LSW 2017 Wednesday 22th July


Quarry Bay

Hares - Dr Evil

Our hare was less flustered tonight than he was last night at LH4 due to losing his 'purse' on route to the hash... now in Glasgow, a man announces he has a 'purse' would immediately end up with a sore face but hey it's Hong Kong so men with purses works.

Myself & the injured one along with Crash Test Dummy arrived with the hare at Mount Parker Rd ready to be delighted with the promised 'non ball buster run'.....hmmm do 'easy runs' & 'Dr Evil' really go together? It's not like Gin & Tonic (or vodka & soda for our Indy) or like Salt & Pepper go together. Ever the optimist I was looking forward to a run in the rain as were the other hashers that drizzled in including Gobi Lo who opted to run with the pack tonight instead of an early solo run. As we prepared ourselves for the 'must listen' briefing, Gobi Lo kindly commended me on last week’s write up saying "very good Emma, had me literally laughing out loud" which I reply "Aw fanx, Indy said the same", GL looks confused "who's Andy?" laughing I say "no Indy"... she still looks confused "Andy who? Do I know him"..... I need comment no further how long this conversation went on for..! In the background Mr. Freewheel starts to make excuses for not running due to not having the correct specs with him until Dr Evil steps in & insists it’s an easy, no-specs required run !!

The briefing by Dr Evil... no chalk, no flour.. Ribbon only - red/white Rambos, yellow/white wimps, big bunch of different colours is a check, 2 Rambo splits, no shiggy & no specs required (apparently!)

Wan Chai W@nker leads the pack out, through the housing estate & stops dead at the first check to shout 'check' but doesn't feel the need to actually check. So Gobi Lo takes the lower option along the catch water & I opt for left up the steps which surprisingly was true trail. Through the wee shiggy path & back onto the catch water to the bridge, CTD goes right while GL confidently goes left where she finds trail & calls OnOn. Up we go & continue up a very steep concrete road to the split. I lead the Rambos, Wai-chee-kok, Gobi Lo & Platey, left along the flooded contour path with Wai-chee-kok tripping over ever stone & step behind me. The contour path continues on & on & on with the odd red/white ribbon found until we find red/yellow ribbon & being hasher we ASSUMED this was Rambo/wimp rejoin.. WRONG. GL decides she is going back leaving the 3 of us to continue when Platey tells me he cannot front run as he never wore his specs on trail so cannot see where he is going... eh am not sure the hare actually really meant 'a non-spec run' but we carry on following red/yellow ribbon until it runs out, back track & up a shiggy path, trying this way & that way finding no trail but we did find Sweaty SG & CTD. Using their local knowledge SSG & CTD lead us down to the main drag where we pick up red ribbon and on home where the smiling smug 1st in Lost in Space awaits us. Soon in Wan Chai Wanker, CTD's friend, then Fumio, Octopussy & Slippery Edge but no Macau Drunk at this point, but eventually comes in claiming he lost trail also but I guess he probably did 5km more than the rest of us!!

Very enjoyable run & evening, well done Dr Evil. Great bash & thanks to Hopeless for ordering fab Thai food & DD's....


DD's by Hopeless

Hare... Dr. Evil - no shiggy trail?

Freewheel - forgot half his stuff including running glasses

Wanchai W@nker – “what running glasses? Even I don't have a pair of those”.

Hare - disappeared leaving Hopeless with bags unable to go out on a walk (CTD abandoned his new Chinese friend, resulting in Dr. Evil having to go out on trail with her for 40 minutes!).

Ruggero - gps tagged again while Hopeless is out injured.

Lost In Translation vs. Ruggero - same gps comparison as FCH3 – all to be revealed.

Ruggero – last in.... ribbon misread.... (“mine were long ones” says Dr. Evil).

First in – The “Lost” family! Lost In Space (Wimps) & Lost In Translation (Rambos).

Dr. Evil – “Scarthman just called to say he is coming to the bash”. Boilers actually turned up – mistaken identity!

Boilers – on the countdown to exit to France but still at work.

New name ... Wai Chee Kok.

Fumio – supplying the Korean Sake last Friday Hash that got everyone drunk and Wai Chee her new name.

Sweaty Snail Gobbler – snail killer last week after the run.

Ordering an extra 7 bowls of steamed rice – Wai Chee Kok.

Returnee - Slippery Edge.

Slippery Edge - Only eats in classy places... cheap bird.. Ebenezer’s or JoJo’s or Thai Hut in Wanchai.

Octopussy – once again “home alone” on her birthday as CUTR contrives to avoid buying her a birthday present (again, 4 years in a row….).

Wai Chee Kok - in danger of being renamed about 6 times this evening!

Sweaty Snail Gobbler to Boilers - splendid shirt she is wearing.. only noticed women wearing it, and not Hopeless.

Slippery Edge to Octopussy.. not knowing she had an Edgy husband.

Sweaty Snail Gobbler to Slippery Edge – “Oh, you mean dogsh*t?”.

Lost In Translation – two LSWH3 write ups in a row.

The song – sung by the hare, Wai Chee Kok, Slippery Edge and Wanchai W@nker.

The map – Dr Evil red route, Macau Drunk yellow. WTF…

Dr Evil vs Macau Drunk