LSW 2012 Wednesday 17th June


Central Pier 8

Hares - Sweaty Snailgobbler, Easy Over LSW Run 2012 Café 8, Central Pier 8

The Wedding Anniversary run for SSG and Easy Over, and what better way for them to celebrate than inviting some sweaty runners to Café 8 for a Hash! So we arrived at Pier 8 where a crowd of runners had started to gather on the outdoor terrace enjoying the beauty of the HK skyline on a lovely clear evening and I was surprised to see even Indy was there on time along with some new faces probably lured by the prospect of an urban run. Inside the Café there seemed to be some sort of a sophisticated dinner for some Yacht Club people going on who looked more than a bit bemused as the Hashers arrived one by one and trundled through the restaurant. Sweaty not surprisingly was keen to keep us outside and separate from the civilized people trying to enjoy a relaxed evening dinner.

Whist we waited for everyone to arrive I had a quiet word with the Hare to determine how tough this weeks run was going to be, having fallen into the trap last week of actually believing the briefing about the Wimps being a ‘pretty flat runners run’!……last week’s hare having forgotten to mention the enjoyable but unexpected 2km wet shiggy section back from Blacks Link to the Tennis Court! SSGs response was more than vague alluding to the fact it was longer than he had wanted it to be… hmmm sounds ominous but at least no shiggy for the Wimps!!!

So once everyone had arrived the Hare gave the short briefing…… mostly open checks and 2 trails a Rambos and Wimps, ‘about’ 9km Rambos he said and ‘about’ 7km Wimps (it later turned out SSG probably needed a new GPS watch!) and then we were off, down onto the Pier and off along the Waterfront where Willy Wonka seemed to have just arrived and not looking in the least bit in a rush to get changed and catch up with the pack. Out along the Waterfront we went, with Toilet Spray more interested in capturing the photo opportunity of the HK sunset than keeping up with the pack! So we all headed for Tamar Park and I thought perhaps a quick stop at the LEGCO Building to join the ‘Long Hair’ Protesters but no time for that we carried on through the Park to the Fenwick Pier and a check took the pack eventually up and over the footbridge to Pacific Place 3. From here the route was obvious those torturous steps up the Monmouth path in the heat and humidity so on up it was and with my extra baggage on board I took it at a leisurely pace and found myself being over taken by FreeWheel and I realised sadly that thanks to Junior I could now put myself in the newly determined DFL category! Not quite though! I looked around and somewhere behind I saw the yellow glow of Lost in Space’s T-shirt still making his way up the hill….along Kennedy Road we went and then more steps upto Borret and out onto the end of Bowen Road. The markings said Over and the trail was headed up the hill behind Brewin Park, hmmmm 4km in and the prospect of another hill I thought a sneaky Wimp Wimp short cut was called for and I took myself off down the Robinson Road and down past the Zoo then by chance I was back on Trail!! Down to the Fringe Club, across to Chater Road under the subway and On Home a nice leisurely 6km run for me arriving back at Pier 8 with Dothan who did the true full Wimp trail. Slowly the other Wimps arrived back including the Parkies who despite being dressed in running gear and headtorch I am not sure even ran at all…. Finally the Rambos started to appear with Lost in Translation back in first and closely followed by CIMT and CUTR and finally Hopeless, which trail did he do? Think he set his own! Dr Evil had also somehow appeared but was he running? Nope just here for the social, no $10 for the run from him then! The dinner party gathering still going on inside the Café we all knew to stay outside and leave the paying guests alone……….well maybe not all of us knew that…….!

After ice cold San Mig Beers on the Terrace dinner was finally served and deemed that Ladies should go first……..CIMT! Well done to SSG and Easy Over, a great venue and great food, thanks a lot to the Hares.

Down Downs from Indy

The Hares – Can’t remember the date of their Wedding Anniversary!

SSG – For misinformation on the length of the Rambo run, about 9km was really 10.7km!

Easy Over – for organizing the great food for everyone to enjoy

The Hares – Champagne toast for their anniversary….out of plastic cups

DD from Park n Shop to SSG – The Parkies got stranded in Mui Wo one night and couldn’t get home so SSG looked after them and took them back to Peng Chau. Great hospitality!

