LSW 2008 Wednesday 20th May


Tiu Keng Leng

Hares - Lost in Translation, Hopeless

As I made my way up the escalator at the MTR station it became apparent that an umbrella would be required as the red rain warning had been issued and it was poring! Spotting a 7-11 just to the left I went to make the purchase but instead ran into Sweaty Snail Gobbler who informed me that no need A is right here.

Always interesting to see if people will turn up or hide under the covers on a rainy day hash. But a good turn out it was as the hare appeared drenched, but in somewhat good spirits despite the deluge. Off she went again in a futile attempt to do some re-setting.

The rain let up as we started running on Chui Ling Road in a sort of big horseshoe shaped road. But our luck didn’t hold out as soon the lightning, thunder and rain started again.

This took us to some small catch waters up to Po Lam Road South where we ran into Hopeless who was doing some re-setting despite not being a co-hare and offering a super duper wimps option for those who had had enough. Not for me but apparently taken up by Parky, Park in Shop and some others.

From there it was all business to climb the hills so high high high. The hare had no intention of going easy on us in the inclement weather. But down the first hill Indy and I could not find any trail whatsoever and it appeared we might be in a washout situation.

As we hit a junction in the trail with no markings we started left back towards A but saw the ever bright headlamp of Sticky Sex Toy coming from the opposite direction. She insisted that my 20 metre check to the right was not long enough and she went further and found the on-on.

So on-on it was up another hill and to another junction where we found Bobble Dick who found trail for us off to the left and on to the Wilson Trail. Up and down and then to a check with five options and no markings! Ugh. We just pointed in the direction of Tiu Keng Leng and hoped for the best and amazingly we eventually found trail.

Then we heard on-ons being yelled and a bunch of flashlights being headed up by Suck My Pills. Despite being named Lost I was pretty much able to keep A in sight the whole time but Suck My Pills took a group towards the opposite direction and into Lam Tin before realizing the mistake and heading back. It also helped that we had one or two trail signs pointing us in the right direction, as markings were very sparse.

Everyone then found O King Road and happy to be on a paved road raced back to A despite it not being the actual trail. I must admit that I do enjoy a good hash in the pouring rain and this was one of the best. My thanks to the hare and to Sticky Sex Toy who got Indy and I back on true trail otherwise we would have missed over half of the run.

No facilities but I did find a diaper changing room in the adjacent mall to change out of my wet……

DD's by Indy

The Hare: - In view of rainstorm conditions, an excellent run enjoyed by all

But only a hardcore group remaining for the ON-ON

Tequila FW sloping off with Sticky and others before DDs…….. Booo..

The Hare & PinP - The hare setting the run during a Red Rainstorm alert and aided during the run by a "stereo" co-hare and co-co hare (Tequila FW)

Pissed in Pink - PinP questioning whether the run would go ahead in the rainstorm conditions when she has previously run in a T8!

Parky - Wearing his rather worn 30th LSW Anniversary shirt; then accompanied by all those with same shirt – Park ‘’n’ Shop, Hopeless, LIS, Indy.

Parky & Park ‘n’ Shop - Parky in 30th Anniv 2009 shirt paired up with Park ‘n’ Shop in a 2009 Santa Hash shirt

Hopeless - Hared both 2009 runs

Parkies + friend, a virgin runner - Came all the way from DB

The Hare(s) - WHOSE RUN WAS IT? Was it the knight in shining armour’s

Lost in Space & Indy - Keeping each other company, because Sticky went her own way and left LIS all alone

Hopeless - Stole Indy’s water bottle

The Hare - A good write-up of last week’s run

All Scots - - including visitor from Glasgow; for their strange mixture of dialects

Visitor - When ask her opinion of the run, thought the Hare was “all on top of it”

Lost in Space - Appearing to be tying his shoes, when he was actually having a sh**

Prison Break - Returnee

Pissed in Pink - Returnee – her last run was a Lost in Space WLOB run

Wai Chee - Setting last SKSH3 run with PLOD in appauling conditions

Wai Chee - Interesting photos?

Lost in Space - 225 runs

Indy - 425 runs -

Tiu Keng Leng 150520 8.41km 100mins