LSW 2019 Wednesday 5th July


Stone Nullah Lane Garden

Hares - Gai Tai, Sheik Yerbouti

As the pack gathered in the usual Stone Nullah Temple sitting out area, there were no signs of either hare Gai Tai or Shake Your Booty. Word got out that Gai Tai could not get off work early so was making a rushed effort and Shake Your Booty was in charge of beverages. Another concern was for Hopeless’ bag as lurking out in the area was someone who could cause it potential harm along the lines of water boarding it, urinating on it, or God forbid pooping on it. But lucky for all we had Gary Glitter as a non-runner and who was given the special assignment of guarding the bag and thus we could all hash worry free. Gai Tai gave the briefing and distance estimates were revised upwards. Always a bit worrying. Two R&W splits. So off we went and to make it interesting from the start we went down instead of up and through some of the back alley ways of North Wanchai. Settling in on Kennedy Road we started on our way up only to be given a sudden right hand turn to bring us right back down again. It is reported that not all of the hashers did this bit and figured correctly that trail had to join at Kennedy Road again. For those who did do this bit, we went down to Star Street and then took the Monmouth Path back up to Kennedy Road.

From Kennedy Road, we took some stairs up to Borrett Road and then settled on to Bowen Road. The first R&W split on Bowen Road but for us Wimps it was a very long stretch of flat Bowen Road. At various times I was running with Legally Blonde, Rie, Park and Shop, and the late comer TV Tits. Later as the Rambos rejoined us some of them passed us up. So it seemed it was just going to be a boring run along Bowen Road and then back to the A but as we came down Tung Shan Terrace the hare did make things pretty interesting. To get back to A we needed to negotiate a rather large set of drainage ditches, retaining walls etc. The first was a bit unusual as we hit Stubbs Road the trail went off right, through some shiggy, past a dam then back up to Stubbs Road. The way it was set up was an open invitation to short cut and Anal Invitation and TV Tits took full advantage. So on down Stubbs Road to the second R&W split at the intersection of Shiu Fai Terrace with the Wimps making a left and the Rambos continuing down Stubbs Road. I joined the Rambos this time as this would only add .5km to the trail. So down Stubbs Road and a clever loop back had us back on Shiu Fai Terrace to join the Wimps and I hit the rejoin at the precise moment that Legally Blonde and Rie did. So we started singing The Beatles song “Come Together” I figured if Parky is allowed to sing Beatles songs then so can I. After Shiu Fai Terrace we were all joined by Octo and Slippery Edge and back into the drainage ditches were some mistakes were made and some checks we were caught up in. It made for some nice interesting hashing. So back down toQueen’s Road East, then up ugh Kennedy Road and back to A. Thank You Hares!!

Down Downs by Hopeless

Hare - Best run of the day

Gary Glitter - Tasked to look after Hopeless’ bag

Dog Shit - Broke foot on same run that Indy broke shoulder

Front Runner - Slippery Edge - Really?

Wanchai Wanker - Stood on a CB pissing off Anal Invitation

Inflato & Wanker - Short Cutters

Hare - Outsmarted by Hopeless & Wanker who did not make the right off of Kennedy Road

New Hasher Stewart - Did the second R twice the second time with Wai Chi Kok

Toilet Spray - Sporting some really nice carpet burns.

Chat Room - Thought she was in the shower

Rei - First LSW

Chat Room - Happy for the early ending with no Indy

Wai Chi Kok - lost property

Yours Truly - recovery of a stolen Macau trophy

The Hare - Lost red flip flop recovered

Dogshit - going to last Friday’s hash despite being set by his ex

Macau Drunk - Is in debt with hash cash

Cuntractor, Legally Blonde & Slippery Edge - leaving LSW

TV Tits - Refused to eat all 7 bowls of rice

Yours Truly - Taking DD notes the old fashioned way

From the Floor:

Slippery Edge to Dogshit - asked her to smuggle some weird head gear into HK

Yours Truly to TV Tits and Wai Chi Kok (in abstentia) - when told I would set trail from Cheung Sha Wan…. Told me about all the cheap brothels in the neighborhood.

TV Tits to The Hare - Hare did not recognize her when she returned

WW to Parky - something about opening beer bottles

Parky to TV Tits - something about her tits being a B

Parky to Park and Shop - impersonation of the recently departed Cilla

On On Señor Planet

Stone Nullah Lane 150805 9.56km 90mins