LSW 2024 Wednesday 9th September 2015


Tsing Yi

Hare - Wai Chee Kok

Wai-Chee’s first lone haring brought out a few notable returnees. Some were in town, passing through on the way to the Free China Hash “Hell Kitty” tour to Japan. Castrato, Bite ‘n’ Suck and Verbal Diarrhoea were not aware that this was actually part of that tour – with a “Super Wimps” trail that resembled a trek up Mount Fuji!

In the same flavour – Japan – the returning, retired, rejuvenated (?) Old Sock was present for his first taste of Little Sai Wan for some time. “So this hare, is she to be trusted?” was our ex-stagecoachman’s key question. To do a set of trails that would test Edmund Hilary of Mount Everest fame, yes, was the reply!

So it proved.

The hare’s briefing included the usual handing out of chalk, but the newly purchased box from Hopeless only showed 2 sticks of chalk used for setting trail! “It’s OK, I used some special industrial chalk from @nal Invitation” she quipped. That chalk could not be seen in daylight on Peng Chau last Thursday and less so on a dark Wednesday night.

The pack set off towards the soccer pitch to find….. nothing. A very puzzled Fumio ran back n forth, as did Lost In Translation and Chatroom. The (still fast, and returning) Cheesy Flying Fox covered most of the options until finally Winkie Twinkie found the faint outline of a Check outside one of the exits of Tsing Yi Park. Hopeless and then Cheesy found the trail, heading out towards San Uk Tsuen and the usual Check at the intersection below the expressway.

Some confusion as to which way was actually On, the industrial chalk proving hard to find, Gobi Lo calling it as the pack, chased her, headed by Frank The Plank after we missed a turn off, which went up onto Tsing Yi Road West and then a Check which would decide which of the two hills on Tsing Yi we were heading for.

Unusually we went left at Ching Wah Playground, and then up a brutal set of steps going up and up…. to a Checkback. LIT, CFF, Chatroom and Ruggero milling around before Chatroom found the way up a small drain and then a loooong contiguous trail up through a number of hillside graves before finally coming out and the first split. Yes, “Super Wimps” had to complete the first leg of the assault on Tsing Yi’s Sai Shan hill. So on and up, again for the Wimp / Rambo split, the pack well spread out by this stage.

Latecomers such as Elaine, (another returnee, shoulder sort of fixed) Indy, Crackpot, Sticky Sex Toy and @nal Invitation had little chance to catch up with such a steep initial climb, most opting for the Super Wimps trail.

Wimps and Rambos then experienced a long downhill shiggy, with Burning Lust in front on the Rambos, or it may have been Gobi Lo as we didn’t see her but she did come back from the run sporting a very impressive set of abrasions from two falls on trail.

Ruggero led the phase II Rambo group, consisting of Lost In Translation, Hopeless & Chatroom, down the final shiggy section, Ruggero almost getting a “Glasgow Kiss” from LIT at one point when he suddenly appeared out of the shiggy unannounced.

Finally out onto road, then a series of drains, catchwaters, and steps to run through the Vocational Education Centre, and a series of zig zags through housing estates that had Burning Lust flummoxed as he clocked an extra kilometre when lost, allowing the other Rambos to pass him by.

450 metres of climbing in the humidity meant some swift drinking of cold beverages while getting changed, with one curious brown grass snake watching Old Sock undress. Last in, looking somewhat pleased to be back, but tired, was the smiling Octopussy, in just under two hours.

On on to a nearby Chinese restaurant, food ordered by the shortest member of the Hash.

DD's by Indy

The hare - Wai Chee Kok.....first time lone hare! Well done... great area and choices!...and er... big hills

Wai Chee - setting 3 trails, all on her own!

Wai Chee - keeping the pack together at beginning by sparingly using chalk!...... 2 sticks!!

@nal Invitation - as previous co-hare was meant to show usage of good chalk markings!!

Wai Chee - saw Octo and Rosy running back around start 5 mins after they set off!! Could not understand why??

@nal - giving Wai Chee some industrial chalk to use... that was invisible on concrete!!

Wai Chee - Upon asking if Wimps would be hard to do given I am recovering from a broken shoulder bone..... said, 'Indy, no worries... just a bit of shiggy, and only 5 kms.... 0.5 kms longer than SW'.....!!... 8.5 kms later and 'downhill shiggy/rock bed-like trail' for most...... yeh right!!

W@nchai W@nker - setting the hash that caused me to fracture a shoulder bone!... not to forget Dogsh*t's broken foot as well!

Bite & Suck - adamantly asking all week if there was a Wimp/Super Wimp trail....... Yes there was just to accommodate!!

B&S - took one look at the steps going up the hill on the trail and then up up up and turned back for home..... completing the SSSSSW trail.....

Verbal Diarrhoea - accompanying B&S so she did not get lost........ (in which case he knew he would be in real trouble, he confided to me later over a beer!)

Gary Glitter (in absentia!) - near torch blowout on W downhill..... very glad to catch up to Old Sock and myself.....!!

Rambos - Loved it!! LIT / AI / Hopeless / Macau D / Castrato / WW / Frank / Crackpot /SST / Fumio

Returnees - B & S / Verbal D /Castrato

B & S/VD/ Castrato - making the effort to get to LSW from Oz and UK.. not just for LSW but the Hell Kitty FCH tour!! Great to see you all back again!!

Burning Lust - Met up with near the end of the trail going the opposite direction to us? Who was on true trail...... turns out he was.... already a couple of beers when we turned up!

Wai Chee - where did the markings go after we all came down from the shiggy?... that industrial chalk again!

Frank the Plank - so happy to see me at the hash... 'I thought you may have keeled over you have been away for so long!'... Thanks for caring Frank!

Hopeless - volunteered to set next week's run when he saw hareline depleted!

Hopeless - says to me 'Can do a reccie tomorrow as the boss is out of town!'

Indy- shocked when she saw the Lost In Translation was at the run and not 'out of town'!...... Isn't she 'the boss'?

Hopeless - 'No! My work boss........'...... 'Oh! so u have one of those, do u.....???'

@nal Invitation - when hareline passed aound he happily puts his name down to set a February 2016!!

Macau Drunk to Lost In Translation - on Rambo trail accidentally stepped on her not knowing she was there.... in the dark!!.... he was lucky to have survived the experience...... but he definitely came out of it the worse off!!

Macau Drunk..... best DD... (was better in the reality than the write up!)

The hare!! Thanks for great hash and bash........

The song – sung by the Hares, and…...

Tsing Yi 150909 8.22km 95mins