LSW 2009 Wednesday 27th May


Sha Tin Wai

Hare - Bobbledick

I had almost given up joining the run because the weather forecast said expected raining shower and my body condition was not great but when I read the summery of the run was sound fun as Long-8km, the location is Sha Tin Wai.

I had never been to the area so that when I arrived at the MTR station and walked through the local Hot Pot,Dai Pai Dong restaurants to the meeting point, I was so excited for the run and also the dinner.

The meeting point had Chinese style roof and the pond around which remind me of Chinese hopping vampire movie ”Jiang Shi". It was thoughtful place for keeping our bags with roof but because by the pond, I had got 4 mosquito bites before start the run,,grrrr I hate mosquitos.. I was feeling poor to BobbleDick that he had to wait us in this place during our run but he has cool face always...

The beginning was going through the government estates, looked up the local’s life and reached to a basketball court where we all lost the marking…reached to a canal we found a plastic bag of flour… and strong chalk marking written by left for Wimps, Right for Rambo. I recalled my mind that Rambo is 8km and my body condition told me that I can run 8km even in this damp humid weather,no raining! The canal was quite long and flat boring, I started to walk to take a rest.... later,I was very happy that I took a rest before coming big uphill.

We had little bit struggled to find the way after a check and found shiggy trail,up up up... I ran with a firt time LSW girl? and Platey? BobbleDick seems to set marking with green ribbons few days before,... why he chosen green color??? , nightmare,the ribbons were tangled with the branches, difficult to find in dark with torch light!

Platey is wearing glasses, it was quite humid day, seems hard to find a green ribbon with foggy glasses. First time runnner is small but strong runner and she was leading us the way inside the forest, up up up.. but some point we took wrong way and back to trail, I lost the two but I reached to John, I tried to follow him as the place was already in bush, we went up in the muddy slippery shiggy trail about 1000 feet UP!!.again,following the chameleon colored ribbons.Even in those difficult situation, Breon was like bullet train, he got lost somewhere,came back from behind us and passed us with winds.

Finally we reached to Sha Tin Pass, mmm?? Sha Tin Pass?? this is A to A run, it means we had to head back to Sha Tin Wai, not to Wong Tai Sin. I knew that it gonna be long way to go back and definitely over 10km! Down part of the hills, the rock solid trails but it's wet,need to special care for step down, almost of whole down trails I was alone, although the winds breezed and it was nice night sky view, and I met many creatures surprising me with scream each time... I met many cockroaches(I screamed like"kiya!"), freezed my blood things were when I met one 2.5 inches flog stairring at me (I screamed like "ohwa!!!") and the most heart breaking moment was.. during run down, a little mouse ran towards me, accidentally I kicked him and I walked on his tail!!!!!(I screamed "Uwaaa@@@@@!!!" and JUMP JUMP!!)

Finally finished of 11 km, both physically and mentally I had been trained stronger on this run.

Bash was great cheap yammy Chinese at Dai Pai Dong, watching horse racing with locals on TV.
Just Add Alcohol


The Hare - Bubbleduck.... Great runs both W and R

Bubbleduck - 'Volunteered' to set the run the week before .... Yeh!

Bubbleduck - Off to spend 6 months on 'cycling tour' around South America! Adios!!

Bubbleduck - Rambo trail... advertised as 8kms.... reality 11kms.... Wimps... advertised at 5kms.... reality 8kms...

FRB's - Sweaty to drink for those in absentia! Not marking checks.......

Indy - late arrival... had to run around and around like headless chicken trying to find trail from that carpark check.... 15 mins later trail was found!!

Dr Evil - (in absentia)... could not find that trail so gave up went back to A, did a mild dummy spit then went home....

Bubbleduck - so proud of that carpark check and how tricky it was!!

Wimp Runners at bash - Lost In Translation, Lost in Planet, Indy, TV Tits

Rambos at bash - Sweaty, Suck My Pills, Halfpenny, P*ssed in Pink, CUTR, Octo, W@nchai W@nker, Prison Break, Macau Drunk, Just Adds Alcohol

Bubbleduck - some serious trail laying.... 2 days before was out tying ribbons on trees for R trail....

Lost In Translation - best photo award for pic taken week before straddling Hopeless and waving a champas bottle...

P*ssed in Pink - day off on Tues due to black rainstorm...

Sweaty/Suck My Pills - first R runners until overtaken by Cheesy, then CUTR

TV Tits - at bash despite Wrong Channel???

LIT - at run not pining away with Hopeless outta town.....!!

Just Adds Alcohol - 'Hippo Birdie to her' for the previous day....

Lost In Planet - overheard saying to JAA ' I am not your Facebook friend, am I?'

Halfpenny - spent weekend in Singapore working... 'drinking at the races, whilst chatting up clients.....'!!!

Bubbleduck - last week's DD's write up..... confusing Teqila F**kwit for Macau Drunk (and PIP for Hopeless but that's another story!)

W@nchai W@nker - at end of run would not comment .... 'will save it for DD's'

WW to BD - markings too scattered for his liking! (i think that's what it was!)

Bubbleduck - Great run! Best bash of the year at $60 a head!... and good food as well!!

Anniversaries - The Scots! Sweaty Snail Gobbler - 252 runs / Lost In Translation - 25 runs.....

Sha Tin Wai 150527 11.04km 109mins