LSW 2015 Wednesday 8th July


Choi Hung

Hare - Wanchai Wanker

LSW 2015

Last week’s run took place in Choi Hung, not the most popular LSW run areas but it’s certainly a good thing to explore the unfamiliar.

When I arrived at the little playground start in a small local village, I saw no sign of WanChai Wanker, the hare. He was apparently still marking trails. And then I saw this blond woman with a bulging tummy. What a pleasant surprise! I thought the baby was out already.

“It can be any time now!” Lubricated Trojan went. So maybe carry the baby in your arms when we see you next week.

Then I was attracted to Suck My Pills’s story of toughing this grueling race in Wales. Little did I realize that WW had returned and started his briefing. Well it was just the usual stuff, one may say but what was unusual was the fact that he simply casually threw this note, “there’s no marking at certain point………You should know where you are and the way home” at the end.

So the hashers ran through the local village, via the rubbish loading site and out onto Clear Water Bay Road, then up the slope and saw some check backs and then up the hill again and solved some checks. I heard myself repeating, “It’s a really a nice trail”. Most of it was runnable and I was especially happy with the fact that the run didn’t involve dense shaggy and super rugged hill trails. At certain points, we could take a look at the brightly lit city skyline.

I’ve been doing whimpy routes since I tore my ligament in a climbing accident in December. So, I was surprised to be still seeing the Rambo runners after almost an hour into the run.

“Have you seen the split yet?”, a hasher asked another.
“Nope, not yet!”
“But we’re back into civilization already, see there’s a housing estate!”

Well, the hashers finally found the split after running down a bridge that led us to the housing estate. Passerbys saw the sweaty hashers split and headed into 2 opposite directions. Fumio, or the newly named Mexican Chucky and Frank the Plank and myself whimped along the pavement for about 2Ks. And then the 3 hashers stopped and looked at each other. Our hasher instinct told us something was wrong. There was literally nothing, no chalk, no flour, no nothing for 2Ks.

WanChai Wanker did say that we should know where we were and the way home.
But the truth was……..WE DON’T!

My woman instinct told me to just go straight down, but the other hashers believed that we might have missed some markings at the many junctions and turns. So all 3 of us ran and checked into the estates and ran and checked until we got back to the split again.

“What the fu???k! Let me just Rambo it then!”— this I didn’t hear MC say but I suspect he did say that in his heart, in Japanese. So brave MC ventured into the Rambo city route while FTP and I sighed and grabbed the closest, easiest victim and asked, “You know where the Choi Hung MTR is?”

Well, we might be braindead (according to Inflato, since we didn’t know the Choi Hung neighbourghood) but we finally found our way back to the little playground start.

Anyway, it’s a good run WanChai, nice route in a good distance. Thanks ;)

Down Downs

1. the hare ~ setting a run without marking the last stretch for the whimps

2. Lost in Translation ~ sick of hopeless whinging

3. WanChai Wanker ~ Excuses for not setting a run for 18 months, but stats still not too bad

4. Frank the Plank ~ haring only one in 200, but he would break the record. Setting one in Dec.

5. Hopeless ~ haring 1 in 7 runs.

6. (Wai Chi) Ringt and Wrong ~ 10 mins late for the run

7. Ruggero ~ (no idea what Indy’s talking about)

8. Lubricated Trojan ~ still not giving birth yet, 9 more days to go.

9. Snail Gobbler, Hopeless ~ not pregnant, but also have bulging tummy

10. Lost in Translation & Hopeless ~ moved in together, and still talking together.

11. Yummy Mummy & Inflated Date ~ also living in a Love shack.

12. SST ~ whinging about the injured ankle before the run, but running without problems in the run (NOT TRUE)

13. Comes into my Tunnel ~ good at yelling ON ON in the run

14. Lost in Space ~ being forgotten that he's still in the run

15. Indy ~ dislocated her shoulder joint, took drugs and then drank Vodka empty stomach.

16. Fumio ~ got lost in the whimp, then switched to Rambo.

17. SST ~ mixed up ankle and elbow, asked Indy if her shoulder and ankle hurt.

18. Hopeless ~ soon breaks Bobbledick's run record.

19. Comes into my Tunnel ~ looked like touching his own private part, for what reasons no one has any idea

20. Just Add Alcohol ~ stole hundreds of free beer tickets from her hotel to take Dog Shit and SST out for free drink on Sat.

21. Dog Shit ~ claimed to be the hare for 1st July, when it was in fact organized and set by NNT.

22. Inflated Date ~ saying that hashers had to be fucking braindead if they didn't know the unmarked route in Choi Wan back to Choi Hung. (Hey we don't live in this neighbourhood!)

23. beer bitch ~ Fumio ~ need to be named soon.

24. Fumio ~ going to hare the Saikung run the coming Sat and Indy’s command to him “ ASK SMALL BONE TO FUCK OFF IF HE WANTS TO NAME YOU!”

25. Fumio ~ (for Indy’s fear that he would be named in SaiKung) was finally named 'Mexican Chucky’.

LSW 2015

Choi Hung 150708 7.42km 59mins