LSW 2013 Wednesday 14th June


Wong Nai Chung Gap

Come Into My Tunnel, Lubricated Trojan

A check next to the sitting out area at the start was so effective that one hasher never found the start but went immediately out on trail.
After instructions the rest of us set off.

Most of the pack went along Sir Cecil's around the back of the cricket club
They didn't come back for a long time 'cos Comes up the Rear thought hell bank notes we're as good as an On-on
The posse who went straight to Black's Link were long gone by the time the rest came back

The Wimps took an early left down to Lady Clementi's Path off Black's Link

The Rambos went a little further along Black's Link to a solid 2m line of flour up the Mt Nicholson steps
It was ignored by some as a trick
Over the top of Mt Nicholson and down into Middle Gap via the reservoir road
Another big solid line of flour swept left back along Black's Link
Again this was ignored as suspicious by some but was the right way

Right down the shiggy with only one wipeout on the CARE sign. Nice one Fraser.

Left on the catchhwater leading onto Lady Clementi's Ride

Out at the bus stop on Nam Fung and up Deepwater Bay Rd and right onto the catchwater

Down the trail along side the golf course where Wai Chee then Tomoko waded into the stream
Bei did the same a bit later and nearly stepped on a water snake
There was a perfectly adequate path alongside..

Emerge at Deepwater Bay

The hares had said pizza on on...
Sooo, VRC ? Probably not
Along Deepwater Bay Rd to a previous LSW pizzeria basheteria. Necks craned round the side of the building for the sight of a familiar face. Closed
Signs of activity at the BBQ pits at the end of the beach. Nope.
So it was onto Seaview Promenade for the loop round to Repulse Bay. Maybe a surprise Middle Island yacht club bash...
Into Repulse Bay on Beach Rd to the Pizza Hut and showers. Nope not yet...

Finally the bins in front of the new building 'The Pulse' where the air con blasting out of Classified, Limewood, The Coffee Academics and Lab Made was seriously welcome in that heat

Down downs by Park n Shop

The hares, Come into my Tunnel and the gravid Lubricated Trojan

Crash Test Dummy on wanting an early exit was given a Prince William down down

Macau Drunk sends out the hash report and down downs without even reading them

Visitors from Cairns/Brunei - Lord Voldemort and Ling Cunning Linguist

Virgin - Ivo

Claus - Voldemort bought a baby torch to cover the bits of the run between the streetlights

Ha'penny - firt time runner even though she's run twice with PnS

Kaye Chaos - wasn't able to find the start of the run. Went straight out on trail at the first check

Dr Evil saw Kaye Chaos wandering around looking for the start of the run but didn't say anything

Ivo the virgin did not know the markings but he did the chivalrous thing looking after PnS and kOS & protected them from a green bamboo snake

Parky went on to blame the bombing of Liverpool, Coventry, Dresden and his local chippy on Thorsten's grandfather

Parky then sang covers from the Beatles albums Yellow Submarine and Revolver

Lord Voldemort (whose name was somehow morphing into Baltimore?) - 10 quid pom - Could have just stolen a loaf of bread for free passage to Australia

Baltimore (née voldemort) to sell saltwater croc hunting permits

Parky used to bath with saltwater crocs

Dr Evil for introducing himself to Ling the Linguist after the run even though he did the run with her - she scrubs up well so he didn't recognise her

Parky then sang a couple more Beatles albums think it was the Red album and Blue albums this time

Margix many hashes in HK - not one on Peng Chau or Lamma yet

Sweaty's dds 3 of them ??? Recall fail

Tomoko & Wai Chee ran into the stream next to the golf course

A discussion about next weeks run - a LSW run but not a Little Sai Wan run - the Northern New Territories 1700th run
And the need to book a place on the bus

The hash song sung by everyone 'cept the Ivo and the 2 visitors

Then sung by everyone. Like that made a difference


Park Place to Repulse Bay 150624 8.34km 76mins