LSW 2016 Wednesday 15th July


Repulse Bay

Hares - Stinky & Octo

Clear Water Bay to Repulse Bay felt like a hash before I'd even started. Myself & Hop-a-long Hopeless arrived at A after 7pm & were surprised to see the blooming Lubricated Trojan with the prominent bump but not so surprised that the pack had yet to set off which was a relief not to have to play catchup. The briefing from the birthday girls Octopussy & Sticky S3x Toy was R & W both around 8km, Wimps longer but Rambos more elevation & shiggy... decision made - I was doing the W.

So we head off to the end of the beach with Wai-chee & Comes in my Tunnel leading the pack with myself & Macau Drunk on their heels. We carry on & on & on & on along the water front (very picturesque), past Deepwater Bay until we hit the first check after 2.5km.

With the OnOn call from CIMT, the check marked we head onto a shiggy path full of spiders. With CIMT in front of me, I thought he would have done the gentleman thing & copped all the webs but apparently not, he kindly left quite a few for me !! The four of us carry on, just before we head up the slippery, steep path CIMT announces 'Aw there is one of those big hairy animals'. I said 'A porcupine'. CIMT 'Yes but what do you call them again?' I repeat 'Porcupine'. CIMT 'The one with long hairs, I can’t remember what you call them'. I repeat myself again but slower 'P-o-r-c-u'. Then, decided to save my energy, until we hit Deep Water Bay Rd, turn right, & carry on up until the next check. Being the ladies that we are, we allow CIMT to check right down Repulse Bay Rd as we all (yes even me) knew it was going into Tai Tam Reservoir Rd. OnOn called, check marked then into the shiggy we go again. As we are near 4km on my watch, chatting to Wai-chee, the conversation goes something like this:

Lost in Translation 'Have we passed the split yet?'
Wai Chee 'I don't know, I didn't do that run, I was away'
Lost in Translation 'No, I am asking if we have passed the R/W split as I didn't see it'
Wai Chee 'Don't worry, it’s ok, I saw him, he is behind us on the road'
Lost in Translation 'No, I am asking if we are on the R yet as I was planning on doing the W'
Wai Chee 'Ah Ok sorry! Ha ha - 4km'
Lost in Translation 'So, we are on the Rambos?'
Wai Chee 'Yes I was in Taiwan, got back last Sunday or was it the Sunday before'
Lost in Translation 'Ok, now I am confused'
Wai Chee 'Yes thanks it was great, really easy to get around & great hiking'

And before you know it, we hit the split and with conversation confusion spinning, I opted for the Rambos. So the three of us head left & carry on until we hit the bottom of the staircase to Heaven HELL ! Seriously thought it was never going to end. Up & up & up & up with a few curses thrown in from my good self. Miss Motivator in front of me 'come on Emma there is only 50m (stupidly I thought this was meters & not miles) to go'. LIAR...LIAR pants of fire. She told me this 5 times but eventually what felt like a life time of climbing steps, we make it to the top. Ignoring the 'Hash View' sign to look for 'Emergency Services' sign, we turn into a wee section of thick shiggy then down (rocky) hill all the way. Of course at this downhill section comes the heavy breathing & fast footsteps of my fellow Scot, Sweaty Snail Gobbler at 100mph whizzing past me. Right turn, into another rocky, shiggy path until the main road to take us On Home.

Cold beers, cold showers, a swim in the sea, or, a yoga session with Macau Drunk was on offer for all the exhausted hashers. In comes first Wimp Wan Chai W@nker & Suck My Pills, followed by two visitors Hendrick & Ingla who opted for a quick shower before heading off to A&E with a broken finger. Then, of course, the ever smiling Lost in Space arrives just as do the pizza's.

Well done to the hares for a very well-marked, very steep trail & great variety of food, not forgetting the watermelon provided to help LT go into labour (according to our hares!!)


DD's by Hopeless

Hares – Octopussy & Sticky Sex Toy

Lost In Translation – “I bet Sticky Sex Toy does another mega trail, I don’t really want to go”

Hopeless – busting his ankle to avoid a Sticky Sex Toy trail.

Lost In Translation and Wai Chee – total misunderstanding on trail (see above!).

Suck My Pills - fit again after her epic race in the Welsh mountains.

Lost In Space – last in, smiling the most!

Ruggero - flaked out after the run, claimed he was “doing my yoga” (see Facebook photo).

Nonrunner – Ellen.

Ingla now has a broken finger – hares on in for calculating the food based on at least one injured hasher today!

Sweaty Snail Gobbler - killed his namesake (see Facebook photo).

Birthday girls – the hares!

Ellen – spent more time in Pure Fitness shower than the pack on trail. Could be the new Lavender in the making?

Lost In Space to Sticky Sex Toy... last week write up.. “going down”.

Sticky Sex Toy lookalike Hendrick - Wanchai W@nker... “hope it’s a shaggy trail”

Wanchai W@nker to Sticky Sex Toy... “help me with my melons” (he wishes!).

Lost In Translation to Sweaty Snail Gobbler - heavy panting on trail.

Lost In Space to Kandi....”Where's the beer?” as soon as she arrived at the start.

Lost In Space to hares... no local buying of beers in Market Place. (To which the answer was “It closes at 1930 but we didn’t have enough ice so, yes, had to go to 7-11 to buy ice”).

Lost In Translation – thanks for volunteering to do the write up...

Lost In Translation to Wai Chee.... “5 x only 50m more” encouragement up the hill.

Wanchai W@nker to Hopeless – for walking to the first Check at the VRC then heading back to the beer.

No naming last week – mistake - Sticky Sex Toy.

The song – sung by the hares and Wanchai W@nker.


Repulse Bay 150715 8.08km 79mins