LSW 2018 Wednesday 29th July


Braemar Hill

Hares - Lost in Translation, Hopeless

This week’s theme was 2 years of Lost In Translation – has it only been two years we ask ourselves, “I dinnae ken, ye ken” the wee Scots lass grinned.

Big billing was the return of another Shaggadelic Babe – “The” Shaggadelic Babe, Amelia, flying in for a wee refresher of HK life with husband and family, staying with The B@stard and looking forward to hashing again “away from the yellow flat stuff”.

It turns out SB’s last run was in 2004 – wow! Her presence also brought out one of LSWH3’s “old timers” (well, not so old, but more or less retired from hashing) Hormone Tester.

Added to these Any Dick Will Do pulled in a few visitors and newbies, bringing out Smallbone away from the gay hash, as well as a bunch of ANTS. Not Woody Allen and his buddies but some fit track athletes from Sai Kung. We also had Stewart, whose wife has been out hashing with LH4, with a free day off, decided to venture to Braemar Hill to see what hashing in HK was all about.

Luckily the pack picked a great couple of hares (!), and a perfect spot for hash trail running. The Scottish overtone to the run also brought out few other Scots, Gin n Vomit, Lauren, and Pissed In Pink who claimed “after 7 years living in Glasgow, I am/feel pretty much Scottish”. This seemed just to be an excuse to get an extra Down Down or two later on in the evening!

Insider knowledge meant Gobi Lo had brought our front running bloodhound to the hash – and Lemondrop was keen to go on the occasion of his 25th run with Little Sai Wan.

So the pack were sent off, just as messages came in that Butt Fan had given up waiting for the 23B bus that only runs on work day mornings at 08:45! She enjoyed a few cold ones while waiting for the pack with the hares.

First out the starting blocks, and mistakenly trying to anticipate trail, Gai Tai, ran across the road towards the bus terminus and “the usual shiggy up”. As Lemondrop darted across to follow him, Gobi Lo’s neck extension was big enough for GT to immediately stop and go back with the pack who had been told to “turn left up the usual STEPS”.

From the sounds of the shouts it appeared that Slippery Edge got the first Check, left, heading along the contour path. Next two Checks, both stayed flat as Inflate-A-Date (with Spencer, dog #2 on trail tonight) tried to guess the hares way, having completed their run the previous Tuesday with LH4.

The Wimps tonight was, indeed, LH4 run of last week. Rambos went on towards Po Luen Path, 2n junction, a long Check Back and up over the hill back towards the Wimps. W+R rejoin, and the nifty riverbed path up to the aerials. Shaggelic babe was having a great time, enjoying the views, as Platey and Winkie Twinkie shot past to get to the 5-way junction at the top.

Right then, to the PCCW buildings, and down the road for a very short 2nd Rambo loop around the hill back onto Sir Cecil’s Ride and a sprint for home. Not sure how new runner Lauren managed the slippery downhill section here – with no torch – but she caught the pack to find the last Check on the path above the service reservoir.

Down the steps, Wai Chee Kok also amongst the front runners as the 3rd Rambo split was found. Rambos into the tunnel! This meant a soaking for any R3 runners – which of course Wai Chee Kok, Slippery Edge and Fumio went for.

With the pack steadily coming in and the names ticked off there was still one hasher unaccounted for – Ellen. 9pm, and off for food, bag carried and bash marked, still no sign of her. Then, 20 minutes later, the hares call her – she’d just in a taxi on the way to food having ended up somewhere near Quarry Bay! All out, and all accounted for with plenty of good feedback about the run.

On On to The Glasshouse for Chinese fare.

DD's by Hopeless

Hares – Lost In Translation & Hopeless

Lost... Ellen....(and still smiling as she came into the restaurant!).

All Scots – LIT, Gin n Vomit, Jo, Lauren, Pissed in Pink (“I lived in Scotland for 7 years, I need a drink for that!), and Stewart. (Winkie Twinkie in abstentia).

Gai Tai. . – Assumed where the trail was going, incurring the wrath of Gobi Lo for dragging Lemondrop across a busy road.

Returnees. . Shaggadelic Babe and Hormone Tester

Smallbone. .. Southsider on LSW, dragged to the run by ADWD

LSW first timers - Lauren, Jo and Stewart

Borrowed torch.. Shaggadelic Babe, PIP and Jo

No torch on trail - Lauren

Nonrunners. .. Butt Fan

Anniversaries. .. Lemondrop & Gobi Lo (lookalikes)

Pacific Coffee before run. Slippery edge

Chocolate factory tour... Rene showing his chocolate dick to Shaggadelic Babe!

7 bowls of rice.. Wai Chee Kok & TV Tits

Naming - Two wee flashers. .. Jo

Gai Tai. .. Scribe here for his run next week.

Lost In Translation to ADWD... for bringing the ANTS pack....

Smallbone to PiP. “I’ve got acute vagina”

ADWD to Lauren... trying to snog the gay rig worker introduced to her by her father!

Fumio – supplying Japanese sweets for the run

Fumio – beer amah

The song – sung by the Scots, Hormone Tester and Shaggadelic Babe.