LSW 2020 Wednesday 12th July


Era of Good Vision

Hare: Lost In Space

Not your most attractive hash locale is Cheung Sha Wan, but with the promise of brothels at the start and what I assumed was a water bottle recycling scheme by Hopeless where he actually collects the water in his bag rather than the bottles was the genius marketing ploy of Lost in Space which saw numbers boosted to about 20 in deepest darkest Kowloon.

Oh yes, and it was also the run for the sharp sighted, being the 2020 vision year of great eyes run. Mmmmm! For those of us who traded our eye-sight for $20 spec savers and never again able to read with our naked eye we were certainly compromised on this one. Oh for the days when you could tell which beer you were selecting from the bucket, what MTR station you were getting of at and when you could check your phone spell corrector and see that it had changed "darling, will be home soon" to "drinking with mamasan!!!!" So the dangers of not having 20 20 vision are pretty huge, but on the plus side everyone looks prettier, including Frank the Plank who was having a location crisis. Last time he ran here he ended up in Kowloon Tong by MTR, he tells me, “you think it all looks different, but it all looks the bloody same”. Yep, you are a member the sub 20 20 club Frank.

For the run it was out into the sea of similarity, around the Streets and in and out of estates of So Uk and the various wonderful little CSW ghettos, although no sign of any Brothels I must report. Until we got to the Hospital, or it might have been a big brothel, God knows these days with my eyesight. Anyway, here we had our first casualty. FRB Crash Test Dummy checks out a no hope trail, the pack disappears and he is left for dead or in the brothel!!!!. Unluckily for him the pack had found trail and legged it over a building site leading through to a small fence with a 20 20 vision test – an upper wire at waist level, then a cruel low level wire for the visually inept – Lis 1, Sweaty 0 – wipeout and summersault – luckily no broken bones and no scratches to speak of.

At this stage Pirelli sponsored Willy Wonka steps into high gear and is off, on up the steps towards Tai Po Rad and eventually trail up and over it. Only a cruel Checkback thwarts him. Eagle eyed 20 20 disciple Inflato susses out the trail and takes up the lead via a shiggy switchback to the W+R split and onwards towards Eagle’s Nest.

From here the Mountain goats take over the Rambos with Just Add Alcohol, Willy Wonka,100% Stoowie and Chatroom all whizzing up in fine form not realizing there was bloody great hill there! The rest of us mortals followed on up in the steaming conditions relieved to be at the top, Where, for the 20 20 brigade it was fantastic views and for the visually impaired: some fuzzy lights, some green and brown things all around looking on out to some blue stuff with bits and bobs floating on it!

An enjoyable trail ensued on back down towards So Uk swimming pool and back to the sameness of CSW where lack of sight and stupidness saw Sweaty almost coming last. You can take away the sight but you can’t take away the headless chicken! Speaking of which, Crash Test Dummy on home a good 20 minutes behind the pack, mmmmm!

Great trail, great brothels, great views and great beer apart from the bud which of course I couldn’t see I had until I started drinking it! Sometimes you’re on the piss and other times your feel like your getting the piss taken out of you, I’ll let you decide which one is the Bud experience!!!

Well done Lis, you are one cruel …………….

DD's by Hopeless

Lost In Space – very well marked run – no need for 20/20 vision…….

Crash Test Dummy... lost on trail, despite the great markings.

Lost In Translation – did the Wimps.

All wimps - Lost In Translation, Inflato, Hopeless, TV Tits, Amanda.

Mugged on trail - Lost In Space – by a monkey!

Inflato.. “I know it's going to eagle's nest” - then got lost in the last 500m.

Just Add Alcohol - lost on way to shower.

32min shower record- Toilet Spray.

Amanda 'Big Top' - returnee

Lost In Space - great write up this week!

Slippery Edge.- not an FRB last week, DD for non marking – same this week - frb again tonight and unused chalk.

Stewart - 3 in 3 – highest Attendance now of LSW!

Leaving... (again, finally?) - Slippery Edge

Lost In Space - sort of leaving

125 (128) ruins - Crash Test Dummy

Octopussy and Toilet Spray - for ordering the great food.

Slippery Edge – liked the food so much she threw it down her 2,000th shirt

TV Tits – only over ordered by 2 bowls of rice this week.

Lost In Space - is leaving!

Lost In Translation - new shoes – to Hopeless.

TV Tits to Sweaty Snail Gobbler & Crash Test Dummy – praying under the wire..

Slippery Edge to Hopeless – presentation of all leftover HK chalk.

Crash Test Dummy to Just Add Alcohol – coz she’s in love (who to is still to be confirmed!).

The song – sung by the Hare, Crash Test Dummy and Slippery Edge.

Cheung Sha Wan 150812 6.22km 83mins.