LSW 2021 Wednesday 19th July


Hare - Sweaty Snailgobbler

Seems Kennedy town attracts hash runners more and more after the MTR is running to there. When I was on the way to A, SST called and claimed it’s hard to find the markings to the start, I was a bit anxious because I was rushing out from work and afraid that I couldn’t be there on time, as usual. Fortunately I was able to arrive even a few minutes early; the A is a little nice hidden rest area close to the station. The usual briefing with an unusual suggestion: the recce was done backward, so at the end of the run there are some shiggy, if you don’t like the shiggy, skip those and run straight down.

Oki, the pack run off, through the civilisation, up to the Kun Man Tsuen to Mt. Davis, It’s been a while since last met with BT & SST, what would be the best way to catch up and gossip while walking/running? When we reach the split, they decide to do the Wimp, and I head off to Rambo on my own. Front runners sort out every checks and marked clearly when I arrive at each check, so I enjoy the quiet run for a little while, then I heard someone yelled ‘on on’ at the far back, I call ‘on on’, ‘flour’ each time I see the markings, at the same time, I can hear the hasher at the back is getting closer and closer, finally he catch up and he is Willy Wonka. I ask him if he was running late that cost him behind me, his response was: ‘no, I am not running late, it’s the bad traffic jam.’ Ummm, detail cause and affect answer. I suggest him to go ahead to run on his speed, so I can enjoy my own time when he gentlemanly slows down. He then off his way, but 15minutes later, I heard his voice behind me again?! He catch up again, and I ask him what happen, he claims that he thought the hare would set the trail in the bamboo area which looks interesting, shiggy & hashable, but the fact is not… umm, he must studied a Post Dr. degree of methodology on give a detail complicated answer to a simple question.

So he is off again and I am back to my quiet running time. 15minutes later, another calling from behind again, sounds like different voice & more than one man. I start to wonder if my running speed improved, or my navigation skill improved as so many people behind me. Not long they catch up with me, they are Comes Into My Tunnel & his friend, same question asks to CIMY why they were behind me, this time the answer I have is: ‘we are running late’. Does it, full stop, German efficiency.

What I can remember the rest of the run is that I went through some rocky, shiggy downhill area, run on a nice trail then back home. It’s a nice run in a hot day. And also nice to meet the new born of CIMT & Lubricated Trojan.
Toilet Spray

Down Downs
By Wanchai wanker:

The hare – for the run

Crash Test Dummy – too thirsty

Chinese girl’s gang – eating all the food

Macau Drunk, Connor – not eating any green

Crash Test Dummy – must be something wrong with him as the only person didn’t enjoy the last week run;

Toilet Spray – said 42km mountain marathon is short after all, then took 42minutes in the shower;

Lost in planet – will be missed in HK, as he is moving to Taiwan

The hare – recycle the trail

The hare -- Last minute dog minder for 2 dogs, must make sure the dog won’t have babies

The hare – the onon food by his wife is better & everyone miss her cooking

Wei Chi Kok – no money to pay for the food

Anal Invitation:
Wanchai Wanker – did an inspection on the chopsticks and say they are very sticky, as sticky as sticky sex toy

The hare – for the run

Virgin Marry – run the shortest distance in the evening, had Mac. Burger before the run but still eat all the food

Wei chi kok – set the run from Lei Chi Kok

Wanchai Wanker & Connor – are the only 2 person wear hash shirts.

Down down from the floor:

Connor – to the hare for the shiggy down hill

Crash Test Tummy - to Wei Chi Kok for safe his life like a super woman; to Virgin Marry for her impressive big appetite, none stop eating but still can fit in the tiny XXS blue mini skirt.

The song sing as close up ceremony for the night at 10pmish…. During summer holiday even LSW can finish early!

Kennedy Town 150819 5.44km 69mins