. Just Add Alcohol

The song – sung by Old Sock, birthday girl The Virgin Mary and Comes Up The Rear.

Sai Ying Pun 150923 6.04km 59mins