CIMT – Asked Indy how she could be an FRB when he caught up with her on Bowen Road, and why wasn’t she looking after LT! That’s your job CIMT!

Willy Wonka – For turning up late so he could only do the Wimps

Hopeless – Got lost in the bush – apparently no one was calling!

SSG – Setting the run up Tregunter Path just like the good old days said Indy

Lost in Translation – For not calling on trail for Hopeless

SSG – Excellent job on last week’s news letter and finally a Hare who turned up the week before to write the run report!

Lost in Translation/CIMT/Macua Drunk – For being the FRBS

Hopeless and SSG – For putting themselves in the Middle Pack

Lost in space – For being DFL!

Parky/Park n Shop/Dr Evil/Wanchai Wanker – all Non Runners just came for the food!

Motormouth – Non runner – went for a vodka instead or was it something else that gave her the red cheek!

Rearender – For enjoying a few (too many) drinks! But where did Boilers go?!

Willy Wonka – Returnee only came to see SSG

Gatecrasher Speedy Peedy from Japan Hash – randomly gate crashed the down downs!

Toilet Spray and Chatroom – For giving each other a romantic kiss before the run although maybe it was a Goodbye kiss from Chatroom before he evicts Toilet Spray from his apartment!

Lost in Translation and Hopeless – No arguments from this happy couple and even wear the same T-shirt – must be love!

Hopeless – For finding an unknown smelly yellow liquid in his shoes on the Wanchai Hash! Nobody knows where it came from……..very mysterious…

DD from Toilet Spray – To Lost in Translation and Crackpot for talking in some sort of foreign language definitely not English when getting changed in the toilets after the run!

The Hares – Great Hash, great restaurant and a big thank you for hosting

LSW 2012 Down Downs, The Lost in Space Recollections

At dinner there appeared to be controversy as Indy was going on that it isn’t her job to do a down-down report. Thinking that know one else was doing them, I offered and offer was accepted. But then I observed Lubricated Trojan writing down downs as well. When asking for clarification she suggested we both do them and see how they compare. What a great idea! So here you have the Lost in Space recollections. Lets see how they compare to Lubricated Trojan’s.

By Indy Anus

The Hares, SSG & EO
- set run on their anniversary
- crowd consensus that it was a good run.
- Nice dinner prepared by EO
- To include Champagne & cookies to celebrate the anniversary

On On, Parky

The Hares, SSN & EO - For hosting The Parkys in Peng Chau when they missed their last boat to DB

By Indy Anus

The Hares, SSN & EO - Good Checks

CIMT - Wondered why Indy was a front runner (that’s how good the checks were)

Chocolate Man - Did the W

Hopeless - Dummy Spit! Got lost on a trail and blames it on the front-runners for not calling. Accusation is strenuously denied by front runners LIT, CIMT & Macau Drunk

Sweaty Snail Gobbler - Good write up of last weeks run where we have clear definitions of hierarchy on the hash. FRBs are CIMT LIT and MD, mid packers are Hopeless Chatroom Pedophile, DFLs are Indy and Yours Truly.

Non-Runners, The Parkys, MM, Rearender, Wanchai Wanker and Dr. Evil - Noted that Dr. Evil saved 10HKD by not doing the run.
Returnees, Mr. Chocolate Man

Rearender - Boilers went home without her

Suddenly the proceedings are crashed by a visiting noisy Kobe hasher named Speedy-Peedy who starts a separate circle with MM!

Chatroom Pedophile and Toilet Spray - A happy hash couple who kiss each other before the run. - But it is reported that TS is moving out of CP’s place.

Hopeless & Lost in Translation - Also being noted as a happy hash couple.

Pop Quiz Time!

Hopeless had his shoes pissed in during the Wanchai Hash. Who could do such a dastardly deed? Mostly shrugs from the circle.

Down Downs from the Floor

Toilet Spray to Lost in Translation - While eavesdropping on a bathroom conversation, TS could only make out half the conversation, as the LIT bit was could not be understood.

Speedy Peedy to all school teachers - have a dd for being a school teacher

Hopeless to The Hares - Thanks for the run

Song is sung


Pier 8 11.06km 79mins